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Summary: Thousand (1000) - The original Card Game This excellent three-player game is well known in several Eastern European countries, including Russia, Belorus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and Lithuania. In Russian speaking areas it is known as Tysiacha and in Poland it is Tysi?c - both words mean 1000, the target score for the game. There are many slight variations in the rules of play between and within countries. The version of this game is played in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. This iPad version of Thousand really takes card playing on the iPad to a new level! After all those Solitaire and Poker games it is time for something really new and exciting. Play the original game with authentic rules against two strong computer opponents. It takes concentration and skill to stand a chance against them. The rules of this game are not hard to learn (and you can always look them up from within the game), but since they are not quite so simple as some other games, Thousand offers a lot of variety and does not get boring. A game can takes 50 rounds / laps until 1000 points are reached by one of the players. With a little luck and a lot of skill it can be you! Cards are played by touching and releasing them. You cannot make illegal moves, so you can learn the game while playing it. Card movements are smoothly animated; the game has a very polished look and feel. There are optional sound effects, a score table and a training mode (open cards). The game has been tested and optimized in hundreds of games. There are three active players, but as with many three-player games it is possible for four people to take part, with one player sitting out of each hand. A 24-card pack is used. 1000 is a point-trick game: the aim is to win tricks containing valuable cards. There are just six cards in each of the suits Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades and their ranking from high to low and their point values are as follows: Ace 11 points Ten 10 points King 4 points Queen 3 points Jack 2 points Nine 0 points There are therefore 120 card points in the pack altogether, and a player who holds both the king and the queen of a suit (a pair or marriage) can obtain additional points by declaring them as follows: King and Queen of Hearts 100 points King and Queen of Diamonds 80 points King and Queen of Clubs 60 points King and Queen of Spades 40 points The complete rules can be found inside the game or on, courtesy of the website's author John McLeod. Music can be played in the background, when game sounds are turned off in the menu. This game can only be played on the iPad. Enjoy the game!
Developer: Johannes Wallroth
Genre(s): Miscellaneous, Board Games
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