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Summary: FROM the very NEW, Mobile Entertainment Products startup...JOHN AVATAR™ (Malibu, CA) comes....PAPARAZZI CAM (P CAM)orWHO'S BEEN USING MY STUFF !!(WBUMS)PCAM WBUMS has a TRIPLE purpose; 1) It is perfect for Paparazzi, to get the MILLION DOLLAR Celebrity shot.2) It's perfect for catching the person using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (without permission!).3) Or you're a Secret Agent and need the perfect, SUPER SLEUTH, SUPER STEALTH, SPY CAMERA!For Paparazzi, all you have to do is set a record time, ACTIVATE, then simply wobble the phone whenever you need to go into record. You could keep it in your shirt pocket and simply tap your pocket, or bump into a celebrity… to record both video and audio! You don't have to touch the screen, your device senses movement. ANY movement starts it recording.To catch a thieve, set a record time, ACTIVATE, select the Stealth screen (a black screen) and when it is picked up, it goes into record of both video and audio…. AH HAH! You've got 'em!Hey, it can be used to catch yourself moving and snoring in bed at night, if you really want to find out! Each time you move, it will go into record, for the time you preset! (Many Medical uses!!!!)PCAM WBUMS works withiPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touchthat have the built-in camera and mic.FEATURES1) PCAM WBUMS records both video and audio.2) ACTIVATE once, and PCAM WBUMS goes into record over and over again, as long as you have the App open. If you have a 1 minute Record TIme preset, PCAM WBUMS will record 1 minute clips, over and over again, until you run out of memory, battery, or quit the APP.3) PCAM WBUMS starts recording on any movement.4) PCAM WBUMS saves all recording to the Photo APP on your device.5) You can select to record from the front, or rear camera.6) STEALTH mode, displays an all black screen and if PCAM WBUMS is picked up, it goes into record, while still showing this black screen, but still records full HD video and sound!7) Record TIme preset from 1 to 30 minutes, but any number of clips (only limited by your Device capacity).8) If the PCAM WBUMS App is quit out of, it will save the last video and audio to the Photo App on your Device.9) Use the REC STOP button, to stop recording at any time, also if you quit out of PCAM WBUMS, it will save your last video/audio clip.10) There is a full Owners Manual included in the APP.USES of PCAM WBUMS1) You're "Paparazzi" and you just got yourself into a private, celebrity event and you don't want anyone to know your recording. Just set "STEALTH" mode and walk around the Celebrity Studded event, the motion will set your Device into record over and over again, in full HD, with sound…. no one will know! Then sell it to TMzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, for a million bucks!2) Capture with Video and Audio, anyone who moves your iPad 2, iPhone, or iPod Touch, or just plain takes it! Catch the thieve who's been using your iPhone, iPad 2, or iPod Touch!3) You're a lawyer and want to record a deposition. Set the record time to the amount you want, set PCAM WBUMS where you want in the room and simply tap your device, or near it. It will go into record! A record light let you know it's recording.4) Capture an Earthquake as it happens! PCAM WBUMS will go into record on any motion!5) Record yourself moving in your bed, or snoring at night, if you chose.6) You want to record a herd of Elephants? Just drop your iPad 2 and wait for the stampede! You'll capture those very big animals every time, in full HD!:^)7) Many other serious, professional and fun uses!:^)"PCAM WBUMS" is (C) Copyright, Produced, Designed and Developed by John Avatar™ Feel free to email me regarding this APP and if you need APP’s developed and especially if you are interested in funding my very fast growing START-UP!!!!:^) (I’m always looking.)JOHN AVATAR™ Malibu, California USAEmail: JohnAvatar@JohnAvatar.comWebSite:
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Developer: John Avatar
Genre(s): Adventure, General
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