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  • Summary: Thimbleweed Park is the curious story of two washed up federal agents called in to investigate a dead body found in the river just outside of town, bloated and pixelated from a death some too soon.
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  1. Sep 19, 2017
    I couldn't put Thimbleweed Park down until I finished the whole thing, and while I have some issues with pieces of its narrative and a puzzle or two, I'd still highly recommend the game. Thanks to its difficulty options, I don't even have to add a qualifier on there, but you'll get the most from the game if you have some adventure game experience already. Thimbleweed Park isn't exactly a 1990s LucasArts game in 2017, but it is what a 2017 game would look like from the people that made those games, and I think that's a lot more interesting than just diving for happy memories.
  2. Sep 22, 2017
    While I've tried out many point-and-click adventure games in the past, not many of them clicked with me. However, Thimbleweed Park seems different, which is probably due to the comedy involved with the characters, dialogue, and story. I also am a sucker for pixel art style games, so of course I had to check this one out when I saw it on the App Store. The interaction system is different and opens up many more possibilities on how you can interact with the world around you, which I love.
  3. Sep 20, 2017
    It may look like a normal point-and-click puzzler but Thimbleweed Park is complex, classic, hilarious, and will have you coming back for more.
  4. Sep 26, 2017
    Grumpy though I may seem about it, I actually kind of love Thimbleweed Park. It’s got a couple of weak spots, sure, but I’ve got no problem parroting all of the other reviews that have called it a love letter to classic point-and-click adventure games. They were right. So if you like that kind of stuff and you haven’t tried Thimbleweed Park yet for whatever reason, now is as good a time as any to see what the fuss is about.
  5. Sep 26, 2017
    In the heyday of adventure games, players would put up with being stuck and pixel-hunting because–in doing so–they could expect to be rewarded with an interesting story and entertaining characters. Thimbleweed Park is a game that provides very elegant solutions to the mechanical problems of traditional adventure games, but then completely fails to provide any sort of satisfying narrative payoff in return. As a result, Thimbleweed Park is easy to play, but extremely hard to enjoy.
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