Description: Enter a massive dungeon with a party made from scratch. Begin your adventure to the Tenebrous Depths with a party of newly created characters. Start the game from the main menu and experience the descent into an endless rogue-like dungeon.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Jun 6, 2019
  • Owlcat Games
Publisher: Deep Silver


Alexander Mishulin
Directed By: creative director
Chris Avellone
Written By: narrative director
Amelia Tyler
Cast: Nyrissa,Guardian of the Bloom
Ray Chase
Cast: The Lantern King,Trailer Narrator
Erica Schroeder
Cast: Female - Pious
Jason Griffith
Cast: Male - Confident
Marc Thompson
Cast: Male - Wise
Mike Pollock
Cast: Hargulka
Lisa Ortiz
Cast: Female - Brave
Wayne Grayson
Cast: Male - Reserved
Lindsay Sheppard
Cast: Linzi
Jay Britton
Cast: Maegar Varn
Laurie Hymes
Cast: Female - Cunning
Tiana Camacho
Cast: Amiri
Tyler Bunch
Cast: Ekundayo
Major Attaway
Cast: Regongar
Sam Haft
Cast: Male - Pragmatic
Scott Rayow
Cast: Harrim
Abe Goldfarb
Cast: Jubilost
Billy Bob Thompson
Cast: Tartuccio
Eddy Lee
Cast: Tristian
J. David Brimmer
Cast: Male - Grumpy
Ryan Andes
Cast: Male - Pious
Bonnie Bogovich
Cast: Magic Incantations
Marc Swint
Cast: Male - Aggressive
Corrie Legge
Cast: Female - Carefree
Matt Silver
Cast: Magic Incantations
Kristin Lennox
Cast: Jamandi Aldori
Bailey Carr
Cast: Jaethal
Margo Davis
Cast: Natala Surtova
Vanessa Gardner
Cast: Valerie
Stefan Martello
Cast: Incantation
Todd Benzin
Cast: Kesten Garess
Brian Mysliwy
Cast: Dugath
Jen Hirliman
Cast: Defaced Sister
Phil Knoerzer
Cast: Ioseph Sellemius
Dustin Hummel
Cast: Nok-Nok
Brittany Botta
Cast: Female - Confident
Ballto Kenney
Cast: Stag Lord
Hanna Burke
Cast: Female - Madman
Tom Makar
Cast: Armag
Kevin Iuzzini
Cast: King Irovetti
Jordyn Acconcia
Cast: Female - Reserved
Peter Palmisano
Cast: Jhod Kavken
Madeline Hammond
Cast: Magic Incantations
Brande Elise
Cast: Kressle
Sergey Eybog
Sound: lead audio designer
Fahad Rahman
Sound: dialogue editor,recording engineer
Victor Surkov
Art Direction
Alexey Drobyshevsky
Visual Effects: technical director
Alex Ruger
Music Department: music sound design,technical score engineer
Steve Breslin
Casting Department: casting producer
Tom Wayland
Casting Department: supervising casting director
Tim Werenko
Casting Department: casting producer