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  1. Jun 14, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns reminds me a lot of classic N64 platformers like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie in the best of ways. By mixing a dark reimagining of a literary classic with stylish combat and rock-solid platforming, EA and Spicy Horse have created a gaming experience quite unlike any other. At any rate, its miles better than the lacklustre Tim Burton movie released last year. This is one rabbit hole worth tumbling down.
  2. Jun 14, 2011
    The overall quality of Alice: Madness Returns is high, despite it feeling rushed. The qualities that made American McGee's Alice so enjoyable-the gory hack-'n'-slash combat, the gorgeous design, the rich dialogue, the menacing mood-are present and abundant.
  3. CD-Action
    Jul 4, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns is a dream come true for me as a fan of American McGee's Alice. It's a worthy heir and at the same time a fully modern game that can vie with the best contemporary representatives of this genre. It's long, it's difficult, it's rewarding and enchanting – so far the game of the year for me. [July 2011, p.62]
  4. PC Games (Russia)
    Jul 21, 2011
    It's not perfect, but it's as close to the definition of masterpiece as it could be. A thrilling and exciting adventure to the dark corners of Wonderland. [August 2011, p.83]
  5. Jun 22, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns may not win awards for genre innovation, but it's the most darkly fun and gloriously batty game I've played since Psychonauts. I can't think of any higher praise.
  6. Jun 16, 2011
    Despite unrefined combat, Alice: Madness Returns delivers a fun, unforgettable journey in color, design, and images.
  7. PC PowerPlay
    Aug 8, 2011
    Combat is flawed, but does little to detract from the game's breathtaking depiction of lunacy. [Sept 2011, p.61]
  8. Jun 28, 2011
    Here is a game that uses metaphor and wit to weave a story in which a demented young girl does battle with robotic march hares. It may still gyre and gimble along the wabe, which stops it from being truly frabjous, but it's still brillig in its own right.
  9. Jun 24, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns is a wolf in sheep's clothing. This game may look honest and cute, but it's cruel and bloody. Alice takes you to an another unforgettable experience in Wonderland. And if you didn't remember the first experience, then you get the opportunity to play the first game for free. Buy it, please.
  10. Jun 21, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns should please fans of the original and newcomers alike. The game can feel a bit dated and tedious at times, but the incredibly dark Wonderland that American McGee has crafted is just begging to be explored.
  11. Jun 17, 2011
    Alice - Madness Returns is the kind of game that's retro in both a good sense and a bad: It's a tough game to beat, but lacks innovations and better graphics.
  12. Jun 14, 2011
    Everything feels dated and there's an unfinished, even hurried quality to the game that's more than a little disappointing. That doesn't mean there's a shortage of great moments or fantastic ideas, because Madness Returns has both in spades. It's just that the overall experience is bogged down by slow pacing, repetitive gameplay, and visuals that could've used a little more work.
  13. Aug 14, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns is a living contradiction, an unholy union of incredible visual flair and ho-hum gameplay.
  14. Jun 17, 2011
    It has been great to enjoy a classic 3D platforming game. These sort of games have almost disappeared in this generation, except for mediocre movie adaptations. American McGee and his team have made a great game, fresh and charming.
  15. Jul 26, 2011
    As the title might suggest, Alice is maddening. Somewhere wrapped in a straightjacket and thrown in the dark recesses of Madness Returns is one of the best games of the generation. But it's floating amidst a sea of inadequacies that prevent it from reaching its true potential.
  16. 75
    A platformer, a rare sight nowadays, has to be technically perfect, otherwise it shoots itself in the foot because this kind of gameplay is essentially repetitive. The same thing goes for the puzzles (too easy ) and fights. Still, the game catches you in its crazy universe enough so you really want to see if Alice remembers that faithful night and if it really was somebody else to blame or it was her that gave life to a criminal fantasy…
  17. Jun 29, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns is a great example of an oldchool 3D platformer that most certainly won't appeal to most fans of fast action games. It's a game kind of from a different age. The only modern thing about it is having to look for hidden items.
  18. Jun 17, 2011
    The creativity put into this game is more than enough for three games, but behind the art there's not much diversity. But we still wanted to know how the story ends.
  19. Jun 17, 2011
    While Alice: Madness Returns has a number of problems, its artistic side and its genuine concept calls off the bad. This is a game that truly could have outshined American McGee's Alice with its interesting production values, but instead it leaves us slightly disappointed.
  20. Oct 17, 2011
    All in all, Alice: Madness Returns delivers a good sequel. Not superlative, but not a cheap knockoff. If topsy-turvy architecture, steampunk menaces, and Victorian psychotherapy tickle your geek itch, this is a title well worth playing.
  21. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jul 30, 2011
    Beautiful and rich fairy world is full of imaginative tasks and minigames. Excellent sound and visuals are spoiled by camera positioning and a weird checkpoint system but it should not discourage you from this interesting game. [July 2011]
  22. Jun 27, 2011
    A lot of jumping and a repetitive gameplay does not make only Alice go crazy.
  23. Jun 14, 2011
    Playing Alice: Madness Returns isn't as exciting as looking at it, but you'll still enjoy getting lost in this twisted fantasy adventure.
  24. Jun 14, 2011
    I'd have liked the adventure to have been trimmed of fat, the combat is at times extremely irritating, and the art design far exceeds the technical prowess on show, but at its core Alice: Madness Returns is an imaginative romp through a world that's clearly been designed by some incredibly creative minds.
  25. Game Informer
    Jun 16, 2011
    What starts out as a promising romp through a demented Wonderland devolves into a few good ideas stretched across redundant gameplay. [July 2011, p.85]
  26. Jul 11, 2011
    A game that could have been a masterpiece, has some amazing and imaginative visuals, as well as a boring and repetitive gameplay. A pity.
  27. Jul 1, 2011
    For a story that talks of falling into lunacy, it's interesting that the game's quality matches the mind of its antagonist; Alice is a cracked mirror; you can see what it could have been, but you're stuck with what it is.
  28. Jun 16, 2011
    Through questionable level design, graphical inconsistency, and repetitive gameplay, I was pulled out of the experience more than I would have liked. Alice: Madness Returns is a memorable peek through a flawed looking glass.
  29. PC Format
    Aug 8, 2011
    Despite its fantastic visualisation of Wonderland, repetitive gameplay means it fails to muster a chortle. [Sept 2011, p.100]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 703 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 34 out of 703
  1. Jun 15, 2011
    If there's one thing I expected with the second game, it was not to be disappointed.
    And it delivered.
    It delivered oh so well. Where do I
    If there's one thing I expected with the second game, it was not to be disappointed.
    And it delivered.
    It delivered oh so well.
    Where do I even begin?

    This new iteration of Alice appears to be bigger and better in every way.
    There is a plethora of collectibles, bonus objectives, the so-called "memories", etc., but none of them are boring or tedious to get.There is a huge variety of clothing for Alice as well.
    The intro cinematic is macabre, moody, dark, pulls you in the moment it starts and sets the mood perfectly.

    The music..Let's just say that while I was disappointed at first that Chris Vrenna is only doing one track for the new game, the new composer nails it perfectly and does a fantastic job. Most of the pieces are outstanding in their own, like the main theme, some of the battle music.They do a flawless job of enhancing the atmosphere without being intrusive.
    They're errie yet beautiful.They juggle your mood from sadness to hope.The style of music itself is somewhat different from the original game, but the QUALITY is in no way worse.

    The controls are fluid and require little getting used to, they just seem natural and aren't that hard to master.The camera is great, rotation is very helpful and the ability to go intro first person is a great touch.Alice's movements are great, her motion capture is very well done, her facial expressions are great.

    Mostly every NPc you encounter actually has something to say - not random gibberish, mind you.And Alice often responds.

    Which brings us to the next major strong point of the game - the vocie acting and dialogue.
    I'd lie through my teeth if I said I didn't expect both to be top-notch, but I was still very, very pleased with what they did.
    The dialogue is witty, doesn't feel forced, lines are often cryptic and metaphoric, they perfectly fit with the dark tone the game sets by shrouding a lot of what is said in mystery. The vocie acting..It's just perfect, I can't say much about that.There are fcew NPCs that aren't on par, but the ones who stand out the most are Alice and Dr. Bumby (for me, at least.)

    The game has a great variety of characters, all unique, all interesting, all with their separate personalities and you're often left wondering what are their real intentions.

    Combat has been flawless so far. I loved how McGee and his team preserved the core original style, but brought much innovation into the sequel's.Weapons are over-the-top, extremely fun to use and original.
    What I love even more is that fighting requires tactic - you can't win by just sitting and spamming one attack in one place. The game knows the player wants a challenge and rightfully delivers.
    Every weapon, naturally, has its own tactics, much like in the original game.

    The graphics, while not being exactly groundbreaking (but who said they have to be?) are quite something - Alice herself, the locations, enemies all look gorgeous and there is extreme attention to detail in a lot of departments. Of course, there are the occasional blurry textures absolutely every game has, but that is is no way adetriment to the enjoyment of how good the twisted, yet beautiful Wonderland and its inhabitants look.Alice in particular is quite detailed, her hair flows around very naturally while jumping/running and her movements are believable and more or less realistic. The game utilizes the Unreal engine and does a very good job at using its potential.

    The gameplay is everything I expected and much, much more.
    A platforming game in a gorgeous setting with detailed environments and interesting puzzles that seem to find the perfect balance - as in, they're not that hard to figure out, but the game won't spoonfeed you what to do, either. And I love that. And finally, the storyline.
    It's just fantastic.Deep, immersive, gritty, macabre, enchanting, depressing.
    It's flawlessly paced, flawlessly told and perfectly presented.
    Helping Alice overcome her sorrow, guilt and escape from the depths of her madness is something you truly take to heart if you let the world of the game suck you in (which it has no trouble doing.)
    In the spirit of keeping this spoiler-free, let's just say that the game offers everything the original did and much more, and does an even better job at doing it.

    Overall, this game is more or less a shining gem that every fan of platforming adventure, mingled with tactical combat needs to try out.
    It's beautiful, dark, thrilling, and a stunning journey to the depths of insanity.
    Perfect score for being a perfect game.
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  2. Fuz
    Jun 20, 2011
    Black bars on a 4:3 are an abomination, and the terrible mouse controls are VERY uncomfortable and make me feel ill at the point that I can'tBlack bars on a 4:3 are an abomination, and the terrible mouse controls are VERY uncomfortable and make me feel ill at the point that I can't play this game at all.
    Too bad, the art direction seemed very good, so dear devs, please learn how to program a decent control system.
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  3. Jun 16, 2011
    Alice: MR remains a mediocre game: the graphics is hardly fair, with texture problems and not satisfying details, the gameplay leads to veryAlice: MR remains a mediocre game: the graphics is hardly fair, with texture problems and not satisfying details, the gameplay leads to very frequent boring spots, puzzles are wearisome and useless. Moreover, the game looks unfinished and unpolished, they shouldn't have put it on the marketplace so early. Just rent it for a couple of days, but I won't suggest you to buy it at all. Full Review »