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Summary: INTRO SALE! 50% for a limited time.** Just as a heads up, this app generates word puzzles that are NOT playable in the app. That was never the intention. Rather it generates puzzles that are to print, email, or insert into a document using your own word processor. **So once upon a time I found myself in need of an app that could help me make a word search that I could use as a handout. "Surely there's an app for that.", I said to myself. But there wasn't. So I came up with Make My Own Word Search and it was great for a first try. But then I got thinking that it could be even better. Then I thought, "Hey! Why not make an app to do crosswords?" But realizing the limitations of an app that by its very name is limited to word searches, I did a complete rewrite that would allow for the generation of BOTH kinds of puzzles. And the app Make My Own Puzzles was born! And did I mention that it's a universal app with support for retina displays?Ok, so the above story may not be fact accurate and may be missing some key details but it provides a pretty good back story. But for the sake of time let me just tell you how this app takes you from a list of words to a ready to print puzzle. .Step 1 - You provide a puzzle title, author name, and setup a couple of other options mostly relating to word searches.Step 2 - You provide a sweet word list filled with any words that you like. If you're hoping for a crossword you should probably throw in a hint for each word, you know, so that people stand a chance at guessing what goes where.Step 3 - Tell the app what puzzle to make and press 'Make New'. That's it. You now have a PDF file formatted for a standard letter sized piece of paper. Each puzzle comes with a blank puzzle, a puzzle with hints, and an answer key.Step 4 - Decide how you want to best get this thing onto paper. The easiest method is to print straight off of the device, but this requires that you have AirPrint set up. Otherwise you can email it to yourself and print it from a desktop. Or you can hook the device up and get it out through the iTunes File Sharing option. No matter which method you choose you can specify if you want all pages or simply select individual pages.That's essentially it. If you created the puzzle in hopes of inserting it into your own document you can choose to email (or iTunes File Share) either JPG or PNG images of the puzzle. But it's up to you to determine if your word processor or other program will support inserting these types of images.A couple of things to be aware of...1) Depending on your device and the size and complexity of the puzzle, it could take some time to make the puzzle and all of the resulting files. Please be patient! If the wheel is spinning and the clock is ticking, then it's working.2) The algorithm for the crossword puzzle generator is thorough! But it also starts randomized. So if it starts with a certain word in a certain location and places other words on that word in certain locations, some of the words may not be placed. Please make sure that you've included words that have a wide enough variety of letters. Should you find a word that you really want in the puzzle is not placed, maybe try a couple more times. If it still can't be placed you may need to add more words to the list to create more placement opportunities. Play around with it and if it can place it, it will.3) It only supports the standard English alphabet. I make these apps as a hobby in my spare time and since it's the only language I know, that's the one that's used. I apologize if this is an inconvenience. Problems? I would appreciate a chance to correct it before you leave negative feedback. Or if you just have general feedback or suggestions, please fire me an email. And if you feel generous, I do enjoy reviews!
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Developer: Jeff Lowry
Genre(s): Miscellaneous, Puzzle, Logic
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