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  1. Positive: 51 out of 62
  2. Negative: 0 out of 62
  1. Apr 24, 2018
    An unmissable strategy gem that will unquestionably keep you playing one more contract. If you like mechs or tactical strategy games you’ll have a great time here whether you are a newcomer to the universe or not. BattleTech gets my full recommendation.
  2. Apr 24, 2018
    Harebrained Schemes has transformed the complexity of the pen and paper BattleTech universe into an incredible game that welcomes veteran and rookie pilots alike. BattleTech represents the perfect culmination of all of their previous works, and the team should be proud of how well it all came together.
  3. May 7, 2018
    Nothing less than a masterpiece and the best Battletech game fans could hope for. Slow loading times and a lack of use for scout roles don't hamper the experience.
  4. Apr 25, 2018
    The possibilities are endless, and all the options are available at your fingertips all the time.
  5. Apr 24, 2018
    I am blown away by BATTLETECH. It’s a game that I have wanted to play for a while but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it nearly as much as I have. This is a solid, complete game which has had me utterly absorbed. The size of this game, the enjoyability, and the time it takes to complete justifies the £35 price tag. This is hands down one of the best releases so far this year.
  6. Apr 24, 2018
    Battletech is one of the most fun, engaging, and exciting strategy games we’ve played in a long time.
  7. Apr 24, 2018
    In BattleTech, the persistence between battles lets you weave a whole new plot through the game, one filled with characters and stakes that are wholly your own.
  8. May 7, 2018
    The story, the characters and the writing are better than you could hope for. If you are willing to overcome a few technical hiccups, and if you are an unrepentant sci-fi nerd, Battletech can be your new favorite game.
  9. Apr 24, 2018
    I actually expected standard lap strategy and, to my great surprise, got a strategy role-playing game with top-notch tactical depth. And that makes up for any existing quirks quite easily.
  10. Jun 3, 2018
    An uncommon mold of RPG and turn-based strategy, BATTLETECH demands time, planning ahead and good micromanagement. The vast choices of mech customization and its strategic elements will reward you with a lot of satisfaction. Invest and become immersed in its cosmos.
  11. May 14, 2018
    I don’t think anyone is going to call BattleTech a perfect game, but it is a fun one that brings the IP back into the spotlight with a game that does justice to the lore, atmosphere, and tactical depth that the tabletop and video games were build on. Though its pace might be a bit slow for some, and the RNG can be frustrating in the worst ways, the game has too much going right for it to let those issues hold it back.
  12. May 10, 2018
    BattleTech is an excellent strategy game, and it's deep and absorbing. It might feel a little bit hostile at the beginning, but give it some time and you'll discover its great design.
  13. May 7, 2018
    BattleTech in the form of a video game is a beautiful reference to the original board game. It's a unique tactical turn-based strategy game that sets new trends in this genre. Until competitors won't think of resurrecting other games with mechs, BattleTech is without question a master-class.
  14. Apr 24, 2018
    A deep tactical wargame with strong fundamentals supporting a broadly successful campaign system.
  15. Mar 5, 2020
    BattleTech is a special kind of experience that doesn't come around too often. As much as it demands from you, it offers equal or greater reward in return. As I said before, this property is very dear to my heart, so it brings me joy to see this game achieve what it sets out to accomplish with so much success.
  16. May 23, 2018
    If you are looking for a heavy turn based tactical game with a lot of similarity to X-Com, or if you are a fan of the tabletop version, Battletech is a great game for PC players. Make sure you don’t pass this up.
  17. Apr 30, 2018
    Despite the issues, I'm really enjoying BattleTech. Get past its learning curve and get a few missions under your belt, and you begin to feel like a capable commander. The company management gives a backbone to your progression, while the mission gameplay is an enjoyably tangled web of tactical options and trade-offs. It's far from a perfect game, but it's a solidly good title that's a welcome entry in a long-overlooked franchise.
  18. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Jun 8, 2018
    I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with BattleTech. Maybe that happened when I’ve spotted an incoming Hunchback 4-P. That modification, while not the most widespread, is dear to anyone who’s ever participated in tabletop BattleTech tournaments. For me, such attention to details means that developers tried not only to make a BattleTech for XXI-century, but to keep it within existing context. [Issue#230, p.44]
  19. May 28, 2018
    BattleTech offers an epic experience of commanding a space war while you can also immerse into the fantastic story and music. But compared with top SLGs like XCOM 2, it has too many flaws, such as stupid tutorials, stiff actions, and slow loading speed, which can not be easily ignored.
  20. Apr 25, 2018
    Turn-based strategy with a motivating management mode and an exciting campaign for Mech fans who like to adjust their units in detail.
  21. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jul 13, 2018
    Return to the future to tin monster wars has its flaws, but even so Battletech grabs your attention and does not let go. Lovers of robotic battles will be definitely intrigued. [Issue#286]
  22. CD-Action
    Jul 6, 2018
    MechCommanders’ beautiful dream finally came true in a form of a couple dozen hours of excellent tactical gameplay underpinned by good visuals and superb music. [06/2018, p.46]
  23. Jul 6, 2018
    Battletech is a great game in its tabletop format, and while it probably shouldn’t have taken over thirty years for a perfect computer adaptation to arrive, this version is one of the best miniature strategy experiences out there, and it’s more accessible than it’s ever been.
  24. games(TM)
    Jun 15, 2018
    A tactically rich and rewarding space-merch-mech-sim. [Issue#201, p.86]
  25. Jun 3, 2018
    BattleTech brings to life the boardgame, including the mercenary fantasies of MechWarrior. There are a few technical difficulties, but other than that this is a great game.
  26. Edge Magazine
    May 26, 2018
    It is, however, successful as an adaptation that gets to the core appeal of the original tabletop game, and uses it to the betterment of the strategic campaign system that it has adopted from elsewhere. [July 2018, p.116]
  27. May 17, 2018
    Although the game has some quirks and bugs that I feel should get patches – and may well do – it’s still fun to play. The AI is frustratingly good at being better than you, and it’s that challenge that has kept me coming back for more. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have robots to punch with other robots.
  28. May 17, 2018
    Battletech is a very interesting tactical game enveloped in a deep strategical campaign that will keep you glued to the monitor. Even if it lacks some polish (and a serviceable tutorial), this is a Mech game that you want to play.
  29. May 14, 2018
    Monitoring everything from your debits and credits to your hit points and heat levels, BattleTech is brutal, fragile, smart, and struggling a little under its own weight. It has more heart than you're expecting. Couldn't stop playing.
  30. May 11, 2018
    The new BattleTech game is a real gift for the fans of MechWarrior and just a good game for the rest.
  31. May 7, 2018
    A little more slickness and tactical depth might not have hurt. But overall, I found my time in the cockpit of a giant doom robot to be quite a giggle.
  32. Apr 30, 2018
    Battletech's intricate components ultimately foster a fascinating wealth of nuanced systems that build a uniquely strenuous, detailed, and thoroughly rewarding tactical strategy game.
  33. Apr 30, 2018
    A really good translation of the original game and its spirit and a excellent point of entry for building a great tactics franchise.
  34. Apr 25, 2018
    While Battletech won’t convert gamers looking for their latest twitch fix, fans of the source material and the strategy genre will find a lot to like here. Fans of the Shadowrun series in particular should give Battletech a look.
  35. Apr 24, 2018
    An excellent turn-based strategy that mixes tense battlefield tactics with an engrossing meta game of money-grabbing mercs and expensive-to-maintain mechs.
  36. Apr 24, 2018
    BattleTech is a rote tactics game that manages to stand out on the strength of its deep lore and surprisingly-deep business management model.
  37. Apr 24, 2018
    A well-made and managed tactical experience, BattleTech is perfect for newcomers and veterans to mech warfare. While getting over the initial information hump and the more than occasional mech lost to seemingly random chance can be a bit daunting, there’s more than enough action and meaty mercenary sim to make getting through the rough patches worth it. I mean, someone has to save the Reach.
  38. Apr 24, 2018
    I'm still tooling around in skirmishes in BattleTech, and it's done its part in getting me interested in the bigger picture. Harebrained Schemes should be proud, as it's mostly done right by the various tabletop licenses it's worked with for the past five years or so.
  39. Games Master UK
    May 18, 2018
    The testing combat is fun, and managing your squad of mercenaries is even better. [June 2018, p.78]
  40. May 14, 2018
    The tactical combat in BattleTech is excellent. Building a roster of gigantic killing machines and managing sundries offers a long-lasting gameplay loop. With a sharper narrative and more polish around the edges, the turn-based 'Mech-killing experience would have been unstoppable.
  41. May 9, 2018
    For all lovers of board games and turn-based strategy in science-fiction sauce, BattleTech is definitely a title to take into consideration.
  42. May 3, 2018
    A good, suprisingly epic conversion of the tabletop. Presentation is a little lackluster, though. And it could have used some more polishing. But fun nonetheless.
  43. May 4, 2018
    Battletech is a good turn strategy game which pays for some design choices and the dull AI.
  44. Jun 2, 2018
    Equally deep being on the battlefield or behind a commander desk, Battletech is a good game for all XCOM lovers, if they can accept its poor visual aspect and a clear lack of polishing.
  45. May 11, 2018
    There is quality here – the gameplay and strategy are genuinely sound, the campaign is worth the investment, and the universe is rich and compelling. This is a flawed title, but BattleTech’s nuanced tactical depth and engaging system of progression will ultimately sustain it over the long haul.
  46. May 10, 2018
    Battletech is a good effort from the people at Harebrained Schemes, and the passion poured into this project is clearly visible from many little details. Still, the game is in need of some more polish, and the AI particularly desperately needs a patch or two. Buy it in any case if you love the original license, or everything mech - related as a whole.
  47. May 2, 2018
    Battle Tech is a good turn-based strategy game with some technical shortcomings.
  48. May 1, 2018
    I thoroughly enjoy the game for what it is. But no one can deny it’s an unfinished game. I feel it was a bit rushed to get to the starting line, and it paid the price for it.
  49. Apr 27, 2018
    Despite some gameplay quibbles, the core loop of BattleTech – mech acquisition, customization, and combat – does a great job of adhering to the source material and providing engaging ballistic battles. Crunching an enemy core under your metal boot or scoping out a target for an enormous missile barrage are satisfying as hell, even if the frame of the title could stand for a little extra armor.
  50. Apr 27, 2018
    Although there are some technical shortcomings (mainly sub-par visuals and inconsistent frame rate), BattleTech can nevertheless keep your interest for hours upon hours thanks to its deeply tactical and challenging gameplay accompanied by a huge variety of mechs and customization options.
  51. Apr 24, 2018
    BATTLETECH is a good and a bad game at the same time. A great storyline and a deep tactical approach in the main missions don't succeed in concealing poor side quests and too many technical issues. You should wait for a couple of patches at least, before considering to spend your money here.
  52. May 24, 2018
    All systems nominal. But it could have been oh so much better.
  53. May 7, 2018
    Definitely a deep and enjoyable strategy game, from the way you kit your mechs out to the way you approach each fight, everything is up to you. The battles can feel a little slow paced at times and the game still has a few bugs that can cause crashes as well. An enjoyable game but one that still needs a few more patches to stop the issues.
  54. May 2, 2018
    BattleTech’s ambitions may exceed its grasp, but there is a lot to love about the entire package. From the tactical combat to the great story and characterisation. Marred by mostly technical issues, it’s a title that should theoretically improve over time. In the meantime, even in a scrappy state, the MechWarrior meets XCOM promise mostly delivers.
  55. May 1, 2018
    Success in BattleTech is rare but deeply satisfying.
  56. Apr 29, 2018
    BattleTech's actual content is superb, but it's impossible to ignore the fact that trying to make it play well on my high-end PC was an absolute chore. If the game was more polished, I would give BattleTech a full point higher in my score. You may want to wait for some patches to come out before picking it up.
  57. Apr 27, 2018
    BattleTech has a lot of qualities. It offers a rich and deep universe and some quite interesting game mechanics. Refreshing in the tactical genre, it's also a real pleasure for micromanagements' enthusiasts. Sadly, visuals are not on par. It's not exactly what we'd call a pleasure for the eyes.
  58. Apr 25, 2018
    BattleTech provides exciting strategic decisions and a compelling story, plus the slow-paced and meticulous fun of building up and customizing a mercenary company but suffers from the frustrating unpredictability of its weapons and procedural missions, and losing a favorite mechwarrior to a random head hit feels like it somewhat undermines the choices I’ve made along the way.
  59. Apr 24, 2018
    Though it’s rough around the edges, has difficulty spikes and very much feels like the foundations on which Harebrained can build upon, the core turn-based tactical gameplay of BattleTech is great. Micromanaged the tactical combat is gripping and tense, whether you’re crossing your fingers that the damage won’t pierce your armour, or laughing as your mech punches a hole through the middle of an enemy. This could easily grow into something special, and I hope it does.
  60. PC PowerPlay
    May 26, 2018
    There is a great game under all the bugs, but for now my experience of the game makes it hard to recommend.
  61. Apr 30, 2018
    Battletech is an often fun tactical Mech game, but one that sadly is held back by an overreliance on an intrusive RNG system and long wait times between gameplay.
  62. Apr 25, 2018
    While the story in BattleTech takes some interesting turns, and the combat is slow if serviceable, the game chugs along as playable with occasional moments of greatness. The major issues come from how combat is both too slow at times and too random, plus there are too many numbers to sort through for anyone short of the very dedicated. The structural problems are too ingrained in the game to easily fix, which is unfortunate as there is actually a solid package underneath the problems.
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  1. Apr 24, 2018
    A compelling fusion of tabletop manoeuvring and characterful campaign progression. [Recommended]
  2. There is something great glinting just below BattleTech’s dour and crusty surface. So much now depends on whether future updates will dig for it or not – I pray they do. I’ve put an inordinate amount of time into playing Battletech, even starting the campaign over at one point, so convinced was I that I must be missing something or playing it wrong, but now I have reached an inescapable conclusion. If you want a picture of BattleTech, imagine a giant robo-tank silently firing an ineffective laser at another giant robot-tank – forever.
  3. Apr 24, 2018
    Currently, it's not my favorite tactical strategy experience, but I admit I enjoy seeing my Battlemechs tromping across the landscape to stomp out a fallen foe. Unfortunately, I need to finally finish the game's story campaign and drop bit more time in the additional multiplayer mode, which I haven't touched at all. Once I get those under my belt, I'll be back with a final score.
  4. Apr 25, 2018
    The more I play BattleTech, the more violent it gets, and the more violent it gets, the more I love it.
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  1. Negative: 95 out of 387
  1. Apr 24, 2018
    Old BattleTech fan. Been waiting for something like this for years. Delivers in every regard.
  2. Apr 24, 2018
    I'm torn with this game.

    There is a lot of potential here. The tactical gameplay is solid, and it stays true to the BATTLETECH universe.
    I'm torn with this game.

    There is a lot of potential here. The tactical gameplay is solid, and it stays true to the BATTLETECH universe. The company management component works well, and gives the campaign mode a good amount of depth.

    However, the battles are TORTURE to play as each move is incredibly slow to resolve, with lots of unneeded pauses throughout. Everything feels very drawn-out, and it makes the whole experience a lot less fun.

    Presentation and story are also underwhelming. Nothing especially bad, just really bland. It's like if Ed Sheeran wrote a game about mechs.
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  3. Apr 24, 2018
    -Game runs terribly slow, and the graphics are dated like it's early 2000. Frankly the old original hex maps from the original box set games-Game runs terribly slow, and the graphics are dated like it's early 2000. Frankly the old original hex maps from the original box set games have better graphics.
    -Cutscenes and voice acting are about on par with a low budget web based comic book.
    -Gameplay is agonizingly slow and you can win every fight by simply running up and meleeing the enemy mechs.
    -This is not the Battletech of nostalgia for veteran BT lovers.
    Fastest way to be banned is make any comment at all about the fact they use more than two Pronouns in the character creation. Get upset they didn't include "Cis" and Insta banned.
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