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  • Summary: Put on your VR and discover a whole new Barn Finders' experience! Feel how is it like to work alongside Uncle Billyif you dare!
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  1. Jun 1, 2022
    Barn Finders is a surprisingly good time for a game as janky and weird as it is. Exploring spaces for weird treasure is a lot of fun, selling it back at your shop maybe less so. While the game does little to explain itself, its sense of humor carries it further than it might deserve. Go in expecting to struggle a bit with controls and menus, and you’ll be rewarded with a unique experience unlike any other in VR.
  2. Jun 17, 2022
    It’s hard to say whether VR really offers anything to the concept here. There weren’t really any moments where I marvelled at something I was manipulating in virtual reality; the whole experience could be played with mouse and keyboard and affect nothing within the game. While that’s not a major detraction, it would be nice to have some features that justify the need for VR.