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  1. Jun 8, 2021
    Bigger is better. It might suit a bag of chips - Lay's salt and pepper, please - but not a computer game. Or at least not for Days Gone for PC, which combines the same large open world of the PS4 game with an overwhelming number of missions. Do we think Days Gone is a bad game? No, absolutely not. But to go back to the comparison with potato chips - one of our areas of expertise next to computer games - the bag is big, the content is weak.
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  1. May 17, 2021
    Days Gone never shined bright among the PS4 exclusives, but hey, it has zombies and motorcycles. If you’re down for that, worry not: the PC version delivers. The game feels surprisingly natural on mouse and keyboard and lets you tweak a hefty bunch of settings.
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  1. May 19, 2021
    PC version of Days Gone is almost perfect. I'm glad this game can finally shine as it was meant to shine already in 2019.
  2. May 19, 2021
    "Days Gone" is definition of Underrated Good Video Game.

    Best weather effects since RDR2. This game looks phenomenal maxed out. I have
    "Days Gone" is definition of Underrated Good Video Game.

    Best weather effects since RDR2. This game looks phenomenal maxed out.
    I have seen some people complaining that fuel goes out too fast. I completely disagree. That's one of the best survival elements this game has and it's unique. By the way, if you look for them, you can find fuel cans all over the place, i never ran out of them and you can fill your bike at gas station. That's what makes it fun. Planning out your routes, before going on your way. It would be almost stupid (in this game) to endless drive around. I know it had fps issues and bugs on PS4, i get that. But tons of games have had that. RDR2 PC launch was one of the worst i have ever seen , but they fixed it and the game is amazing now. Literally same thing with Days Gone. Runs flawlessly on my PC and looks amazing. After 7 hours, zero bugs. None. Everything works. It's one of the best, if not best open-world zombie game that has been made so far. I enjoyed it so much more than Dying Light (i don't hate that game btw and i'm hyped for sequel) and Dead Island combined. Days Gone has incredible atmosphere, thanks to keyboard+mouse, combat feels so much better than it ever did. It feels like this game was always meant to be on PC. I truly hope that PC gamers will finally give this game respect that it truly deserves. Same thing happened with "The Evil Within" (2014) and now it's one of the modern-horror classics. "Days Gone" is not perfect, but nothing is. Very enjoyable game and this time i truly mean it.
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  3. Jan 30, 2023
    Someone from Sony, please read this.

    I understand that at the end of the day, it's just a company that wants to make money, but it's
    Someone from Sony, please read this.

    I understand that at the end of the day, it's just a company that wants to make money, but it's absolute fact that Days Gone 2 would make a lot of money. Easily, easily more than Horizon 2. There's millions of fans out there who want this game and millions of potential new fans, who would be interested, if
    you actually made this game. Not making Days Gone 2 would be biggest mistake in entertainment history ever. Nothing else is even comparable.

    Sony is overall amazing company and i have huge respect for it, especially in recent years when you decided to bring your games to PC and by the way, you are doing it better than lots of other companies. You don't use Denuvo, your games always work and if they have bugs or technical problems, you make sure to fix them.

    But also, please understand that Horizon 2 was very mid game, i mean, is anyone even playing it anymore? Does anyone even care? Nobody is even talking about that game anymore. Games should be made, so people keep playing them, not for them to collect dust on shelves, just for some fanboys to say that they have the sequel too, even tho they never play it. God of War 2 was better, but let's face it, also mid. At the end of the day, it was pretty much same thing all over again as the first game. I'm not hating, but it wasn't anything phenomenal. So i'm asking seriously, what's next?

    Your only guaranteed hit is right now Spider-Man 2. This one will sell easy 20 million+. But other than that, you have nothing. I mean, you just keep making Horizon and God of War sequels endlessly? Bruh. Thanks to Days Gone PC release, there are so many new fans who want sequel to that game. This game got so much deserved respect after the PC release.

    So why Days Gone? you might ask. What is so special about this game? Well let me tell you.
    Days Gone has likable main character, if you don't like him, that's your personal issue and has nothing to do with him. Graphically, days gone is phenomenal, i could drive around the map for hours and enjoy these fantastic weather effects. ONLY game that does it equally good, is Red Dead Redemption 2.
    Now, bike mechanics and upgrading. I know some people hated it (also personal issue btw), but i love that system. Planning out the routes, before you start driving, making sure you have enough gas in your bike. Taking gas from actual gas stations (first game to ever do that) is amazing. This is exactly what survival game needs. I'm not saying every game needs stuff like that, i'm fine that i can drive endlessly in GTA, but in Days Gone, it's cool. Story, while i agree it keeps going for too long, is actually solid. It's not bad. All the mistakes could be fixed in sequel anyway. Map is very well designed, all the houses and buildings that you can explore, broken bridges, that small city area and so on. Everything has this perfect post-apocalyptic feeling. Hordes is amazing addition to this game and there's so much you could do with that in the sequel. Anyone who says that Days Gone is just another generic zombie game, has no idea what he/she is talking about. It's the BEST open-world zombie game ever made. Of course there could be argument, that Days Gone simply isn't the most mainstream game ever made, but in my opinion it's popular enough. Not everything needs to be Spider-Man. Even Alan Wake (huge fan btw) isn't as popular as Days Gone and even that game is getting a sequel.

    What could/should you do with the sequel?
    You could make it optional co-op, make both Sarah and Deacon playable in co-op. Make them go into big city to explore what's left of humanity, make them find out what has happened with rest of the world. Make them meet more survivors. Extend bike mechanics to boats, so you have to make sure you have enough gas canisters with you, before you go to sea. There could be mutated sharks and other sea creatures. Expand swimming/diving and so on...

    There is no other AAA open-world Zombie/survival game like Days Gone. NONE. This is the only game. Dying Light was decent game, but it's not even the same level, Days Gone is so much deeper and more complex. Dying Light 2 was awful. And if you really don't care about that game, just sell the rights to someone else, so someone else can make this masterpiece of a sequel. Sequel that fans actually want and are actually asking for. Thanks for reading.
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