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  1. Positive: 19 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jul 24, 2020
    Finally, a non-traditional co-op multiplayer game with very intense atmosphere. Original, dark and bearded, it is Deep Rock Galactic. No need to dig deeper. [Issue#304]
  2. Oct 19, 2020
    In the gaming industry today, the multiplayer looter genre is by no means niche. But even with all the money thrown into these projects, most end up being mediocre due to unrealistic scope. Deep Rock Galactic by Ghost Ship Games manages to break the mold by creating a memorable experience in atmosphere, gameplay and cooperation. There are some limitations throughout, namely when it comes to story and graphics, but I never found these to hurt the immersion. The gameplay is addictively deep, while procedural generation and extensive loot keep me coming back for more. If you and your friends are fans of the multiplayer looter genre, or just love dwarves and space mining, you need not look any further than Deep Rock Galactic for your next gaming adventure.
  3. May 13, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic is a great mix of Minecraft and Starship Troopers with excellent gameplay and variety. However, graphics can occasionally be slightly off and exits for the drop pods will on rare occasion be inaccessible. This is an easy game to get started in and easy to get hooked on.
  4. 90
    With gorgeous visuals, pleasing soundscapes, extensive customization options, and plenty of gameplay variety, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Deep Rock Galactic.
  5. 90
    Deep Rock Galactic is proof enough that keeping focus and executing on a single idea can lead to excellence. Ghost Ship Games debut title is cooperative bliss, and a must-play for all fans of the genre. For Rock and Stone!
  6. May 18, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic is an excellent cooperative shooter, the perfect game to play with your friends.
  7. May 15, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic is the best kind of four-player co-op game. Exciting combat, great missions, and lots of upgrades make this one a winner.
  8. May 14, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic is simply one of the best co-op game on the market, but don’t waste your money if you plan to play it alone.
  9. Jun 7, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic has everything a co-op shooter should offer. The combat is thrilling, the exploration is deep, and the game itself is infinite. Pure fun if you play it with up to four friends and such great entertainment if you play it solo. You can't go wrong with this indie.
  10. May 26, 2020
    Tightly balanced between resource gathering and fierce shooting exchanges, this dwarven mining expedition is a great time – especially with friends.
  11. GameStar
    May 17, 2020
    Although the game degenerates into quite a grind after the completion of the first series of missions, the procedurally generated worlds and the friendly community provide enough variety for long enough.
  12. May 24, 2020
    The space dwarves’ mining adventure is quite entertaining as well as motivating – especially in co-op. Lack of variety keeps holding it back, though.
  13. CD-Action
    Jun 25, 2020
    A compelling cooperative experience mixing Left 4 Dead, Minecraft and Aliens franchises. [07/2020, p.56]
  14. Jun 1, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic feels like a crossover between Left 4 Dead and Minecraft… and it’s great. If you’re looking for something new but familiar at the same time to play with friends, this can be your game.
  15. May 25, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic is one of the best cooperative games of these times.
  16. May 14, 2020
    Anyone fond of multi-player centric games that require teamwork and likes to fill a specific role will almost certainly find something to enjoy in Deep Rock Galactic. It's a great way to spend time with friends and has a lot of content depending on how much you mind doing the same things over and over again. Anyone who strongly dislikes repetition will probably get sick of it after a while, though.
  17. May 13, 2020
    Ooh, aah, that’s how it always starts, then later there’s running and screaming. Deep Rock Galactic can be deceptively easy going at times, right up until the swarms of bugs come crawling out of the inky darkness to besiege you and your friends. Who knew space dwarf mining could be so fun?
  18. May 13, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic features everything a first-person shooter needs to be great: excellent mission variety and character design, an engaging gameplay loop, smooth co-op and huge amount of content. New players will feel a little overwhelmed by the various customization options, but those willing to invest time in learning all of the gameplay systems will find an extremely polished experience that will keep them engaged for a very long time. These dwarves are a little rowdy, but they are tough, and they are here to stay.
  19. May 29, 2020
    A clear and distinct spin on 4-player co-op FPS with atmosphere, ingenuity… and real navigational problems.
  20. May 21, 2020
    Deep Rock Galactic offers some enticing exploration, as discovering randomly generated caves can be a thrill each time, and the unique abilities of each class are fun to combine. But things quickly begin to grow stale, like the air this far down into the earth, with repetitive missions and little reason to grind out your experience levels.
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  1. It’s a winner. Sixteen tons of detail, sixteen tons of character, sixteen tons of riotous bug blasting, spelunking co-operative goodness. Deep Rock Galactic is a company I’ve got no qualms about selling my soul to for hours more to come. [RPS Bestest Bests]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 202 Ratings

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  1. May 13, 2020
    Most fun you'll have with a video game this year. Tons of customization (dwarf cosmetics, weapon mods, weapon skins, perks, drone mods, etc.)Most fun you'll have with a video game this year. Tons of customization (dwarf cosmetics, weapon mods, weapon skins, perks, drone mods, etc.) that is all earned simply by exploring and playing the game.

    The atmosphere is somehow incredibly tense but relaxed at the same time. The gunplay is spectacular and doesn't get old.

    All of the maps are procedurally generated and the assorted map modifiers are randomly assigned ensuring you never play the same dungeon twice, giving DRG insane replayability.

    More content and fun than ANY $60 AAA game for half the price.

    Don't sleep on this!
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  2. May 15, 2020
    The game is excellent, Incredible for those who love coop game and mining game.
  3. May 14, 2020
    Pretty damn good game. It's super fun. Very much worth buying if you are into coop games!