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Summary: All of your favorite characters hit the court in a wild and wacky multiplayer tennis game from the makers of Mario Golf. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Toad, and Donkey Kong lead off the all-star, 14-player line-up. The fast-paced action will have you unleashing vicious volleys, life-saving lobs, ballistic backhands and electrifying super-charged smashes!
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Rating: E
Developer: Camelot Software Planning
Genre(s): Sports, Traditional, Tennis
Cast Credit
Charles Martinet Voice Actors
Motoi Sakuraba Music Composition & Arrangement
Jen Taylor Voice Actors
Masanori Sato Graphic Support
Shigeru Miyamoto Original Characters
Shigeru Miyamoto Supervisors
Takashi Tezuka Supervisors
Koji Kondo Supervisors
Yusuke Nakano CG Design & Package Design
Yoichi Kotabe Graphic Support
Hiroshi Yamauchi Executive Producer
Kazumi Totaka Original Music Composers
Mike Madeoy Voice Actors
Masaki Tawara Coordinator
Wataru Yamaguchi CG Design Support
Toshiharu Izuno Coordinator
Hiroyuki Takahashi Main Game Design
Hiroyuki Takahashi Produced By
Hiroji Kiyotake Original Characters
Shugo Takahashi Main Game Design
Shugo Takahashi Produced By
Yusuke Sugimoto Assistant Directors
Yusuke Sugimoto Game Design Staff
Haruki Kodera Director
Haruki Kodera Main Programmers
Yasuhiro Taguchi Opening Directors
Shuji Shimizu Game Design Staff
Ayumu Shindo Game Design Staff
Kentaro Sakou Game Design Staff
Fumihide Aoki 3d Character Graphics
Fumihide Aoki Original Characters
Hiroto Nakashima 3d Character Graphics
Kanako Horiguchi 3d Graphics
Masaaki Uno Coordinator
Masaaki Uno Sound Director
Naruhisa Kawano Editor
Toru Takamatsu Assistant Directors
Toru Takamatsu Main Programmers
Norio Shimizu Sound Support
Kaoru Shimada Sound Support
Masayuki Hashimoto 3d Character Graphics
Junichi Ochiai 3d Character Graphics
Shigeki Kimura 3d Character Graphics
Junko Nakamura 3d Graphics
Mieko Koguchi 3d Graphics
Hidetoshi Sakamoto 3d Graphics
Mitsumasa Muraishi Screen Layout & 2-D Graphic Design
Shinji Hatano Produced By
P.E. Jareth Hein Support Programmer
Atsushi Fujimoto Opening Directors
Shin Yamanouchi Original Characters
Toshiaka Tanaka 3d Character Graphics
Kaori Matsunaga 3d Graphics
Kozue Ishikawa Original Music Composers
Yukio Kaneoka Original Music Composers
Penn Badgely Voice Actors
Jessica Chism Voice Actors
Kate Flemming Voice Actors
Michiyo Oshio CG Design Support
Ryuji Hagino Editor
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Awards & Rankings

#7 Most Discussed N64 Game of 2000
#6 Most Shared N64 Game of 2000