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  1. Aug 20, 2020
    Death Stranding is an absolute masterpiece. It’s a triumph of one man’s unrelenting, uncompromised vision of hope. So powerful was this vision that it gave a deeply cynical individual like me a reason to hope. It’s a technological achievement on so many levels. But perhaps most of all, its revolutionary story, outstanding characters, and singular theme of human connection is the lingering triumph of Death Stranding. It is simply one of the greatest games I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It is, in every single glorious way, a Hideo Kojima Game.
  2. Aug 4, 2020
    Death Stranding on PC is the best version of a true masterpiece. The pace of the game is relaxed and the open world is immutable, so conquering it requires great effort and patience. This makes it boring for some players. But, for others, it will be tremendously rewarding because our steps, however small, have an impact on the game's world.
  3. Jul 28, 2020
    Death Stranding still stands as one of the absolute coolest and most unique games of this current generation, and maybe one of the most unique of all time. It is such a wild blend of third-person action, open-world exploration, inventory management, “fetch quests” and incredible cinematics. It stands out even among the other wild games that Hideo Kojima has created, which really says something about it. I love Death Stranding, and I recommend that everyone who has any sort of interest in it try it out, and if you have a PC capable of running it the way it is intended to run, the PC is without a doubt the best place to check it out.
  4. Jul 15, 2020
    Death Stranding on the PC is the best way to play this game. It contains everything the PS4 version brought and it looks far better, as it should if your sporting a nice GPU.
  5. Jul 14, 2020
    Death Stranding is unlike anything else out there right now. It's huge, innovative and utterly unashamed in what it wants to be. Kojima Productions is heavy-handed in its implementation of modern political themes, but they tie into the narrative and involve the player in ways that feel compelling.
  6. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding doesn’t try to imitate other games, and it’s not for everyone. However, it’s one of my favorite journeys in video gaming history. I feel I’ll return to again and again as the years pass.
  7. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding is a masterpiece of game design which surpasses your every expectation.
  8. Jul 13, 2020
    The atmosphere created here; a plot that pulls the player in with compellingly designed and voiced characters; an addictive and highly polished gameplay loop; and a fantastically realised visual world. These are some of the reasons why Death Stranding is such a joy to play. In many ways, this is more than a game. Gameplay here is built to service the atmosphere rather than the other way around and it makes sense that there are some who find this a step too far. It is also why the act of being a deliveryman and keeping BB safe is more of a focus than the passable combat or the, sometimes, fiddly controls. Running like a dream on PC and looking incredible, this was the way Hideo Kojima's vision was meant to be played.
  9. Jul 13, 2020
    The Death Stranding port from PS4 to PC is a complete success. Sony, Kojima Productions and 505 Games had the intelligence to use the latest generation of the PS4 in terms of graphics. In terms of content, Death Stranding PC offers six new side quests related to Half-Life and Portal; a welcome homage for Valve's fans. Beyond the graphic qualities detailed in this test, the latest Kojima remains a special experience, fascinating in many ways and very engaging. The atmosphere, the colors, the music, everything contributes to a complete immersion in the tortured world of Death Stranding, particularly well reproduced on PC.
  10. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding lands on PC in the best possible way. The game is a well optimized port that many players will be able to enjoy due to its accessibility requirements. Even if you already enjoyed the game on the PS4, this is a good opportunity to revisit it.
  11. Jul 16, 2020
    The PC-version of Death Stranding is an examplary port of a phenomenal adventure and an absolute enrichment of the PC gaming cosmos.
  12. Jul 13, 2020
    A masterpiece, quite simply.
  13. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding is a must have on PC as it was on PS4, now unlocking bold new features such as 60+ fps even on less performing machines.
  14. Aug 6, 2020
    The score is stunning. There’s a beautiful use of theme, drawing familiar phrases in at just the right moment, and let’s not even get started on BB’s Theme. It’s brilliant. Similarly, the moments where the camera pans back and Low Roar plays Sam out of a stressful area take on a feeling of zen. In those moments, I felt connected to this game, and Sam’s journey. I didn’t need any of the UI or environmental sounds cues: the music just carried me to my destination. That might sound indulgent, but I don’t care. This game is a piece of art. I admire the huge risk Kojima Productions took on the project. They could easily have made an MGS clone and called it a day, but they pushed the industry in an unexpected and, to some, unwanted direction.
  15. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding is one of those special games that comes out from time to time. Hideo Kojima shows that he's a great storyteller, but he also knows how to create a solid and attractive gameplay. It may not appeal to everyone, but it's certainly one of those games that have to play once in your life.
  16. Jul 14, 2020
    Kojima’s latest work lands on PC with a fantastic adaptation that pushes even further its incredible visuals and adds some minor content, becoming the best version currently available.
  17. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding arrives on PC with better performance and much more content. Like 9 months ago, the game is still doing great work as an incredible journey and a funny delivery simulator.
  18. Sep 5, 2020
    Death Stranding on PC is the best way to experience this journey. Game is much more than a walking Sim, it mixes and matches a ton of brilliant new ideas and game mechanics. It is bursting with atmosphere, and the overall quality of the production and presentation is fantastic. Other than minor issues and some non-consistent storytelling, Death Stranding shows us that boundaries can be moved in the today gaming world.
  19. Aug 11, 2020
    Death Stranding is, on PC just as much as on console, a unique, charming experience filled with strange poetry.
  20. Jul 27, 2020
    Death Stranding is a great first look into Sony’s willingness to be more platform-agnostic. It also proves that Kojima Productions doesn’t have to regulate themselves to specific needs or restrictions of a console. While the developer didn’t entirely loosen its grips on its vision of Death Stranding, with the lack of standard PC settings, adapting to an open platform still couldn’t have been easy. Regardless, the end product is an uncompromised version of the highly anticipated original from 2019 and is the definitive way to play as Norman Reedus taking care of a baby.
  21. Jul 20, 2020
    Death Stranding is precisely the kind of game you would expect from a creative mind when all the reins are removed. Finally, Kojima made the game he wanted to make, without compromises. It's a beautifully crafted story, albeit weird at times. Players can best answer the question of whether this is art. All I can say is that despite the uneasiness it causes me, I'm weirdly drawn to it, always looking to take a new challenge and spend a wrecking 30 minutes trying to get to my destination without damaging the cargo.
  22. Jul 17, 2020
    I love shooters, I love RPGs. I love racers, narrative driven experiences, indie games and AAA smash hits. About the only games I don’t love, are Tetris clones. Death Stranding hits different for me. I love the game, I have had an incredible time with it. I enjoy the simple but addicting gameplay loop, the sprinkled moments of action, and overall I enjoy the long winding narrative that sometimes takes a few too many pit stops along the way. However, it easily ranks among one of the bleakest games I’ve ever played.
  23. Jul 15, 2020
    Through action sequences and heavy weather hikes, the frame rate is consistently in the high 90 FPS to 110 FPS. This is a proper PC port that looks stunning and runs smooth. If you're in the mood for a different style of gaming experience, one that's often relaxing and sometimes incredibly tense, Death Stranding is worth playing.
  24. Jul 14, 2020
    The word "masterpiece" is often used inappropriately and risks losing strength. But if you look at the entire production of Kojima, science fiction as a narrative genre, and those video games that try to get out of the production and thematic logics of the mainstream market, it is undeniable that the merits of a giant should be recognized at Death Stranding.
  25. Jul 14, 2020
    Death Stranding seeks to subvert the concept that we have of an open world, giving more importance to exploration and discovery. A game with a story that hits the primary emotions of the player, addressing existentialist themes as few games have accomplished to do.
  26. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding came out in 2019 for the PS4, but the PC port looks to become the definitive version of the game thanks to improvements that make it playable across any type of machine. It's also, oddly enough, more relevant than ever.
  27. Jul 13, 2020
    With production values that are through the roof and an extremely engaging story, Death Stranding is among Hideo Kojima's best games. The moment-to-moment gameplay, however, falls short due to its repetitiveness, and the long stretches without any real action make it difficult to recommend the game to all open-world fans. Death Stranding is something different, and only approaching it with an open mind will reveal the brilliance of its themes, its characters and its hauntingly beautiful dystopian world.
  28. Jul 13, 2020
    Hideo Kojima's PlayStation 4 title Death Stranding has landed on PC, bringing with it a new standard of console ports.
  29. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding in its PC version represents the best experience in the imaginary world of Kojima Productions. In many aspects the differences with the PS4 version are minimal, this is due to the excellent work done in the beginning by the development team, but improvements such as an unblocked frame rate and a smoother interaction with the game menus, combined with few extra missions, make this the new reference version.
  30. Jul 13, 2020
    It’s dull and vibrant, clever and convoluted, thrilling and idling, beautiful and grim. It swings between supremely satisfying and maddeningly frustrating, and though it’s trite to say it, it isn’t a game made for everyone.
  31. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding is a game meant to be experienced by all, even those who won’t complete it, and a good PC build makes this the best version to determine if Sam is the right porter for the job.
  32. Aug 3, 2020
    It is safe to say that Death Stranding achieves all its goals, in an impressive but not so perfect fashion. The PC port of the game offers everything that the PS4 version offered, and more. If you have enough juice in your gaming rig, the PC version of Death Stranding is the best way to experience it.
  33. Jul 22, 2020
    An unconventional game from an unconventional creator who largely succeeds at what he is attempting.
  34. Jul 15, 2020
    The PC version of Death Stranding is clearly the superior version as it's better looking, but also offers more content, a new difficulty setting, and a few Easter eggs to Valve Software's franchises. On the other hand the game's initial drawbacks are still present, like that awful advertisement for an energy drink, or a messy UI.
  35. Jul 14, 2020
    Death Stranding is an excellent game with a lot of content and a ton of unique angles. The story is straight-up dumb a lot of the time and things can get tedious and clunky, but the thrill of exploration and making your own way overcomes all obstacles. Just like. Ugh. Sam Porter Bridges.
  36. Jul 13, 2020
    Slow, weird, and indulgent, but a true original, and a journey that will linger in your mind long after it's over.
  37. Jul 22, 2020
    The idea of running back and forth across a large area may not be appealing to everyone. However, after setting aside the weirdly, and wonderfully confusing story and a few tense BT encounters, I found my time with Death Stranding to often be a more relaxing, chill, experience that I would recommend you check out.
  38. Jul 20, 2020
    A genuinely original and gorgeous new title from Kojima that manages to overcome its indulgent sections and a plodding midsection with a thoughtful ending. Did we say it looks utterly gorgeous too?
  39. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding remains a fascinating experience of highly inspired post-apocalyptic science fiction even on PC. However, the porting is a bit lacking in terms of technical improvements, which are noticeable but not nearly as impressive as we hoped for.
  40. Jul 13, 2020
    As thrilling as it is boring, as fantastic as it is mundane, but one thing’s for sure - there’s truly nothing else like it.
  41. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding is a wholly unique and fresh experience that will surely appeal to only a few, and the surprisingly engaging experience of essentially being a delivery man in the post-apocalypse is hypnotizing. Kojima’s standout weird and wacky writing is left unhinged here, and that can excite some or terrify others, but the truth is that Death Stranding on PC is definitely the ultimate version of such a very, very strange game.
  42. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding takes on a whole new meaning in 2020, and it's a story well worth revisiting or experiencing for the first time on PC. The pacing of the game can certainly drag to a screeching halt through the middle, but with boosted frame rate and crisper visuals, you'll likely be too mesmerised by the hauntingly gorgeous world of Hideo Kojima's latest masterpiece to even care about the uneven story beats.
  43. 80
    Death Stranding is only made better in the transition to PC. Its world feels more vibrant and alive thanks to 4K and 60fps gameplay. Beyond that it's mostly the same experience as you got on PS4, which was already quite impressive.
  44. Jul 13, 2020
    A few months after its console release, the PC port of Death Stranding offers a little extra soul to a very special game. Thanks to consistent graphics parameters, a wide-screen mode or clever keyboard and mouse controls, the game surely rewards all the most patient players. However, those who already reached the West Coast on PS4 can easily skip the Half-Life bonuses, as they truly exist as another gadget in a very long game.
  45. 80
    Hideo Kojima has long been a visionary auteur; his feted career stands as proof. With no walls to contain him, he has given birth to Death Stranding. It's an experience that will be remembered for a long time, from its early hype to the untethered lunacy of its narrative. It's an art installation of a game that filled me with rage as often as it did joy. It is sweeping in both lustre and purpose, though it wears a few warts on the pleasant, bare bones of a game about deliveries that has no right to be as memorable as it somehow is.
  46. Jul 13, 2020
    Kojima's prestigious project boasts a great technological framework, but still suffers from a lack of action and it’s one dimensional story.
  47. CD-Action
    Oct 15, 2020
    I approached Death Stranding twice. I spent a couple of hours with the PS4 edition and was fascinated with it. I kinda wish I stopped at that and let the game remain a mystery to me rather than complete it later on PC and be disappointed. There are moments when Death Stranding eludes the traditional 1-10 rating system. There are moments when it sets new standards and becomes a truly special experience. But those are just moments scattered throughout tedious gameplay. Still, it is in my opinion one of those games you simply need to play. [10/2020, p.44]
  48. Aug 12, 2020
    Can I recommend Death Stranding? Not really. I don’t think it can be directly labelled ‘good’. It’s a full price, full length, but all too frequently sluggish game. However, if you’re a Kojima fan, I don’t think you’ll want to miss out on this deranged roller coaster ride of an experience and that really elevates it for me.
  49. Aug 7, 2020
    Despite my qualms about the closing hours of Death Stranding, I truly enjoyed about 30 hours of it. There are plenty of moments where tone-setting music sets in and the vastness of the landscapes smothers you with solitude and despair. Collecting materials and contributing them to an online structure was engaging and even downright addictive. Moreover, the foundations of the plot intrigued me so much. I think that's what pains me so much about Death Stranding: I can see its potential, but the game went too far in too many disparate directions.
  50. 70
    While the wonders of hiking around the beautiful world never really wear off, there are a lot of issues with how the game portrays women, how on the nose it is with some of its messaging, and there’s an overriding feeling of there being simply too many messages for one game. That all being said, the music is incredible, and it’s undeniably fascinating, even if it is marred by its story-telling failings.
  51. Jul 14, 2020
    Can I recommend Death Stranding? It depends on which camp you sit in. If you want to see one of the most esoteric video games ever created, that has so many strange elements but none of them cohesively come together to make a traditional “game”, then yes. Dive in and revel in the madness that’s unfolding. If you want a good video game. I’d approach with caution. For me personally, I loved it. I don’t really understand it yet, but the isolated walks and the rebuilding of connections, especially in the world we live in right now, it brought a lot of strange comfort.
  52. Jul 13, 2020
    The coronavirus has made its themes more relevant than ever and while there are many odd decisions, in terms of plot and game design, the overall experience remains strangely engrossing.
  53. Jul 13, 2020
    Death Stranding is unlike any other AAA title on the market. It doesn't hold your hand or provide clear-cut narrative answers—it's downright confusing, at times. You're either onboard for this wild ride or you're not. Death Stranding is the definition of a divisive title, one with a plodding story and cumbersome menu system, but if you’re looking for something that challenges your perception of blockbuster games, it's certainly worth a play.
  54. Sep 20, 2020
    Death Stranding is asking you to find variety in a daily rut, cooperation possibilities for a character who has fear of contact, scientific explanations in clear-cut mysticism. Today, you’re annoyed that the story doesn’t move forward, and you have to trek into the same ghost-infested area as before, but tomorrow you’ll gladly spend a few hours hauling resources for a new highway and feeling good about it. This source of joy is very weird and defies explanation.
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  1. Jul 13, 2020
    This is the definitive version of Death Stranding. If you were interested in Death Stranding when it released on PS4 and have been waiting to see how the PC version turns out, then go ahead and pull the trigger. However, Death Stranding isn’t for everyone. If you’ve seen nothing of the game before, make sure you check out some gameplay before purchasing it; I’ve had a blast experiencing the story and struggling through tense moments, but I know some of my friends would absolutely hate it. The new Half-Life and Portal content is great, but I wouldn’t say it warrants a replay. Death Stranding is so large that I doubt many PS4 players will be looking to replay it on PC, but for those who are, you’ll be happy to hear that the new content unlocks very early in the game.
  2. Jul 13, 2020
    Like Codi’s review of the game, I found myself surprised by just how much this strange game about delivering goods from one end of the country to the other could be simultaneously thrilling, frustrating, peaceful, and somehow hopeful. It reminds us that we are all connected, but that real monsters also exist. It reminds us that friends and family are the most important things of all. It reminds us that Kojima and his team are the strangest cats on the block, but that they may be some of the best storytellers around.
  3. Jul 13, 2020
    Players who may have passed on the PS4 release in anticipation of Death Stranding coming to PC will not be disappointed. The game ran great during my preview experience, and features keyboard and mouse support. In a world that seems increasingly chaotic and apocalyptic, Death Stranding can provide players with a world that is actually trying to repair itself.
  4. Jul 13, 2020
    The PC release is the optimal way to experience the game, however, and for players that had the patience to wait, you are in for a treat. Similarly, returning PS4 players looking to double-dip will be able to appreciate the level of technical wizardry Kojima Productions have performed with their PC release.
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  1. Dec 17, 2020
    It is easily a boring and monothematic monotonous game.
    Especially for the boring loop gameplay and the slowly and repetitive animations for
    It is easily a boring and monothematic monotonous game.
    Especially for the boring loop gameplay and the slowly and repetitive animations for everything. And the plot is just disappointingly bad, like ridiculously bad written.
    And this it was a flat and forgettable experience for me.

    P.s: the framerates drops and the multiple crash are unacceptable for a game porting from console today.
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  2. Jul 16, 2020
    Unplayable. Multiple crash and even textures glich.
    And when you can play, there's more cutscenes than actual gameplay. Slowly animation and
    Unplayable. Multiple crash and even textures glich.
    And when you can play, there's more cutscenes than actual gameplay. Slowly animation and and only delivery quest.
    The worst gaming experience I've ever had.
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  3. Jul 15, 2020
    Exceptional experience, Great cinematic direction, complicated story, addictive gameplay, one of the greatest game in the gaming history.