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  1. Mar 14, 2013
    Spellstorm takes online card battles to the next level by offering an intriguing storyline, superb graphics, and a ton of great content.
  2. Mar 9, 2013
    In the grand scheme of things, Spellstorm isn’t all that difficult to figure out. At least it has an in-game help menu. And besides, once all the important stuff is covered there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had through questing, fighting, and upgrading. And it’s so, so pretty.
  3. Mar 4, 2013
    It may not be the deepest strategy game on the App Store, but fans of other card-battling heavyweights such as Rage of Bahamut will feel right at home in Spellstorm's world. There's a huge variety of creature cards to collect and evolve, a generous campaign to work through, and a far more engaging world to explore in comparison to the competition. It won't convert any genre naysayers, but card strategy fans are in for an unusually high quality treat here.
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  1. Jul 5, 2013
    The game itself is fun to play and the graphics are really nice. The game would get a 10 but there are many negative attributes that preventThe game itself is fun to play and the graphics are really nice. The game would get a 10 but there are many negative attributes that prevent it from reaching perfection. I will make a pro and cons list just to simplify this.

    - awesome card creatures and they come to life on the battlefield beautifully
    - use of artifacts to create diversity among cards
    - pvp is pretty fun and creates lasting appeal
    - missions are fun and they keep you going by offering pretty nice rewards
    - the game CAN be played for free
    - better setup then other card games
    - all around good core concept (mechanics, cards, etc...)
    - addicting


    - the game is free to play, but you constantly feel like you need to spend money to be competitive
    - the game really makes me feel like tinyco really just wants your money for reason listed bellow
    - there are tonz of hackers.... and by tonz... i mean alot... in fact, coming from someone who knows a little about this stuff... TOO many hackers, makes me feel like tinyco created bot players that never "enhance their cards" and claim top spot in events and such so you will spend to catch up
    - the game is is bugged, to the point where almost everything you do in the game you will encounter a bug...
    - they release patches without testing it first, usually creating a lot of problems for users...
    - not enough different cards and abilities for me personally, certain cards hold clear advantages over others
    - customer service is a big issue, its lacking, very badly, while I've had very few issues until recently... i see many people complaining on the forums and appear to never be answered, tinyco does try to be fair, but it feels like only when its convenient for them

    The game is good don't get me wrong but all things considered 8/10 is a little too nice TBH, IF they cleared away all the "hackers", fixed a majority of the glitches, added more card diversity (that's more relevant for me)... the game would be a lot better... probably a 9/10... I give an 8 because I love card collecting, if i were to play any other game riddled with hackers and glitches I wouldn't stand for it...
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