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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 17
  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. Jun 11, 2020
    Beautiful scenery, strong characters, and inventive mechanics give Crucible a solid foundation - one undermined by poor communication between players and from Relentless Studios.
  2. Jun 9, 2020
    I’m sure in a month or maybe even less, we will see the game turn around as the player base has already started to go back up. I’m going to keep playing it here and there and simply enjoy the game for what it is now and look towards the future as it is still the most fun shooter to play for me.
  3. May 25, 2020
    Quotation forthcoming.
  4. May 29, 2020
    Crucible isn’t a bad game, but it’s not a good game either. In the context of today’s hero-shooter environment, that makes it a lost soul, struggling to find a strong sense of identity. With time, perhaps Crucible can find reasons to stay on the menu, but right now the recipe is diluted and dull.
  5. May 31, 2020
    Crucible is an acceptable mix of popular genres (MOBA, battle royale, hero shooter) that struggles to make its own personality shine bright. Despite the many pacing and communication related issues that you might encounter in a single match, the few cases when both teams actually engage within the objectives and clash are thoroughly enjoyable.
  6. May 25, 2020
    Crucible in its current form feels uninspired in a lot of ways. While the heroes themselves would fit great into smaller arena matches, throwing sixteen players into an oversized MOBA map sours what makes Crucible unique among other hero shooters.
  7. Edge Magazine
    Jun 18, 2020
    It's one example of too much going on in a game that is crammed with ideas, borrowed and new, all fighting for attention. [Issue#347, p.92]
  8. May 25, 2020
    Games like Crucible are born when they release and, with the help of a player base, live long complex lives. I'd like to see Crucible stick around for a while because I think the characters and combat have a lot of potential. It's underdeveloped right now, certainly, but it's got a strong core and I'll certainly be keeping an eye on in the coming months.
  9. Jun 2, 2020
    Although the heroes are interesting on many levels, the action is not diversified enough, is missing tactical options as well as technical finetuning.
  10. Jun 17, 2020
    As far as a first entry into the "big leagues" of gaming goes, Amazon fails to impress, and Crucible's stark lack of originality and flair prevent it from standing out amongst the competition. Crucible is a fine game, but that's it. At the moment, the devs have extended the "pre-season" to begin working on some of the basics and addressing feedback.
  11. Jun 4, 2020
    Crucible contains elements from several popular online games, but ultimately fails to deliver a compelling experience of its own. Though a decent attempt by Amazon Game Studios at creating a multi-layered shooter, the game is too generic to wholeheartedly recommend.
  12. PC Games
    Jun 4, 2020
    With a little bit more time Crucible could have become a half-decent game. Instead Amazon's first online shooter feels rushed and unfinished, lacks elemental gameplay and comfort features or simply any unique selling point which sets it apart from its competitors.
  13. May 29, 2020
    Its enticing characters and their occasionally exhilarating abilities are undermined by the unsatisfying third-person shooting underpinning them. The game's three modes all attempt to stretch the already inflexible mechanics of each character in ways that make each one feel underwhelming, in spite of their more interesting ideas. Most of all, Crucible just doesn't play host to the coordinated teamwork it demands for balanced matches, forcing you to look elsewhere or gamble with the chance of being matched with players that complement your character choices. It's a game that fights itself at every turn, and ultimately is little more than a curious distraction from other players in this space rather than a true competitor for your attention.
  14. May 27, 2020
    Crucible fails to deliver because of boring mechanics and lack of options.
  15. May 27, 2020
    Despite some cool heroes and a neat twist on battle royale, Amazon’s long-awaited hero shooter wasn’t worth the wait.
  16. Jun 1, 2020
    Amazon's hero shooter Crucible is quite a disaster across the board. Unbalanced gameplay, uninspired artwork and general monotony outline a severely insufficient production.
  17. May 27, 2020
    Crucible's every-man-for-himself combat and tedious respawn process make this team-based shooter a slog.
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  1. On paper, Crucible was built for me. It’s a MOBA-infused hero shooter with an emphasis on mobility, with a diverse line-up and some interesting new ideas. In reality, I’d rather play any of the many games that grapple with just one of Crucible’s heads, and pulls it off far better. This hydra might be sprawling, but none of it looks healthy.
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 52 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 31 out of 52
  1. May 22, 2020
    The game is somewhat fun when you are not being dominated. Every time you die you spend about 2 minutes doing nothing because respawns areThe game is somewhat fun when you are not being dominated. Every time you die you spend about 2 minutes doing nothing because respawns are super far and respawns time is about 25segs plus animations adds up a lot. Also I got consistently destroyed for a lot of matches, and I'm usually very good or at least regular in shooters or looter shooter games. Also mobas, so this leads me to believe that the matchmaking is very broken Full Review »
  2. May 21, 2020
    Runs like a potato was stuck inside my CPU. Serious graphical issues with loading from a hard drive and runs at a lower framerate than anyRuns like a potato was stuck inside my CPU. Serious graphical issues with loading from a hard drive and runs at a lower framerate than any other shooter i have played at max graphics on my 2080ti. Game lacks graphical settings, Has a poor ingame HUD and load times are longer than desired. The game lacks a lot of polish and maybe should be considered to be in the Alpha stages of development. A poor attempt from Amazon as their first delve into gaming. Only redeeming factors are that the universe seems unique, 3rd person camera is unusual in games like this and the character designs are fun and interesting. I would recommend maybe giving this game another go in a few years time but for now completely avoid it. Full Review »
  3. May 20, 2020
    The game is pretty good but suffers from some balance issues, some classes are bullett sponges and totally dominate matches while others areThe game is pretty good but suffers from some balance issues, some classes are bullett sponges and totally dominate matches while others are soft and dont really have the firepower to back up this shortcoming. The maps are large, and this is pretty cool until your team dies and everyone winds up re-spawning at one of the myriad spawn points across the map, and as far as I can tell you cannot detect where you other team members have chosen to spawn in, making it hard to regroup. It also can take far too long to get back into the match after death, and get to where the contested node is. Many times your team will arrive back at the node from different areas on the map and be wiped out by the already grouped enemy team, as your team arrives one at a time.

    There is a good selection of hunters to choose from and each have a handful of unique powers that are strong or weak depending upon the circumstances playing out on the map. I was using a character called "Bugg" which is a turett class that plants seed pods around the area, and waters them with the characters main weapon to make them bloom and become turrets that engage the enemy. Bugg also has a shield move and an AOE that damages and slows enemies. Each character has some variation of a jet pack that allows quick movement for a limited time (destiny). Each character also has a skill tree from which you can pick and choose from several options at each level as you progress. I achieved level 5 in the time I played and had a few interesting choices to make regarding my characters progression. You can change these skills later as you choose, you arent locked into anything.

    I played for a couple of hours and saw absolutely no server/lag issues. The game looks good but by no means cutting edge in the graphics department, im sure this is to capture a wider audience than it would if the game required higher specs to play. Matchmaking took around a minute, and I was matched with other low level characters around my skill level. Being a new game I'm not sure if the matchmaking is working well or if everyone is low level, and thats why I wound up with players of my skill level.

    The in game store had no play to win elements and mainly consisted of various skins for each character. A season pass was a available that will reward you with various cosmetic items as you level up.

    All and all this launch has been a success thus far with only a few minor hickups. You can get stuck in a loop where you are required to complete a tutorial before being allowed to continue into the game proper. After completing the tutorial several times I was still stuck at the tutorial screen (re-logging solved this. ) The game is free, fairly fun and will improve in the future. Its worth your time to try it out.
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