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Generally favorable reviews- based on 71 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 71
  2. Negative: 8 out of 71

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  1. Feb 3, 2016
    DISTRANT is a little, hidden, gem. It's a story about humanity and it's not an usual horror. In fact you can see blood only a couple of times, there aren't no jumpscares.

    And the story is something wonderful, so "human", so dark.

    Give it a try, it's cheap!
  2. Nov 29, 2016
    I rated it an 9 because the game could have gone for much longer, just because the atmosphere was so awesome, and the horror bits where truly horrific.
  3. Oct 10, 2017
    It's a cute little game with a nice story. It takes less than 2 hours to get through, and it has basically no replay value. I paid about $1 during a Steam sale, and it was worth that price. I would probably be pissed off if I paid $5 for it.

    Buy this game if it's on sale for $2 or less.
  4. Jan 26, 2017
    Ein unglaublich packendes Spiel von einem ein Mann Team. Gelungenes Pixel Art, mitreissende Hintergrundsmusik und einige Jump Scares. Props an den Entwickler. Ein Muss für jeden Horrospiele fan.
  5. Dec 16, 2018
    DISTRAINT is a game with a rich and eloquent plot, which will open up to the players the depravity of the modern world and will try to create a storm of moral conflicts within.
  6. Oct 6, 2019
    distraint-это игра которорая грустная по началу кажется какойто очередной хоррор ни в конце пробивает на слёзы,говорит о человечности что люди могут быть не самовлюбленны
    короче 1010
  7. Jan 9, 2020
    Such an incredible experience, an emotional game on a genre filled with empty and uninteresting plots.
  8. Apr 20, 2020
    The game is short, but it still has the ability to be incredible. Seriously, this game deals very well with issues of greed and thirst for power. Despite having a super sad footprint, I just loved it.
  9. Apr 23, 2020
    Mükemmel bir hikaye anlatımı, tatlı grafikler, çok kaliteli müzikler ve daha fazlası bu oyunda mevcut. Kesinlikle oyunu almanıza değer. Hikayesine bayıldım..
  10. Sep 10, 2020
    Incrível, um dos melhores jogos de terror que já joguei. História é ótima, ótimos personagens e uma jogabilidade perfeita... Ótimo para o fim de semana se você quer um jogo de terror com puzzles


Generally favorable reviews - based on 8 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. May 2, 2016
    A modest but oddly compelling adventure steeped in perpetual darkness, the surreal side-scrolling Distraint is a low-cost exploration of the high price of selling one’s soul.
  2. Mar 13, 2016
    While the story isn’t especially long, it’s absorbing and gives you a lot to think about.
  3. Feb 16, 2016
    Considering the atmosphere and the story Distrain is a job well done – instead of ostentatious horror it scares mainly with its realism and spooky normality, wrapped in occasional psychedelia. From time to time I lacked the option to control the game with a mouse and some game mechanics could be more user-friendly. These minor flaws, however, do not change the fact, Distrain is very pleasant experience.