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  • Summary: 9 Monkeys of Shaolin marks a rebirth of the iconic beat 'em up genre in vein of old-school video games. If, as a kid you had hours of fun playing SNES or SEGA beat 'em up videogames crushing foes left and right then this new title from the creators of hardcore brawler REDEEMER is definitely9 Monkeys of Shaolin marks a rebirth of the iconic beat 'em up genre in vein of old-school video games. If, as a kid you had hours of fun playing SNES or SEGA beat 'em up videogames crushing foes left and right then this new title from the creators of hardcore brawler REDEEMER is definitely for you. As a mere Chinese fisherman Wei Cheng you have to avenge the death of your friends and family slaughtered in a pirate raid at your peaceful village. Game protagonist is quite a tough nut to crack as he knows the basics of ancient martial arts only mastered by legendary Shaolin monks. Get your trusty battle staff ready for a challenging adventure in Medieval China and for merciless fights with hordes of various enemies. Action-packed battles, user friendly controls and incredible atmosphere of great kung-fu movies of 70s – all this makes 9 Monkeys of Shaolin a choice for every true fan of really hardcore brawlers. Expand


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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. Oct 15, 2020
    9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a great beat-em-up with excellent combat and a strong presentation. It won't take you very long but it's a blast while it lasts.
  2. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Nov 18, 2020
    Too bad that when you really get in gear, end credits will start rolling all too soon – but it’s a common thing for beat ‘em ‘ups. Also, when a game feels too short – it’s a sure sign that it’s good. [Issue#249,p.58]
  3. Oct 15, 2020
    The result is all in all surprising, for what turns out to be a voyage of revenge without artistic, narrative or cultural pretensions, contenting itself with being a very enjoyable and fluid video game "to beat".
  4. Oct 15, 2020
    Fast, fun and works better played with a friend just as it was with the classic beat'em up that serve as an inspiration to 9 Monkeys of Shaolin. It may be too simplistic sometimes, but it's a great offering on this old school genre despite its PC version it not a very good port from the console versions of the game.
  5. Nov 13, 2020
    9 Monkeys of Shaolin is an enjoyable time for any side-scrolling beat ‘em up fan who’s eager for some engaging and varied combat, but don’t expect to be enthralled by Wei Chang’s story.
  6. Oct 20, 2020
    A decent, fun and with some solid ideas beat' em up game, which could be better if some gameplay balancing issues were avoided.
  7. Oct 14, 2020
    9 Monkeys Of Shaolin might not break the mold for 2.5D side-scrolling beat-em-ups, but it does provide some solid action and fun gameplay for fans of both the genre and kung-fu fighting epics. Overall, it serves as a decent time-filler for those looking to scratch their ninja-busting itch.

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  1. Nov 7, 2020
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. [9 Monkeys of Shaolin: Wrong Time, Very Wrong Time...]

    9 Monkeys of Shaolin is an example of how an average but promising product can be completely overpowered by the better in each respect Hades, issued in the same time period. And it is not even a question of comparison - of course, each game should be considered separately, without keeping in mind oeuvres in the similar genre. However, the excellency of Hades draws attention to all the things “9 Monkeys” is bad at, namely story and non-user-friendly gaming interface.

    Let us start with the plot. First, setting. The game is set in Medieval China, whose main historical rival is, of course, Japan. The stereotypical atmosphere of the last century action movies. And feels like that too: solving problems exclusively with brawls, old monks fighting for good, all that stuff. However, while I might enjoy a little nostalgia trip, having grown up on such films, a lot of people might not appreciate this outdated concept. Do not get me wrong: it is possible to set the game in any historical time period and any country (Assassin’s Creed and, well, Hades are prime examples of that) but this old setting should evoke some new feelings, which is not the case of 9 Monkeys of Shaolin.

    Second story-wise problem is connected with the characters. To begin with, I do not see nine equally well-developed personalities (thus, I start questioning the game name). In fact, I do not care about any of them. I just. Do not. Care. The main guy lost his relative - I do not care. One of the monks was blinded - I do not care. The conclusive mission in the game is imminent - why, thank spirits, the game is not that long to bore me. With such an attitude, it is very hard to develop any kind of involvement in the unfolding of the story. Consequently, without this involvement, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin qualifies as a one-time game: played, completed, forgotten.

    Next, gaming interface does not help in creating a captivating atmosphere. Although the problems on that front are initially insignificant, their cumulative number contributes greatly to spoiling the impression of the game. Namely, starting from unskippable logo demonstration and cutscenes to graphics no higher than 1280x800 (in a 2020 game!), it is like the game is sort of telling the player: “I am outdated. I would be still very decent in 2010 and would certainly be a hit in 2005, but now I am old. Let me rest in peace. Shoot me with a bullet you deflect so many times in the game; bullet, shot by a platformer-like soldiers, that just stand there and shoot, thus you cannot pass until you spin and deflect that bullet.” What I am also getting at is - why are there annoying platformer elements in a beat-’em up game?

    To conclude, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin is… okay. For one playthrough. It is fun, not extremely undemanding in terms of skill, and fight choreography is pretty cinematic. Nonetheless, “the true rebirth of the iconic beat 'em up genre?” Yes, the reincarnation happened. But with a different game title and 3 weeks later after the release of the “Monkeys”. Nice try, though.

    7 out of 10