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  1. Jan 29, 2021
    Disjunction is an effective cyberpunk stealth game. Its gameplay is crisp and rewarding, while its strong sprite design and excellent soundtrack help it capture the cyberpunk tone perfectly. For those after a genuine cyberpunk experience, this is a good place to go.
  2. 80
    The cyberpunk genre has gained a good game here with Disjunction. It’s at its best when you’re sneaking through futuristic offices and factories and trying to figure out which ability to use next. The action is a little lacklustre when stealth fails, and the story is enjoyable, but not world-changing. It’s definitely a pretty game though, and the light RPG help to keep things interesting as you play through it.
  3. Jan 28, 2021
    Disjunction has motivating gameplay, an entertaining (albeit predictable) story and exciting characters. But by far the most impressive is the detailed and fascinating game world, about which I would like to see one or the other game or book. The few negative points are particularly quickly forgotten when we sneak from opponent to opponent with great concentration. Every Cyberpunk 2077 frustration is swept away.
  4. Jan 28, 2021
    Disjunction is a tough but speedy stealth adventure that kept me thoroughly engaged. Character’s abilities, narrative choices, and more strategic elements really give players some interesting variety and options on how to approach gameplay. There are some questionable control choices, but nothing that will hinder the experience. For those looking for a sneaky cybernetic stealth-adventure, Disjunction shouldn’t go unnoticed.
  5. Feb 1, 2021
    A compelling story and speedy stealth make up for Disjunction's less even moments.
  6. Feb 19, 2021
    Disjunction is a fun, cyberpunk stealth game, with beautiful pixel art and great sound that is more than worth its price tag. Be prepared for some difficult levels and many moments of frustration, but enjoy basking in the glory of your successes at the end, whilst you enjoy an intriguing story in a dystopian world.
  7. Feb 8, 2021
    As a debut from a team of just three people, Disjunction does so much right, and offers up way more narrative than anyone should expect from a team this size. The gameplay it does it have can be frustrating at times, but it’s solid. There’s a good foundation here. They just need to expand on it.
  8. Feb 8, 2021
    Disjunction is a fun stealth action game with great art and music, but there aren't enough interesting elements to keep the gameplay from eventually growing stale. It is held back by a lack of interesting development in both gameplay and story, however, and overstays its welcome. This is a good first outing from a small development team that can’t quite live up to its legendary predecessors.
  9. Feb 1, 2021
    Disjunction offers a solid, fun take on the stealth action genre. While it stumbles at times with the feel of its stealth mechanics, it is still satisfying and fun to play, aside from the one time my game progress mysteriously got deleted and I had to start over (though it hasn’t happened again). If you enjoy action stealth experiences like those found in the early Metal Gear games and games like Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell (except being 2-D) and you like new retro-styled games in the modern era, chances are good you can enjoy this game, even if it doesn’t have the most realistic stealth mechanics.
  10. Feb 8, 2021
    Slick, intuitive stealth gameplay serves as Disjunction’s backbone, though the supporting systems and level design could do more to lighten its burden.
  11. Mar 1, 2021
    Oversimplification is the real joykiller in Disjunction. Its story feels like a rough outline, levels are made out of copy/pasted prefabs, stealth and character progression are just as simplistic, as is everything else.
  12. Jan 29, 2021
    Disjunction deconstructs the stealth genre and boils it down to its simplest and most readable mechanics. Mix in a cool cyberpunk aesthetic and interesting if optional gadgets, and it’s a winning formula. Unfortunately, the game stops well short of fully mining either its trope-heavy story or stealth formula, leading to an experience that ultimately feels repetitive.
  13. Jan 28, 2021
    Disjunction fills all the specifications of its genre but fail to master them. Without that little extra soul that would keep us going for hours, boredom settles pretty quickly.
  14. Jan 28, 2021
    Disjunction has so much potential — it has a great soundtrack, interesting ideas for combat, and a serviceable story. These are all bogged down by frustrating and imbalanced combat mechanics, unimaginative stealth, and plain visuals. Disjunction impressed me when I originally played it some time ago, but it may have benefitted from being bite-size. Taking in the entire game, I couldn’t help but want the experience to be over and done with.
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  1. Jan 28, 2021
    An eerie, hypnotic sleuther - and a cracking first effort from a miniature team. [Eurogamer Recommended]
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  1. Feb 19, 2021
    This one of those ambitious indie titles but the creator doesn't know how to make it fun, biggest complaint is the amount of dialog, it justThis one of those ambitious indie titles but the creator doesn't know how to make it fun, biggest complaint is the amount of dialog, it just too much for no voice acting Imagine if RDR2 had no voice actors but the same amount of dialog i would **** go crazy and the story in this game is pretty mediocre for the amount of dialog, the energy mechanic is so **** didn't they get rid of that in 1990? Enemies behave pretty weirdly e.g. if you shoot your gun in a room, everyone in the room will hear you but if someone is in the room next you they wont hear anything Full Review »
  2. Feb 14, 2021
    On the whole, "Disjunction" can attract attention with an interesting storyline, but it's still missing a bit to a real highlight. Although weOn the whole, "Disjunction" can attract attention with an interesting storyline, but it's still missing a bit to a real highlight. Although we can fight through the levels with weapons, we simply got further with sneaking. The dialogs are good and always bring new information. Unfortunately, the quality of the decisions is not always convincing. The controls work flawlessly and the graphical performance is also impressive. In addition, the sound has also become decent. But for further points in the rating it is simply lacking. If you like a nice game for in between, you should take a closer look at "Disjunction".

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