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  1. 100
    In Company of Heroes, destruction is a component of the game in a way that we haven't seen since "X-Com" let us root out sectoids by bringing down entire farmhouses.
  2. 100
    Company of Heroes seizes the bloated WWII genre by its tail and wags until years of excess bunkum sloughs off -- what's left is lean, mean, and a triumph for company-level tactics. The more you dig in, the more it gives back, and the less you care that it's another bout of Allied vs. Axis action.
  3. 100
    It's a brilliant combination of incredibly deep real-time strategy, beautiful presentation and innovative features that make it one of the best gaming experiences of 2006 to date.
  4. You've never seen a strategy game with combat as intense as Company of Heroes.
  5. 100
    It's beautiful, though that's entirely the wrong word. This is a war game, so the word should be "visceral" or something. Models are hugely detailed for an RTS, physics implemented impressively and so on. But relevantly, it's a functional sort of beauty (or - er - viscerality).
  6. Computer Games Magazine
    This is where we've been waiting Relic to take us, and with Company of Heroes, the company has confirmed what many folks suspected after "Dawn of War". This is a developer whose name belongs alongside Blizzard, Ensemble, and EALA(nee Westwood)when it comes to real-time strategy games. [Nov. 2006, p.71]
  7. It’s a gritty Second World War caper that loads the gaming experience to the hilt, leaving players battered, bruised and thoroughly stirred.
  8. An evolutionary leap not just in RTS, but for video games in general.
  9. One of the best strategy games yet: intense, atmospheric and tactically deep.
  10. 100
    Don't pass on this one; it's the definition of the phrase instant classic.
  11. 100
    It takes the WWII setting and applies it to the kinds of game-related stuff we want to see and do. It’s a game about superior use of tactics and terrain, not overwhelming firepower. In short, it’s an excellent strategy game.
  12. Few games can revolutionize an entire genre of gaming, but ‘Company of Heroes’ is one of them. From the high-quality next-gen graphics to the unique style of RTS gameplay, Company of Heroes should be hailed as the definitive RTS game.
  13. Building upon the impressive Warhammer engine and tweaking it for historic warfare, Company of Heroes is easily the best strategy game of 2006 and sets the bar extremely high for future RTS titles.
  14. PC Gamer
    Company of Heroes should be on the must-play list of every RTS fanatic out there, even those tired of WWII settings. It's just that good. [Oct. 2006, p.70]
  15. One of the best RTS games in PC gaming history - no doubt about it.
  16. Company of Heroes is an amazingly fun RTS game that doesn’t sacrifice depth for entertainment. It’s fast-paced, rivaling some action adventure games.
  17. World War II finally gets the epic strategy game it deserves.
  18. Easily one of the best real-time strategy games on the market to date. With a heavy emphasis on tactics, cover, and unit management, playing means thinking strategically and not just sending in units to perish.
  19. 95
    Put simply, Company of Heroes is a masterpiece. Its dedication to realistic battle concepts and tactical warfare is enough to make it a high watermark for the RTS genre but its excellent graphics and physics, along with an intensely enjoyable single-player campaign and multiplayer options, help make this an instant classic.
  20. Company of Heroes is without doubt a fun and addictive game. In many ways, it has done for real-time strategy what the "Battlefield" franchise did for first-person shooters.
  21. 95
    Simply a remarkable game that hasn’t been witnessed for years. The amount of detail and care that was put into this game shows, resulting in one of the most fascinating experiences for any platform.
  22. The learning curve in this title may put some people off, certainly later in the missions, but there is enough to make the game enjoyable to green strategists while the veterans will find these same late missions give them something to think about.
  23. PC Gamer UK
    This is the finest WWII strategy game I've played. Hell, I'm having real trouble thinking of any strategy game that's this spectacular, this intense, this fun. [Oct 2006, p.70]
  24. 94
    The transformation from a idyllic little town into a heap of crushed buildings and burned out husks of vehicles can be shocking. Seeing and hearing major explosions that cause bodies (and bits of bodies) to fly across the screen along with rubble from a nearby building simply puts you more into the battle than any RTS in memory.
  25. You only need to take one look at the producer recommended specs (3Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM and a 6800 series graphics card or better with at least 256 Ram) to get chills down your spine.
  26. The sound design is spectacular and really pulls you into the battle, from the first gunshot being fired in the distance to the barrage of armored forces rolling over a war torn city.
  27. I may not be the biggest fan of WWII strategy games, but this one just goes way beyond anyone's affinities towards a certain historical period.
  28. There have been lots of World War II RTS games, but this is the one that finally gives the subject matter its due - it's nothing short of brilliant. [Nov 2006, p.78]
  29. This game can be a complete frustration, requiring careful, specific, and tactical gameplay. However, it is more than worth the effort to learn. If you are willing to slug through that, you’ll find an excellent title that will likely end up being one of the year’s best.
  30. The new flag-bearer of a genre. Superbly paced with a supreme balance of thoughtful strategy and frantic firefights, the game stands up to repeated play even if you never touch the multiplayer or skirmish modes.
  31. Company of Heroes couldn’t be any safer of a purchase than investing all of your money into your child’s bank account for college. Wait, take out $50 to buy this game and then invest the rest.
  32. 93
    Company of Heroes is superb; a perfect blend of intelligent strategy and powerful visceral action, delivering such a natural World War II experience you'll be left wondering if you're even allowed to enjoy it as much as you do.
  33. Simply an awesome game that really takes the WWII RTS to a new standard. Just make sure you have a nice machine to run the game.
  34. There's just the right amount of micromanagement to start without feeling like you're "fixing" bad AI by controlling every single movement.
  35. This human quality and depth of gameplay is what sets CoH apart from RTS games where your units are all expendable. In CoH nothing is expendable.
  36. PC Format
    At once familiar and surprising. A monster slice of historical strategy fun. [Nov 2006, p.100]
  37. Games Master UK
    A new high-water mark in strategy gaming, for both veterans and newcomes alike. [Nov 2006, p.71]
  38. With all the World War II games out there, it is hard to stand apart from the crowd and make a game that people will notice, play and talk to their friends about. Company of Heroes is one of those rare treasures.
  39. To put it in the simplest terms, this is an example of real-time strategy done right. It’s a blast to play, and a game whose merits any gamer or WWII buff can appreciate.
  40. The gameplay is widely addictive and chaotic in Company of Heroes, and that's something you don't see very often in RTS titles these days. Relic continues to redefine themselves as a top RTS developer, and with two solid franchises under their belt, they're up there with Blizzard as the masters of the genre.
  41. Pelit (Finland)
    Company of Heroes has one downside: no German campaign. We have seen Allied heroes far, far too many times. [Oct 2006, p.72]
  42. Technically remarkable and features some novel twists that make it unique among real-time strategy games. Yet while it's easy to get into, it's not just difficult to master but also rather difficult to manage, partly because the game does such a good job of evoking the sheer chaos of frontline WWII battles.
  43. Game Informer
    Anyone who owns a gaming PC will be well served by this outstanding effort. [Oct. 2006, p.108]
  44. Edge Magazine
    It may produce an experience which is as gruelling as it is compelling, but that’s a badge of honour the game wears with pride. [Nov 2006, p.86]
  45. While I'm certain that battlefield commanders from that era didn't have such instant information and control over the units under their command, the game does a wonderful job of limiting you to a WWII level of information. Combine that with the well thought out interface, and you have a winner!
  46. Company of Heroes should be described as a work of RTS art.
  47. Company of Heroes reinvigorates the sub-genre of the World War II real-time strategy game, and its confidence in its own excellence is aptly demonstrated in the very first few minutes of play.
  48. netjak
    The somewhat short single-player campaign does have a few missions that aren't quite as good as the others, but the others are undeniably great, and certainly stand out among all the RTS games I have played.
  49. AceGamez
    For once, Company of Heroes feels less like a game attempting to sell itself on a popular theme that seems guaranteed to make a buck, and more like a great game that just happens to use a tried and tested point of history for its setting.
  50. Company of Heroes delivers on its promise of excellence. But it’s not without its downsides that I hope to make you aware of before you buy this game.
  51. Company of Heroes has revitalized the concept of what an RTS can be, positioning it as a contender for game of the year. Strategy gamers rejoice!
  52. A good game, but not a great game. It’s not the second coming; depending on your personal spin it’s probably not the best RTS ever; it’s not the game that is going to re-energize the RTS genre. I keep coming back in my mind to the phrase “evolutionary not revolutionary” no matter how overused and hackneyed it sounds.
  53. While it sports some classic RTS flaws, the speedy gameplay and dynamic strategy really push things forward. With Company of Heroes, Relic shows us once again that war is hell, but it makes for gaming heaven.
  54. games(TM)
    It’s testament to Relic’s experience, expertise and endeavours that it has managed to make Company Of Heroes so distinctive from any other wartime RTS. [Nov 2006, p.100]
  55. Not surprisingly, some liberties were taken to reconcile logistics with gameplay. Call in the airborne and your paratroopers arrive immediately, with no need to plan the air drop in advance. But that is where the suspension of disbelief ends.
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  1. Mar 31, 2012
    Still playing it inStill playing it in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full Review »
  2. ClausA
    Oct 16, 2008
    I agree 100% with Raffaele. The "AI" is particularly frustrating - AT units will happily take a beating from their flanks and do nothing I agree 100% with Raffaele. The "AI" is particularly frustrating - AT units will happily take a beating from their flanks and do nothing except complain about it. Actually swinging around and engaging the aggressor seems beyond their abilities. Tanks, as well as AT units, will often drive right into their targets and engage them at point blank range rather than at a safe(r) distance. Graphics are very good and the sound effects are amazing, but the unit AI is an exercise in frustration, especially in singleplayer skirmish mode (I don't care about online play). I don't understand how anyone can give this game a rating above 4, sorry. I'm uninstalling it while typing this. Full Review »
  3. DavidW.
    Oct 22, 2007
    One of the best RTS of 2006, beautifully structured gameplay! And awesome graphics.