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  • Summary: Create and manage your dream restaurant! Menus, purchasing, decor, staff, equipment, customers... and don't forget the actual cooking!

    Experience the daily life of a restaurateur and earn your awards from the Michelin Guide.
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  1. Mar 3, 2023
    Chef Life: Restaurant Simulator is fun and exciting. Having worked as a culinary miracle for several hours, we can say that Chef Life is not just a cooking simulator. Chef Life requires you to be constantly focused on all fronts.
  2. Mar 2, 2023
    Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator has a good idea and some decent gameplay mechanics. It’s somewhat fun to discover the techniques associated with a new dish and then aim to create a perfect take on it, complete with a radical and interesting plating that will revolutionize the fine-dining world. The entire experience suffers because of its highly repetitive nature and uninspired presentation. The finished dishes need to look spectacular and they do not. Cooking the same thing over and over again becomes annoying. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator might try to capture the frantic nature of a commercial kitchen but those who like what it has to offer might be better served by cooking some fun real-world dishes that can actually satisfy their hunger.
  3. Feb 23, 2023
    There’s so much to dig into for Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator; I’m only scratching the surface of it. While players won’t get to experience calls like “Yes, Chef!,” “Behind!,” or the hauntingly distinct ticket machine crunching out order after order…the underlying stressors and demands of working in a restaurant are still there.