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  1. 100
    It's a brilliantly bizarre, insanely fun 3D-platformer extraordinaire, and a wonderfully ironic swan song for the N64.
  2. Now hold on to your colons and prepare to experience one of the craziest, dirtiest, most offensive 3-D platformers you've ever seen - and be ready to laugh your a** off every step of the way.
  3. It absolutely is the best looking, sounding, and playing N64 game. It should not be missed.
  4. 99
    A spectacularly creative, wonderfully satisfying 3D action-platformer that -- ass joke and bloody messes encapsulated -- shines with Nintendo's very best.
  5. You will almost never get tired of playing Conker, as there are few tedious spots in the game. BFD terrifically spoofs such movies as "The Matrix," "Saving Private Ryan," "A Clockwork Orange," "The Untouchables," "Alien," "Star Wars," "Dr. Strangelove," and more.
  6. Da Gameboyz
    Wonderful. While raunchy (at times to the point of stomach turning) and offensive to nearly anyone, you have to understand it's all in good fun.
  7. There’s poo humor galore, but there’s also sly satire, clever parody and deep belly-laughs aplenty. To say nothing of the challenging gameplay, engaging storyline and whacked-out characters.
  8. It is one of Nintendo 64’s most fun and hilarious games of all time. Not only does the game have one of Nintendo 64’s best Single Player experience it also is home to one of the most addicting, and again hilarious Multiplayer games ever created.
  9. The premise of the game is gimmicky, but after its sordid skin is peeled away, a true gem of a 3D platformer is revealed.
  10. Happy Puppy
    If you own an N64 and are of legal age, pick this game up immediately. It is the most fun I've ever had with a platform game, and it's also one of the most challenging.
  11. Spank!
    Witty, knowing, referential, and above all supremely playable, Conker is an absolute corker.
  12. Quite possibly is the best N64 game ever. Forget "Golden Eye," "Perfect Dark," and "Zelda"...they don't even compare to Conker's.
  13. You can't help shake the feeling that Rare threw offensive material into the game merely for the sake of offending. Once you get over your initial shock at so much swearing, you'll find a competent game with great humor hidden among all the fart jokes.
  14. Daily Radar
    A game published by Nintendo where players avoid globs of feces and urinate on flaming demons is something that simply has to make you laugh.
  15. Think what you like about the exploding cows, obsession with poo and constant profanity, but this is witty with it, and there's not one point where you'll find the game's programmers being rude without a sense of humour.
  16. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    "We're mature!" No, you're not. You're just a fun action/shooter/junior-high simulator. [Jan 2004, p.189]
  17. Makes you chuckle and drives you to keep playing. I would have liked some deeper action or at least a longer experience, but this is still certainly worth the investment. Now where did I put that Bloody Mary mix?
  18. Since the game is relatively short (under 10 hours for most players), I have to wonder if Rare didn't try to compensate for this shortcoming by making some of the areas insanely difficult to beat.

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  1. Mar 13, 2011
    I need to tell you a back story of how I got this game. When this game came out, I was about five. When I turned 13, I went to a familyI need to tell you a back story of how I got this game. When this game came out, I was about five. When I turned 13, I went to a family reunion on the hottest day of the year! My cousin walked up to me and gave me the cartridge to this game. He said, "I guess you're old enough, don't you think? Just keep it safe and make sure your mother doesn't catch you playing it!" He was moving to a new college campus where his roommate had an XBOX 360, so he sold his console and his games, except for that one, which he gave to me fo' free!

    Now to the actual game: It was both nothing I expected and exactly what I wanted to play. Now, depending on your point of view, this game was widely irresponsible, or totally freaking awesome! This game has a surprising amount of gameplay, very funny and satirical jokes, is scary at times, bloody and violent, and has many obscure movie references, everything a thirteen year-old boy would want! This was from one of the game companies that controlled my childhood, RARE-WARE. I played their Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and their Diddy Kong racing games. Who would have thought the people who made my favorite childish and cutsie platformers made THIS game! I guess they wanted a laugh as much as I did. Excellent control, excellent humor, this game's not getting sold anytime soon.
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  2. CherelleJ.
    Sep 16, 2002
  3. Jan 8, 2014
    This game actually defined today's culture, being somewhat of stupid humor. but some of us like that, don't we? This game had been praised byThis game actually defined today's culture, being somewhat of stupid humor. but some of us like that, don't we? This game had been praised by us and critics, because of it's pop culture, somewhat adult-leaned humor. Let me go on, it's graphics, it's super quality sound, especially for the N64. Very animated. It could match the power of a Wii game, yet keep a decent frame rate! L&R and BFD are practically hand in hand for their power. And also, I wish rare was back to Nintendo. This game is literally the definition of today's pop culture. Full Review »