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  • Summary: Explore the past as you resolve the present in Anamorphine, a surreal adventure of rendered emotions. Journey into the mind of the main character, a young man in denial. His subconscious is pushing him to face his past - or be consumed by it.


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Anamorphine - PSX 2017: Tyler's Struggle Gameplay Walkthrough
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 5
  2. Negative: 2 out of 5
  1. Aug 7, 2018
    Anamorphine’s emotional energy arises from the movement through its environments, seeing how they connect and comment on one another. The characters in the game are unemotive but its spatial dynamics are anything but.
  2. Aug 8, 2018
    A touching and interesting story which is infinitely relatable. I wish the storytelling had been a bit more varied and I hadn’t had my issue with motion sickness. All of that said, if you enjoy narrative exploration games this is a good one to check out.
  3. Jul 31, 2018
    While it has some interesting ideas on how to present mental suffering, the innocent act of overlooking one crucial moment meant it ultimately failed to justify its tour of misery and left me with too sour a taste. By the time I discovered there was a sunnier conclusion out there, the damage had been done. That, coupled with the poor VR optimization, make it hard to recommend to anyone with an interest in its subject matter and I would advise people suffering from depression to actively avoid its troubling depictions. There may be some that applaud this unflinching approach to an impossible situation, but a lighter touch may have been the better approach.
  4. Aug 13, 2018
    Anamorphine is a narrative adventure that fails to deliver its story with enough competence to offer the player any emotionally engaging content. So what you're left with is a low-budget, brief experience with no replay value and a high asking price.
  5. Aug 30, 2018
    A lack of visual flair or narrative complexity leave Anamorphine feeling dull and long winded, the cursory way it touches upon difficult emotional issues born out of interpersonal problems and substance abuse comes off poorly as a result.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 2
  2. Negative: 1 out of 2
  1. Jul 31, 2018
    Beautiful and sad
    Anamorphine is a 2 hour long first person exploration game, aka a walking simulator with a main focus of
    Beautiful and sad
    Anamorphine is a 2 hour long first person exploration game, aka a walking simulator with a main focus of depression.
    The game starts with you, Tyler... at rock bottom in an apartment with scattered pieces of a chello, you find these pieces and youre off on a journey to discover the cause of his depression...
    The game starts out at a near masterpiece level of amazing...
    the sights, the sound, the experience... its so beautiful…
    you live your life with your wife Elena, and youre going through your memories with her, and everything that lead to the next thing, exploring tylers subconscious mind, constant shaping and changing of rooms its so magical..
    But as the game goes on it goes from amazing, to great... to good.
    This is a solid good game and experience, but it struggles to live up to its beginning moments…
    And I feel this mostly has to do with the game revisiting areas instead of coming up with fresh metaphors or similes as the story progresses to keep the delivery of the point intriguing,…
    to keep the world feeling mysterious like it does so wonderfully in its beginning moments
    being suddenly placed into colorful world of flowers or riding on a bike through a desert is so impactful the first time, but the multiple times after the excitement and wonder no longer exists.. you’re just going through the motions at that point
    its still enjoyable to get through, but the impact is just gone
    That not to say there aren’t moments during the second half of the game that will punch you in the gut, because they exist..
    Experiencing this world and its story is so worth it...
    There are some performance issues though, load times between chapters are painfully long and there is constant freezing between sections of a level, transitions could definitely be more smooth...
    I ultimately loved anamorphin though...
    The world is beautiful, the story telling is great.
    You get hit in the moments you’re supposed to.
    Despite its issues, this is a magical game worth experiencing
    I give anamorphine a 7/10
  2. Oct 25, 2018
    Anamorphine, apesar de ter uma boa ideia em mãos, sofre com um desleixo excessivo na sua execução e acaba se tornando uma experiênciaAnamorphine, apesar de ter uma boa ideia em mãos, sofre com um desleixo excessivo na sua execução e acaba se tornando uma experiência altamente falha, que não engaja emocionalmente como deveria. Expand