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  1. May 8, 2017
    All in all BULLET SOUL is a great little shooter, it’s challenging and the ghost bullet gimmick indirectly changes how you need to play to earn high scores. The game is solidly put together and any fan of bullet hell shooters will definitely want this in their collection.
  2. Mar 13, 2017
    I felt compelled to beat Bullet Soul several times over after my first completion, bolstered by the loud audio (including cheeky catchphrases) and bumpin' soundtrack helmed by legendary composer Kenji Ito. It's not the most challenging game around (especially if you opt for co-op, as no concessions are made to make it tougher), but it's another welcome indie that's made its way into my shmup folder on Steam.
  3. 80
    Bullet Soul is a refreshingly unique and infinitely replayable romp, gloriously representing arcade-style bullet hell action for the modern age. By not aspiring to be the most technically demanding game of its kin, it’s able to convey the appeal of its subgenre even better than some of the all-time classics.
  4. Mar 30, 2017
    Bullet Soul is a solid bit of enthralling bullet hell action, complete with arresting visuals and a stellar score, that makes a compelling offer at its low price point.
  5. Apr 5, 2017
    Bullet Soul is a little on the short side, even by shmup standards, with only five stages available to take on. However, the Steam version is priced competitively, and like all decent shmups, Bullet Soul provides some decent replay value incentives with multiple characters to experiment with, additional gameplay modes and the never-ending high score chase. While this isn’t the most overwhelming amount of additional content ever seen in a shmup, Bullet Soul’s overall package and price point is fair. It should entertain newcomers and enthusiasts alike.
  6. Apr 7, 2017
    Bullet Soul is a fairly basic arcade shooter that gets by with hyperactive energy and lots of pretty explosions. It’s not the most technically impressive conversion available, being locked to 1280×720 even when running fullscreen, and the options menu is fairly bare-bones, but once I shrugged and moved on I had a great time blasting through the levels. Enemy and bullet patterns are well designed, each level is one set-piece after another and the action makes up for the nonexistent plot. Bullet Soul is a solid workhorse of a shooter, getting the job done with flair and style, and as fun to approach for seasoned veterans chasing score as it is for new players looking to dip their toes into a genre that’s frequently known for being unforgiving.