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  • Summary: A desolate realm, kept in flux by the rhythm of battle. A proving ground for those with great ambition. A Year Of Rain is the ultimate team real-time strategy game. Choose your faction, team up and take control of a legendary hero to lead your armies!


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  1. Nov 7, 2019
    After playing the game for more than 15 h i have concluded.

    Gameplay: The game offers a campaign which you could play through with a
    After playing the game for more than 15 h i have concluded.

    The game offers a campaign which you could play through with a friend (highly recommended if you, like me suck with multitasking). The campaign lasts around 8-10 hours depending on how good you are. The story follows Rupah, a leader born from leaders, his goal is to bring peace and to unite a new kingdom. But It turns out to be a harder task then thought. Rupah has an assembly of friends and foes that you get to play with (i would say that this is a lengthy tutorial, you get to learn how each character works). Killian, Rupahs trusty left hand, a paladin with heart. Shen, A Drunky distance fighter, with a curse following her and Yin, an assassin born in darkness. All which have different abilities and stories.

    The multiplayer offers one mod as of now, and that is skirmish. 2 vs 2 Mode, where you can play together with a friend or a random. A ranking system is available but I would recommend going through the Tutorial and if not the entire campaign then at least a couple of chapters. Cause this will prepare you for whats coming.

    Voice and sound:
    Voice acting in RTS games are minimal, but this one brings a lot to the table, Characters have voices, fitting voices at that. Rupah sounds like a leader, Shen like she has been abusing alcohol and Killian, speaks with soul and care.
    With that, there is ambient music that is fitting and every unit has its personality.

    This one may not be for everyone. But the handpainted/stylized art is clear and gorgeous. It's very easy to read the characters from the environment and they all have a distinguished style. When playing the game, you can see that the art team have tried to make sure that huge combats are easy to read, which can get frustrated in games like this.

    In short, the game has huge potential and if developers get the time they need, this can turn out to be great. Yes, the game is not perfect and some glitches and bugs can ruin a game or two, But once the game is working, it is fun, engaging and utterly chaotic, in a good way.

    I've had soldiers that stay still in combat and some workers doing nothing and I keep on reminding myself that this is an Early Access. Even some minor problems in Cutscenes, but given the great feedback the community manager has been giving us, I am still going to put my faith in this game. I would recommend everyone fan of the genre to give it a try.