Description: In a lost kingdom, accompany a crazy farmer as he overcomes challenging platforms, solves puzzles and collects stars with the help of adorable critters, but be alert for the evil oranges. Get ready to embark on an exciting and enchanting adventure full of challenges and surprises! · Adventure in a Lost Kingdom: Immerse yourself in a mysterious and lost kingdom as a crazy farmer in this exciting children's adventure. · Platforming: Face challenging platforms and obstacles as you explore a colorful world full of surprises. · Puzzle Solving: Test your wits by solving intricate puzzles that block your path to victory. · Star Collection: Collect bright stars in each level, can you collect them all? · Critters Allies: Adorable critters will help you in your search, thanks to them you will be able to advance to new areas · Special Powers: Throughout the game, discover special powers that grant the farmer unique abilities, such as the orange-smashing super fist or the mushroom picker's hat. · Potion Making: Learn to make magical potions using ingredients you find on your journey to overcome obstacles and challenge the cursed oranges.


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