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  1. Battlestations: Midway was a surprise hit and is still one of my favorite console games. It is a short experience and was easy for the most part and it also failed to finish the fight as it were. Battlestations: Pacific fixes much of the complaints from the first one and brings World War 2 home once again for arm chair generals.
  2. PC Format
    An almost-perfect war game that manages to deliver just enough for real-time strategy and sim fans alike. [July 2009, p.90]
  3. Though Battlestations: Pacific doesn’t have a slew of new features from its predecessor, it does have the same solid gameplay that put the series on the map.
  4. The team at Eidos have one-upped themselves and made a sequel that outshines it’s already very good predecessor in every way. From the visuals to the immersive game play, to the addictive online modes, Battlestations: Pacific is another way to experience the overused WWII storyline, while still feeling fresh and exciting.
  5. Greatly expanded dual campaigns mix well with robust multiplayer modes.
  6. Pacific is very much the son of its forebear. If you're prepared to push through its choppier moments, you'll find a rich and highly enjoyable game that should keep you occupied for months.
  7. A host of small improvements helps this action strategy hybrid edge ever closer to classic status.
  8. Battlestations: Pacific is much like its predecessor, a rewarding if somewhat flawed experience that will entertain those with unique and satisfying gameplay provided you've got a little perseverance.
  9. 80
    The Battle of the Pacific, the war between the American and the Japanese, have spawned a videogame full of action and strategy where everything is well balanced, observing the original gameplay and improving the weak points of the first game.
  10. There aren't a lot of games that offer as much variety as Battlestations: Pacific does. Yet impressively, no feature seems as if it received the short end of the stick; each gameplay element stands out on its own. Combined, they lead to an exciting and varied experience that should appeal to action junkies and armchair tacticians alike.
  11. Battlestations: Pacific is a really cool cross over between the action and strategy genres. The game surpasses its predecessor in every aspect and is really engaging. Sometimes the controls of the battleships are a little bit too sluggish, but nonetheless Battlestations: Pacific is a wonderful product.
  12. PC Gamer UK
    Purchase with confidence. [July 2009, p.86]
  13. Battlestations: Pacific does improve on its predecessor in several ways, but overall it just doesn’t do enough to make it a must-buy. The machines control well, but the action is just a bit slow to keep you on the edge of your seat (or couch, or Lazyboy).
  14. If you want to look past the dull single-player missions and buy Battlestations: Pacific for its online component, I advise you to hurry up. In a few months, the already low-populated servers will become deserted, and the best game in this very niche genre will sink to the ocean floor.
  15. In the end, if you are willing to learn how to play general, admiral, and pilot at the same time, Battlestations: Pacific needs you.
  16. 77
    But if you're a World War II fan who's tired of the endless string of shooters or you feel that you've seen Normandy Beach one too many times, then you might want to check this distinctive and engaging World War II game out.
  17. A nice genre-mix that combines elements of both strategy and action. Battlestations: Pacific succeeds in providing gameplay and performance almost free of grave mistakes, but unfortunately free of highlights and memorable experiences as well.
  18. All in all it's an arcade-action game with a rather small and rudimentary RTS part best played with a game pad. Best thing to do is to go for the demo before grabbing the title from the store!
  19. Battlestations: Pacific is an improved version of the original Battlestations. This sequel offers two campaigns, better than one, and five multiplayer modes. Conquer the Island, the best one, is a complete experience which can last even more than two hours. However, the mix of two genres, action and strategy, doesn't explore deeply any of them.
  20. PC Zone UK
    Surprisingly deep. [July 2009, p.66]
  21. Many hands make fun work: shallow single-player is compensated for by some great multiplayer content.
  22. Action fans with a desire for strategy and historical correctness should give Battlestations: Pacific a try. All others might find the game way too slow.
  23. Eidos did her best in turning a mediocre game into a decent game. The thought behind Battlestations: Midway was fine, but the game clearly needed some adjustments to impress the spoiled gamer. In Battlestations: Pacific Eidos made those adjustments, turning this one into a much better game then it's predecessor ever was. Too bad that the storyline fails to get your attention and that the missions are somewhat slow in comparison to the fast paced action.
  24. Battlestations: Pacific is a “light” title in all respects, but if you enjoy air and sea battles and would like an eye-candy icing, you will be fully satisfied. There is little else than that, however, and while the Island Capture mode does offer some interesting strategic features, I wouldn’t really recommend the campaigns, unless you enjoy being a simple crosshair on the screen.
  25. Battlestations Pacific has easy controls that will attract to people that are not used to simulation games, but those who are looking for one will find a game that seems easy but has a lot of potential on its multiplayer mode.
  26. Overall, here we have an interesting game and capable of giving some fun for a few hours. It is very demanding and the learning curve is quite accessible.
  27. Battlestations Pacific looks nice, but that doesn’t help if the rest of the game is just plain boring. Every mission plays like the last one, there’s no rise in difficulty and no real connection between the missions. After playing the game for a few hours you’ll ask yourself “What’s the point?”
  28. While some will definitely enjoy the sandbox nature of the game and the variety of units it provides, others might be put off by the arcadey gameplay and simplistic strategy. The game provides a decent amount of replayability through its multiplayer modes but it's hard to tell if there are enough gamers online as of this writing to make that a sure thing.
  29. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    The second installment brings cosmetic changes to the first Battlestations. Slight strategic elements vary this straight-forward arcade. No story shortens duration of the fun though.
  30. Game Informer
    Count this bored midshipman out. [July 2009, p.88]
  31. The campaign is not very fascinating, the enemies aren’t offering any challenges and the game handling on the PC is just horrible.

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  1. Aug 15, 2012
    Definately an improvement on Battlestations Midway in several aspects, yet the two are different experiences. Pacific is more arcade thanDefinately an improvement on Battlestations Midway in several aspects, yet the two are different experiences. Pacific is more arcade than serious, as planes re-arm in the air rather than return to base. That Midway magic is gone, where you knew if you missed your torpedo then you had wasted a plane trip. If you want an easy to enjoy game, Pacific has the quality. If you want intense moments and punishing situations then stick with Midway. Keep in mind that this is very much like a console port, in terms of quality and depth. Full Review »
  2. Aug 24, 2013
    A combinations of strategy and action with NO strategy and TERRIBLE action. The controls are really really really bad. Most reviews claim thatA combinations of strategy and action with NO strategy and TERRIBLE action. The controls are really really really bad. Most reviews claim that players have power to control the battlefield. A complete lie. You are forced into little set piece tidbits listening to dreadful, corny voice acting in a totally linear, totally boring game. There is no Pacific map. No economic development. No control of design or production. There is nothing here which designates a strategy game. The action is hamstrung by the nightmare of mouse-controlled flying, pathetic unlimited ammunition and poor production quality all round. It also suffers from the infestation of Game for Windows Live. Do not buy this POS EVER.

    THE GROT REVIEW CRITERIA: After a long time writing reviews like an anus, think its time to set a few bad habits straight: Stop insulting designers. Show some respect for the design process and getting games in circulation. Hence (1) No Red scores. (2) Game scores as follows: Bad Game 5/10. Poor Game 6/10. Mediocre Game: 7/10. Good Game 8/10. Great game 9/10. Stella Game 10/10. To get 10/10 it must be a game that can be (theoretically) play-able for 1000+ hours. Not only great but near endless fun. Games may be bad or poor but making them should earn respect. Thus even the worst POS will still be a 5/10. 0/10 no longer exists in my vocabulary. Yellow is the new red. For the sake of accountability: you can reply if needed: Orctowngrot: Tim Rawlins:
    Full Review »
  3. Aug 3, 2013
    A very nice game with combination of strategy and role playing. The graphics are not bad either. I really enjoyed it and just wished thereA very nice game with combination of strategy and role playing. The graphics are not bad either. I really enjoyed it and just wished there will be another installments in the series with bigger and more exciting features. Full Review »