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  1. Jan 4, 2021
    It might not have all the detail a gearhead expects, but that doesn’t mean it’s superficial. The cars might look like toys, but the driving model is no joke. It might not have a first-person view, or upgradable cars, or a career mode RPG, or demanding graphics, or product placement, or a shouting co-driver, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a rally racing game. Instead, it’s an adoring and adorable idyll about taking a relaxing drive through a lovely countryside, and doing it as fast as you can.
  2. Feb 26, 2021
    Art of Rally is a racing game for those who want something different. The more playful nature is a nice contrast to the title's simulation-style handling and physics. There are plenty of cars, liveries, and tracks to unlock, and the online play keeps things fresh thanks to the system of weekly and daily challenges. Unless you only want serious racing games, genre fans will love Art of Rally.
  3. Oct 5, 2020
    A natural evolution of Absolute Drift, art of rally is a terrific passion project that serves as the perfect love letter to rally driving. Designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level, and with a huge amount of content, it’s a game that you could easily be playing a year from now and still finding new ways to approach it. As such, it’s an incredible value proposition and one of the best racing games in recent memory.
  4. Sep 19, 2020
    From its incredible soundtrack to its unbelievably fun gameplay and striking visuals, art of rally is a genuine contender for 2020’s best racer.
  5. Sep 28, 2020
    art of rally is a love letter to rallying, with an incredible content, sublime visuals, a very good OST, and gameplay which offers as much feel as the biggest IP or rallying.
  6. 83
    Don’t trust art of rally. Even if it looks like a cute, tiny, aesthetic arcade racing game, it is actually a love tribute to the history of rally, from a rally lover to rally lovers all over the world. Underneath his neat visual style and his top-down visuals lies a great rally sim, stripped of every needless detail and still playable by any kind of gamer thanks to a vast array of camera and difficulty options.
  7. Oct 13, 2020
    Quotation forthcoming.
  8. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Apr 12, 2021
    A minimalist rally game that deceives with its visuals. It looks like an arcade, but it's a solid simulation with a visual that you'll either fall in love with for the first time or have to get used to it. [Issue#309]
  9. Oct 11, 2020
    Reconnecting with feelings that have gone out of fashion, Art of Rally is a welcome entertainment at a time games are more and more complex and dense. Just like kart racing, it offers quick handling and good sensations. Without second thoughts, we drive and we learn to adapt to the different cars it offers. In addition, it is perfect for small PC configurations.
  10. Dec 24, 2020
    Art of Rally is an opposite of a hardcore rally sim; it requires very little effort and revels in its meditative approach. Drive, listen to pleasant electronic tunes, enjoy the scenery. But I wish there was something more besides career mode, because when it’s over 20 hours later, you’re done.
  11. Aug 18, 2021
    With art of rally, Funselektor signs a magnificent love letter to the world of rallying by offering a demanding title that is as complete as it is pleasant. With its six destinations and about fifty cars with unique behaviors, the game simply makes you travel across the globe and through the ages. Unfortunately, the artistic direction does not fully assume its bias and the title is far too greedy, resulting in micro-freezes and many slowdowns, even on the largest machines.
  12. Oct 3, 2020
    A casual tribute to the history of rallys with very attractive and minimalist graphics, tons of legendary cars to unlock and direct fun at the controls.
  13. Sep 22, 2020
    art of rally offers an interesting take on challenge, and we really enjoy its proposal, but it ends up feeling repetitive fue to the similarity between stages.
  14. Oct 24, 2020
    For a game about rallyes, there isn’t a lot of this in Art of Rally. Driving around is fun for an hour or so, but after that, you have more or less seen everything of interest that there is. Stilistically, the game is a success, but it is too easy, the story is weird (but not in a good way) and repetition takes away a lot of the fun one could have.
  15. Sep 18, 2020
    The charm of Art of Rally is in its free roam mode, especially after unlocking all of the vehicles and tracks. Zooming around the game’s colorful, beautifully designed environments with the easy tunes of the soundtrack is a surprisingly great way for me to zone out after a stressful day. If the controls, especially for a hand-held controller, can be tightened up even just a little bit, Art of Rally could become a title that I play every day - whether it be during a warm-up session before a night of gaming, or as a way to close out a long day.
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  1. Sep 22, 2020
    Like a playable poster for an iconic rally event, funselektor's top-down racer is a blast. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Sep 25, 2020
    Rally driving, for me anyway, is about plowing headlong into the unknown, understanding the risk of fast driving in a way you can’t on an oval or a well-known circuit. That makes taking a square left perfectly, or drifting through the full 180 degrees of a switchback, seem even more high-five-myself awesome. And I got exactly that in Art of Rally.

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  1. Sep 25, 2020
    Love this game! Love its vibe! The physics is amazing. 12+ hours played. Nice for chilling
  2. Oct 1, 2020
    Don't like this game. Lack of physics and way too high system requirements. Should be a mobile game with that graphics. But can be played asDon't like this game. Lack of physics and way too high system requirements. Should be a mobile game with that graphics. But can be played as meditative time killer.
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  3. Dec 18, 2020
    This game didn't really keep my interest. Feels way overrated than it should be.