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  1. 100
    Once you strap into an F/A-18 and rocket over the landscape, once you're crouched next to a tank trying valiantly to repair it while bullets ping off of the armor inches above your head, once you defend a waypoint and ask for new orders from your commander over the radio, all of those nitpicks about map balance or sniper power fade.
  2. 100
    With incredible communication tools, top-notch visuals, and a fantastic balance of vehicles and classes, EA has won the battle and the war of online team-based shooters.
  3. The neat thing is that none of it—the chain of command, the elitist bands of E-brothers, the Patton-approved battle plans—needs to matter, at least to the curious weekend commando looking to pop into a public server and simply shoot somebody.
  4. The game is at its best when played online or across large networks, since real opponents can be ingenious and make better fidgety targets.
  5. Want more statistics? You got 'em. More ways to contribute to your team (and rewards for doing so) for things like healing and supplies? Done. Better graphics? Much, much, much better. Same great zippy action as you move from tank to helicopter to foot? You bet.
  6. 100
    Each class changes the game so drastically that when you grow tired of slinging lead in the alleys, you can always go spec ops or engineer for a completely new experience. The depth and quality here is just staggering, and you won't find a better multiplayer shooter on the PC.
  7. Much like the real military, Battlefield 2 is not just a game, it’s a way of life.
  8. When people get together and play as a team, the game truly shines. Battlefield 2 is the ultimate package. You’ve got gorgeous visuals, excellent gameplay and superb sound.
  9. Easily the best online experience I’ve ever had. Even with a few shortcomings like a horrible in-game server browser and extremely long and boring load times, Battlefield 2 is still a step ahead of the rest.
  10. An amazing game. Digital Illusions has done what many considered impossible: made a game better, and more fun than "Battlefield 1942."
  11. DICE and EA have nailed it with Battlefield 2. I'm hooked, and you should be too.
  12. When it’s all said and done, Battlefield 2 is one of those games that justifies upgrading ones computer and splurging for the sometimes-pricey broadband connection. It’s a fulfilling experience through and through.
  13. Simply put, if you can get past all the damn bugs in the online game, Battlefield 2 is hands-down the best PC game you’ll probably ever play in your life. Well, that’s at least until the next installment comes out.
  14. Graphically it's stunning to behold, geographically vast to explore and whereas the first two games in the series were typified by the anarchic rushes for armour, BF2 promotes and rewards altruism and teamwork like no other.
  15. PC Gamer
    It's finely tuned maps and balanced gameplay prove that you CAN improve on perfection. [Sept 2005, p.56]
  16. Pelit (Finland)
    An excellent modern-day multiplayer FPS. The game has an amazing atmosphere and the arcade-ish gameplay makes it fun to play. [Aug. 05]
  17. A thrilling testament to how great PC gaming can be. It packs unmatched gameplay, impressive visuals, and endless replayability in one exquisite package. And it's, by far, the most fun that we've had with a PC game this year.
  18. Game Informer
    A masterpiece. [Aug 2005, p.104]
  19. BF2 is one of the best FPS modern day wargames to date in my opinion. You gotta have it!
  20. It's so well put together that the flaws that do stand out are minor, and while they do add up, they are generally forgotten about once you actually get into the game. It has definitely seized the top spot in its genre.
  21. Battlefield 2 is a fantastic online shooter, and possibly one of the best we’ve played. The attention to detail, the features and the fantastically designed maps combine to make a brilliant game.
  22. Those looking for a completely new gameplay experience will be disappointed, as will those hoping for more realism. However, if you're looking for a faster, cleaner and more polished Battlefield, this is it. Digital Illusions didn't roll any dice on this one (pardon the pun), they stuck to the formula but fleshed it out and polished it up.
  23. Exhilarating to the point of giddiness. This is a martial masterpiece. [Aug 2005, p.80]
  24. While Battlefield 2 doesn't make any huge leaps over its predecessor, it is a very, very good game, and the more you play it, the more you'll notice how good it is. DICE Sweden knows their stuff.
  25. A great round of applause then for DICE for making a game that improves the concept and gameplay as well as Battlefield 2 does it.
  26. On a server packed full of humans, with a decent commander and motivated, organised squads it plays like an absolute dream. So hurrah for that.
  27. If first person shooters are your bag, be sure to peel this banana and taste its sweet bounty.
  28. The available maps are enormous, and the player is overwhelmed by the feel of modern warfare as jets race across the sky, choppers hover overhead, and tanks roll across the roads.
  29. There are only two things that keep Battlefield 2 from online perfection. The first and most formidable of the two is the terrible browser used to navigate the game’s servers. It’s slow, inaccurate, and downright frustrating at times.
  30. Pelaaja (Finland)
    Team-based combat has been attempted in many games before, but it’s never been as well pulled of as in Battlefield 2. If this game doesn’t create some great team-play action on public servers, then nothing will. [July 2005, p.70]
  31. The animation is smooth and the sound effects are top shelf. Bullets whiz by, explosions echo in the valley and the screams of the enemy play like a sadistic symphony across the bloody fields. War has never been this much fun.
  32. A much-needed statement of authority for PC - an online spectacle that eclipses the grand rhetoric volleyed back and forth between the manufacturers of tomorrow's super-powered consoles. A new level of multiplayer combat begins here and now, with shock and awe.
  33. Playing with dozens of real-life comrades is exhilarating.
  34. 90
    One of the strongest multiplayer shooters on the market. With classes that compliment each other, a brilliant squad system, and fast, furious gameplay, Battlefield 2 is about as much fun as online shooters get. An easy contender for game of the year.
  35. games(TM)
    Battlefield 2 represents a far better understanding of what war actually entails; an effort to put the player in the heart of a battle where advancement is more strategic than just running around looking for a target. [Aug 2005, p.90]
  36. Play Magazine
    There's a clear and steady stream of tactical flow across virtually every map, a rare feat in and of itself. [Aug 2005, p.66]
  37. Team play innovations, graphical supremacy and the thundering roar of enemy jets combined with persistent stats all work together to really put you There. There being any one of the varied, immaculately crafted maps, each available in 16, 32 and 64 player sizes.
  38. A phenomenal game if it runs on your machine. While it is not exactly the dynamic battlefield that EA had hyped, it is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer first person shooters to come out in years.
  39. AceGamez
    You've got love a game that can have you dodging bullets as you ride through an enemy base in a buggy, guns blazing one minute, then sneaking onto an enemy runway, blowing their aircraft to pieces and stealing one of their helicopters to escape the next. The variety is what makes Battlefield 2 the enjoyable game it is; the unpredictability means it rarely gets repetitive.
  40. Computer Games Magazine
    Perhaps the single most thrilling instance of how far shooters have come. [Sept 2005, p.44]
  41. Xequted
    If you've got a powerful enough system, you simply must take advantage of it and buy Battlefield 2.
  42. If your machine is up to it, you won’t find a better team game than Battlefield 2, period.
  43. 89
    The thing to remember about Battlefield 2 is that it's exceptionally fun.
  44. On the field of multiplayer shooter combat, Battlefield 2 conquers the competition with shock and awe.
  45. An excellent step in the evolution of the series, featuring strong improvements to communication in action games while retaining the hectic nature of the combat so familiar to fans.
  46. For those of you that like multiplayer games then you have a winner in Battlefield 2. If, however, you are a single player fan like myself then I’m sorry, but there are better FPS out there for you, including "Battlefield 1942."
  47. If you have a clan or a group of friends that want to go fighting together, it is a great way to spend a couple of hours.
  48. It’s one of the few games where I’ve had a ton of fun even when I m losing a match. I’ve had many cool experiences playing it and a lot of “did I just see that” moments but all of that is crapped on by the bugs and quirks in the game.
  49. 85
    Battlefield 2 absolutely sets a new standard for multiplayer combat on a grand scale, but the final result is evolutionary, not revolutionary, so the the proposition is a little bit tricky.
  50. The game is excellent, merely sabotaged by lack of polish and in some circumstances, by human behaviour. I wouldn’t punish Dice for being adventurous.
  51. Now if only DICE can figure out how to address some of the issues that have plagued the Battlefield games since 1942, like bad single-player content and a pervasively noob-hostile atmosphere, we'd be in gaming heaven. As it stands, we're slightly below that.
  52. 80
    While Battlefield 2 definitely shines as the most impressive in the series, the lack of advancement to gameplay may give it a shorter lifespan than the original.
  53. In all areas it has the credentials but the bugs all point towards another EA title that has been rushed out the door... Its squad based tactics are rewarding and the overall game does have the right fun factor to go along with the diverse gaming options.
  54. Looks gorgeous and its gameplay is intense and ambitious. There are just enough new features to justify its massive hype, giving fans of the series many reasons to be excited. But it is not yet the finished article.
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  1. DarkoK.
    Aug 2, 2006
    One of the best games EVER.The game is full of action, strategy, planing assoult/defence, dosens tipes of Wehicles and Aircrafts. The first One of the best games EVER.The game is full of action, strategy, planing assoult/defence, dosens tipes of Wehicles and Aircrafts. The first time(few weeks :)p the game is BRUTAL, but once you get to know the tacticks of playing in sqad. Full Review »
  2. Dec 29, 2010
    If you're considering giving it a shot you're way too late, the old crowd has all the old weapons, the experience, the map knowledge and theIf you're considering giving it a shot you're way too late, the old crowd has all the old weapons, the experience, the map knowledge and the cowardice that makes them sprint for Vehicles, you will pretty much never be in a straight up fight and when you are more than likely you'll be ambushed and downed in seconds or the other way around.

    Vehicles are also hilariously over powered, tracking flying opponents with stationary guns is difficult to say the least and they often have some magical ability to know the EXACT gun which has a lock on them. Tanks will easily gun you down, APCs blow you to hell, Jeeps and buggies will come out of no where.

    Maps are so huge that often battles become rolls, one team will gain momentum and just wont stop or the defenders will not budge, one map in particular of the Americans having to do amphibious assualt against the chinese is pretty much impossible for the yanks as you cannot get to the shore there are too many emplacements and the reliance on slow APCs or boats makes you cannon fodder.

    In conclusion, buggy, unbalanced, actual combat between people is always amazingly ungratifying, short and boring while maps can either be unbalanced rolls or too big for you to see anything. Oh and spawn camping.
    Full Review »
  3. MikeS.
    Feb 9, 2010
    I have loved this game and still love it! the only thing i love more about this is Special forces expation pack that adds tear gas and the I have loved this game and still love it! the only thing i love more about this is Special forces expation pack that adds tear gas and the devils perch map wish more people played it tho! the expectations are really good this is better than MW2 in my mind and i still love this game! 2142 is also a good one as well! Also unlike MW2 most of the ranked servers are dedicated. also you get to PICK your unlocks instead of being a certain level and waiting! overall i would pick this up ASAP before u cant find it anymore! same with 2142! i recommend getting the expectations as well! or the complete! i just wish the people with CDs like myself didn't need em to load and need an online connection to play single player! but the real reason to play this is the muti player! and oh did i forget? "ARTILLRY STRIKE IN YOUR AREA!" my favorite of all time when your on an all land map cuz u can radio in what u saw even if they went out of sight and it shows up on uer teams map! "Enemy Boat Spoted!" (when your on a desert map its funny as ****!) and oh btw i claymored your spawns and C4'd your planes and Sniped your Commander! XD Full Review »