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  • Summary: Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite that puts you in the role of a space fleet commander as you explore a mysteriously fallen empire. In this story rich experience inspired by Dune and Foundation, each successful run will uncover the truth about the Empire... and yourself as well.
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  1. Oct 16, 2019
    Alt Sift did it, we waited and it happened! They fused together FTL and Into The Breach into this awesome mix, that you will love to dance to, repeatedly!
  2. Dec 9, 2019
    Crying Suns is a characterful rogue-lite that really sets its sci-fi tone well from the get-go; strong writing and a great soundtrack build the universe while the high stakes nature of every move is engaging and keeps every run as fresh as the last.
  3. Dec 10, 2019
    A challenging, visually vibrant sci-fi rogue-like following in the fine tradition of FTL et al - definitely worth checking out.
  4. Sep 26, 2019
    It's too repetitive and easy, but Crying Suns story and frantic combat are worth experiencing anyway.
  5. Sep 29, 2019
    Crying Suns is a striking and fascinating game in many ways, which offers an epic journey through the stars that will satisfy a while the fans of space tactics and science fiction with its rich and dark story. It's a pretty good game, but it lacks the elements that would make it a good rogue-like, the ships and their gameplay are too similar, the crew choices are unnecessarily restricted, the events are repetitive and predictable, the game blocks us to the last chapter of the story, etc. It will be necessary for the developers to review all this so that it can reach its full potential.
  6. Sep 18, 2019
    Crying Suns, a grim, sci-fi rogue-like adventure, leads us through Alt Shift’s version of a post-apocalyptic galaxy, complete with pirates, mutants, robot worshipping religious zealots, and other unsavory characters. The game features tactical combat, a strategic map with resource management mechanics, and a mystery for the player to unfold.
  7. 40
    An FTL-inspired rogue-lite, Crying Suns falls short of what made that game fun and exciting by being repetitive and boring.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 4
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 4
  3. Negative: 0 out of 4
  1. Nov 26, 2019
    This is a wonderful game a spiritual successor to the mtl formula with a new layer of squadron based combat. Crying suns has a deep and moodyThis is a wonderful game a spiritual successor to the mtl formula with a new layer of squadron based combat. Crying suns has a deep and moody story that I fell in love with instantly. I recommend this game to anyone who like FL or skirmish style combat. Expand
  2. Oct 14, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ce jeu est une énorme claque!

    Il est beau. Il est bien écrit. Il est bien pensé. Il est unique. Il est dans l'espace. Mais surtout: c'est une expérience narrative et une atmosphère avant d'être un vrai rogue-like (lire plus bas).

    Alors oui, j'ai tout de suite pensé quand j'ai vu le jeu "encore un mauvais recyclage de FTL en pixel art". Et puis quand on s'attarde deux minutes, on voit qu'en fait, c'est bien plus que cela.

    Déjà niveau graphisme: C'est du pixel art de haute volé. FTL et 95% des grands jeux du pixel art sont simplement laid à côté.

    Ensuite niveau gameplay: Malgré la campagne kickstarter centré sur les fans de FTL, le gameplay est très très différent et bien plus profond. Il y a un côté gestion, un côté combat tactique sur grille avec pause active, il y a un côté stratégie RPG avec un équipage qui possède différentes compétences, et il y a un côté scénario interconnecté avec le gameplay. Etonnamment pour une liste aussi longue, toutes faces du jeu sont réussies !

    La plus grande réussite reste le scénario qui permet d'intégrer parfaitement le style "Rogue Like" tout en justifiant le côté redondant. Il faudra en effet finir le jeu au moins 6 fois pour voir tous les chapitres et chaque partie est très différente (différents type d'ennemis, différents équipage, etc.). Et c'est là où vous allez peut-être être déçu: il y a moins de baston que dans FTL et BEAUCOUP BEAUCOUP plus de texte. Perso, j'apprécie grandement.

    Le seul défaut que je vois est le fait que certains événements ont des résultats déterminés donc quand vous rencontrer le même événement une seconde fois, vous savez déjà à quoi vous attendre. Cela ne représente pas tous les événements mais suffisamment pour que cela soit redondant . J'espère que les développeurs vont régler cela lors des patchs suivants. Il leur suffirait "juste" de mettre deux ou trois possibles résultats pour un même événement afin de garder le joueur attentif.

    En tout cas, bravo aux développeurs français d'Alt Shift, vous avez fait un chef d'oeuvre !

    PS: si vous aimez pas lire, je ne pense pas que vous pourrez apprécier le jeu car la pièce essentielle est la narration (si vous ne l'aviez pas compris en lisant le texte ci-dessus). Mais bon, si vous êtes arrivez jusque là dans ma review, il y a de grande chance que cette partie ne soit pas un problème pour vous ^^

    PS2: Les développeurs ont posté une roadmap des fonctionalités qui vont être intégrées dans le jeux dans les prochains mois (des DLC, la fin des événements qui se répètent, etc.).
  3. Sep 25, 2019
    As much of an art project as a game, Crying Suns is a winner in the overall experience. As a captain of a space battleship trying to reconnectAs much of an art project as a game, Crying Suns is a winner in the overall experience. As a captain of a space battleship trying to reconnect to a broken empire, this game is an FTL-like journey across vast stretches of space, but updated in many ways. The strongest points are absolutely the art direction and theme. It is a story heavy game, and from its onset, Crying Suns sells a mood, and sells it very well. If "space-cyberpunk" sounds like something you might be interested in, look no further. There are some interesting mechanics, and in general the gameplay is more functional than fascinating. There are some criticisms of repetition as well as sloppy balance here and there, but in the end I found the overall experience very positive. For a story driven game more interested in art and mood than tight gameplay mechanics, it is an excellent performance. Expand
  4. Oct 1, 2019
    An excellent, atmospheric science-fiction strategy game that's hard to describe, and doesn't fit well into existing categories - certainly notAn excellent, atmospheric science-fiction strategy game that's hard to describe, and doesn't fit well into existing categories - certainly not 'FTL clone' or 'roguelike', which I've seen thrown around in many reviews. Crying Suns has a beautiful pixelated graphics scheme with great music and sound effects to match. The game is heavy on story from the outset and is spread over five chapters, each of which consists of three maps, including two mini-bosses and a final boss at the end of the third map. You can progress linearly through the five chapters, but your 'run' (if successful) ends at the end of the third map, and you'll need to pick a new battleship and crew for each chapter. It's run-based and you might unlock the rare new officer that can benefit you in future runs, but otherwise there's not much in common with the rogue-like genre. Reviewers often compare it to FTL, and there are superficial similarities such as the chase mechanic, nodes on each map, and graphically very similar ship upgrades screen, but gameplay is completely different, particularly the hex-based ship combat events. The main detraction is the repetitive events - made even worse that they repeat across different chapters, and many of them are pre-defined with no variable outcomes, something I had hoped would be fixed from the beta. There is some questionably-written dialogue, but overall it is well done. If you're looking for more FTL, or a roguelike in space, you might be disappointed, but on its own Crying Suns is a great game and well worth trying out. I've had a blast with it. Expand