• Publisher: Natsume
  • Release Date: Jan 13, 2016
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  • Summary: Go back to the roots of Harvest Moon in the latest installment of the series! Inspired by the old-school gameplay of the very first games, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will bring players a sense of nostalgia, along with exciting gameplay twists.
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  1. Jan 27, 2016
    Harvest Moon fans will find themselves enraptured all over again with the gameplay and world that these games create.
  2. Jan 19, 2016
    All together, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories succeeds more than it stumbles.
  3. Jan 25, 2016
    It's a more competent Harvest Moon than Natsume's last attempt, and I'd handily recommend it over the free-to-play farming games that were assuredly inspired by the original Harvest Moon games.
  4. Feb 2, 2016
    Seeds of Memories has the all promise of a solid Harvest Moon title, but it fails to develop those features into anything substantial. Its forgettable storyline is somewhat redeemed by how well the actual farming side of things works, but that alone isn't enough to make it worthy of your time.
  5. 60
    This will be the game that I play for ten minute sessions on the train, or on, well, bathroom breaks, for some time to come. But I'd be lying if I claimed that I was not disappointed in realising that there is no scenario where I might play this for an entire afternoon at a time. It's really not that kind of game, and quite unlikely other Harvest Moon games in that regard. But by the same token I don't think that Seeds of Memories is a failure by any means and it's a game that I am very glad to have on my iPhone.
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