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  • Summary: Baba Is You is a puzzle game where the rules you have to follow are present as blocks you can interact with. By manipulating them, you can change how the game works, repurpose things you find in the levels and cause surprising interactions.


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Baba Is You - 10 Minutes Of Solving Puzzles
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Apr 4, 2019
    A gem among logic games. An original concept developed by hundreds of incredibly imaginative levels has the potential to entertain for a long time. [Issue#294]
  2. Apr 5, 2019
    It only took about 15 minutes for me to realize that Baba Is You truly is an extraordinary game. Its concept as well as its mechanics are refreshing and nigh perfect. Within the first level, the game teaches you how to play it without having to use even one explicit tutorial-line. And it only goes uphill from there. Sure, not every puzzle is impeccable, and I did manage to get stuck on some, but the overall joy I felt - if one of my solutions actually worked - outweighed all of that. If you’re a fan of puzzle-games, you should definitely check out Baba Is You.
  3. Mar 15, 2019
    Baba is You manages to take the familiar idea of nudging blocks and solving puzzles in a fresh direction. Brilliant.
  4. Edge Magazine
    Apr 25, 2019
    One of the most distinctive, exciting and fully realised puzzle games we've played in years. [Issue#332, p.122]
  5. Mar 24, 2019
    Baba Is You is a real UFO in the puzzle games genre, and brings with him a wind of freshness. Despite its sober graphics, it unveileds all its depth thanks to its mechanics. A true unique experience.
  6. Apr 15, 2019
    A must for anyone appreciate experimentalism in the videogame field.
  7. Mar 24, 2019
    Baba is You is among the most seriously arduous games of its kind I’ve played, and when its rules are clear and its instructions legible, it’s gratifying in a way only hardcore suffering can be.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 6
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 6
  3. Negative: 1 out of 6
  1. Mar 18, 2019
    Baba is You
    Puzzle is Fun
    Art is Cute
    Music is Calm
    Thinking is Great

  2. Apr 10, 2019
    Baba Is You takes the old classic box-pushing puzzle game that you would get onto your calculator and play in math class instead of doingBaba Is You takes the old classic box-pushing puzzle game that you would get onto your calculator and play in math class instead of doing actual work, then instead of going "let's just do the same thing as everyone else!" no! they add the amazing gimmick of making some of the boxes control the rules of the game. i heard of this gimmick and i thought "oh, neat. that's not gonna make me buy it though." i watched a few videos and Baba Is You takes a little addition and goes a long way. It makes you think as if all of these puzzle games were like this, because it just so effortlessly blends perfectly into the gameplay. it makes a simple game a complete masterpiece. buy this game if you get the chance. Expand
  3. May 16, 2019
    This game is excellent, I'm about a hundred puzzles and maybe fifteen hours in and it's still really fresh. Other than one situation where IThis game is excellent, I'm about a hundred puzzles and maybe fifteen hours in and it's still really fresh. Other than one situation where I accidentally spoiled myself on a solution, I've been playing 100% blind.

    It's a mind-bending take on sliding block puzzles, which I enjoy to start with. I haven't played The Witness yet (though I plan to sometime), but similarly to that the game doesn't explain much to you about the world--except through what the rule blocks spell out for you, literally. These blocks are also pushable, of course, and have their own simple syntax you need to learn to redefine how things work. ("Baba Is You" is a good example of a working rule!)

    Much of the game is figuring out these written and unwritten rules, which often means simultaneously relying on and dispelling your presumptions about how typical games of this type work. This is quite manageable though because the levels are usually super small. New mechanics are introduced regularly and old ones exploited cleverly.

    I've been skipping puzzles I couldn't solve, to the point where recently there was a point where I couldn't unlock any more puzzles without solving one. But Baba Is You is one of those games where you get so familiarized with the rules that you can play it in your head, and it's fun to come back to a puzzle later after having thought of a solution mid-day.

    tl;dr i'd recommend this game, it's a classic in the making. I'd give it a 20/10 but since metacritic only allows 10 as the highest score, I gave it a 10.
  4. Apr 21, 2019
    A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a brief video clip for your enjoyment:
  5. Apr 10, 2019
    Baba is You.

    Brain is Work.
    Music is Where ?
    Puzzle is fun and hard.
  6. May 27, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Сам ты баба чмо псина я тебя не оскорблял мудак думал нормально будет а он как. Ненавижу эту игру чмошники Expand