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  • Summary: Put your paw to the floor and power slide between the pines as you face-off against up to three friends in multiplayer split screen. Collect weapons and power-ups to blast your opponents off the track and take the lead. Bears Can’t Drift!? is retro karting action with a modern look and feel.
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  1. Sep 25, 2016
    Bears Can’t Drift!? is gorgeously designed with multiple brightly coloured levels and smooth character animations.
  2. Aug 18, 2016
    It’s a good first effort from the tiny three-person team based in Southampton, and you can clearly see a lot of love and effort has gone into the game. If you have some spare cash and some young children to entertain then you could do a lot worse. It’s a game with bears in it, it shows a poo when you are in last place, and I’m in a good mood, so Strangely Named Studio’s first game gets an encouraging...
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  1. Sep 2, 2016
    Bears Cant Drift,
    An Awesomely made Kart Racer
    There’s so much charm and potential in Bears Cant Drift You can play either solo or up to 4
    Bears Cant Drift,
    An Awesomely made Kart Racer
    There’s so much charm and potential in Bears Cant Drift
    You can play either solo or up to 4 player local co op…
    This kart racer consists of 3 different hub worlds, all containing 4 races each, and each race containing 3 different challenges…
    I did find it a little annoying though that at the end of races we would be in a random spot of a hub location rather than outside of the race we just finished to quickly try again if we wanted to...
    There’s isn’t all too much here really… But there is well enough here to keep completionists busy as you’ll also need to complete 2 of the 3 challenges on the other 2 difficulties in the game to unlock all there is to unlock…
    You have of course a time trial mode to test your skill that you can try to attempt at any difficulty level…
    A Collect mode where you drive around an open track trying to fill your bears belly up with food before your opponents...
    And of course the meat and potatoes of the game, circuit racing...
    This is a fairly simple kart racer... nothing fancy
    You have a forward, reverse, and drift button…
    And the game does a great job at feeding skill to the player…
    As you can start in any difficulty you’d like, but if you don’t understand the mechanics of the game, you won’t be able to reach the hardest difficulty at all…
    So this forces you to go in on one of the easier difficulties and learn the game first…
    You can choose your bear type and get to drifting, because this is the only way you’re going to get to the top in this game..
    You can easily crush races on easy or medium, by just pure racing though…
    Taking shortcuts, and using pickups…
    The pickup system is actually pretty neat as collecting duplicates merges them and turns them into a super drop item…
    But by time you get to hard and even a lot of medium difficulty races, you’re not going to stand a chance on this alone, because as you climb your opponents get more and more aggressive..
    You’re going to be hit left and right, and the speed is in the drift…
    You really need to learn to prefect this skill and learn the tracks to unlock all of the games cosmetics, and get all of the trophies this game has to offer…
    As this is really the only real goal of the game, there’s no story mode here, which I think would’ve been really cool to have…
    Unlocking the different bear types by climbing to the top of an area and doing a 1 on 1 boss type race, and each bear having its own special perk or advantage on a track type, but unfortunately this isn’t the case… every bear feels the same, which I think is a mistake for any kart racer as it really kills replayability…
    Staleness takes over too quickly when everything feels the same….
    The same can be said for the tracks.. they are all beautiful and well designed, but none had a wow moment or really cool ssx tricky style short curt,
    Shortcuts here felt more like corner cutting than a cool discovery like any good shortcut in a game should feel…
    So while all the tracks are cool to look at, ask me to tell you my favorite one and I couldn’t
    There was a cool under water moment… but that was really the only cool moment in the game… I would’ve loved to see more of this… more opportunities to take advantage of the track with ramps and crazy but risky paths…
    Despite what we didn’t get.. what we did get is still awesome
    I Give Bears Cant Drift a 7.5/10