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  1. Jan 22, 2015
    The masters over at Bioware have done it again. This epic journey into the world of Thedas will steal more than 100 hours of your time, hours so full of superb gaming that you'll never forget them.
  2. Nov 24, 2014
    Despite some minor hiccups, Inquisition is absolutely the realest of deals, and should be missed at your own peril.
  3. Nov 17, 2014
    BioWare has created a role-playing game which feels like a massive monument to our culture. Inquisition is an absolute blast to experience for one hour or 150.
  4. Nov 12, 2014
    It’s one of the most overwhelming experiences on the market, containing not only the best character development found in any RPG, but an open world that’s actually polished. The artistic and visual fidelity help with the immersion, but it’s the branching, player driven storyline and exquisitely layered combat system that create something special.
  5. Nov 18, 2014
    Dragon Age: Inquisition makes up for the way too short Dragon Age 2. The gameworld is huge and tremendously diverse. The franchise seems to go a bit less dark and intense, but it introduces a new blockbuster RPG standard that many developers will struggle to meet.
  6. Nov 14, 2014
    Dragon Age: Inquisition is the best installment in the series and one of the best games in BioWare's history. There's a lot to praise: an interesting story, cool characters, big world, Skyhold. Sure, there are some minor issues and the combat system isn't perfect but the scale and attention to detail make all of that seem unimportant. An excellent game indeed.
  7. Nov 11, 2014
    Dragon Age: Inquisition is BioWare's new masterpiece and they weren't bluffing. The RPG has everything a fan of the genre could wish for: an amazing amount of gameplay, a great story and extreme beauty. A must-have for everyone that calls himself a gamer.
  8. Nov 11, 2014
    The brilliant part of this concept is how it imbues every activity with purpose. The world of Inquisition is immense, and a freeform structure means everything you accomplish, no matter how small, feeds your larger aspirations.
  9. Nov 16, 2014
    Graphics, gameplay, scale, storytelling, depth, content and the finish: Dragon Age: Inquisition proves that it can bring each of these components together without making any concessions.
  10. Nov 11, 2014
    Bioware is back with sheer passion and love for its work. It demonstrates so offering a new way for players to enjoy strategic RPGs, with a battle system that merges action and tactics, and it plays smoothly whether on PC or consoles. Add to this an incredible amount of gameplay, free roaming and an interesting intrigue, and what you get is one of the best games of this year.
  11. Nov 18, 2014
    For people looking to get lost in a detailed world brimming with political intrigue, warring factions, tough choices that affect the story and gobs of replayability that will last you well beyond Fall and into the new year, Dragon Age Inquisition is a must buy.
  12. Nov 11, 2014
    An epic experience that haunts you between play sessions, enticing you to come back for more. It may not hit the lofty heights of Skyrim, but it comes bloody close and, unlike its most obvious comparison, boasts consistently fantastic characters, a memorable and compelling storyline, and breathtaking visual fidelity out of the box.
  13. Feb 9, 2015
    Best Dragon Age so far, hands down. Pity about the naff writing. [Issue#257, p.51]
  14. Dec 31, 2014
    As 2014 draws to a close, Inquisition is a contender not only for game of the year, but for the best title to come out of BioWare’s impressive stable - either way, it’s an essential purchase for any RPG fan.
  15. PC PowerPlay
    Dec 23, 2014
    The best of the Dragon Age series by far and one of BioWare's most accomplished games to boot. [Jan 2015, p.50]
  16. Dec 3, 2014
    Excellent RPG beats both of its predecessors and offers the unspoiled entertainment for hundreds of hours. The sophisticated world of Dragon Age finally comes alive in all aspects and incredible character and story detail fully compensates a bit overused plot about saving the world.
  17. Nov 24, 2014
    Dragon Age Inquisition is not a common RPG: it's the furious scream of Bioware, strong enough to make windows and walls rattle. It is a demonstration of skill and power that proves that the Canadian developer still knows how to put heart and brain into their projects.
  18. Nov 17, 2014
    It's the only RPG you'll need this winter and finally a worthy heir to Origins, last generation's best role-playing game.
  19. Nov 11, 2014
    BioWare studio wanted to redeem itself for the not-so-convincing Dragon Age II. This episode is one of its finest productions. Amazing environments that take hours to get explored, greats quests with some hard decisions to make, fantastic characters and a great combat system: Dragon Age :Inquisition will probably become a masterpiece for anyone who's been in love with Dungeons & Dragons or Tolkien's books for a long time.
  20. Nov 14, 2014
    It’s a great game from start to finish, one that lets you do just about whatever you want, and then rewards you for just about all of it. While it does have some minor problems, they don’t detract from the quality of the whole. The way the world responds to, and builds itself around, your character makes Inquisition a must-play for any RPG enthusiast.
  21. Nov 14, 2014
    Inquisition offers tons of rpg-gameplay-elements. The classic high-fantasy-setting combines action- and tactical combat, rich characters with lots of dialogue-options. On top you’ll find yourself as a leader of the inquisition-faction who has to build up a majestic stronghold. Graphics and sound are great, but technical issues like glitches and bugs with animations are also part of the game. Menus are not optimized for PC and the skill-system is highly focused on combat.
  22. Nov 18, 2014
    From a content point of view is simply astonishing but the game has several problems with the combat system starting from the tactical pause (and view) to the action aspect of the fights.
  23. Nov 11, 2014
    Not only one of the most expansive RPGs I’ve ever played, but one of the few that successfully fills its gorgeous, massive world with meaningful things to do and see. A frustratingly vague plot and typical BioWare bugginess drag it down a bit, but both in combat and out, Inquisition marks a welcome return to the RPG depth that made Dragon Age: Origins and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic so magnetic.
  24. Nov 11, 2014
    How much you enjoy Inquisition will likely depend on what it is you enjoy about RPGs. If you want complex systems and hardcore challenge, it could potentially disappoint. I don’t. I want a rich world, interesting characters, and a dramatic and memorable plot. Judged on those criteria, Dragon Age: Inquisition sits happily alongside BioWare’s best.
  25. Nov 11, 2014
    Can only be described as Bioware’s return to glory and as the preeminent force in the RPG genre. Dragon Age Inquisition is a must play for anyone who calls themselves a fan of role playing games. Dragon Age Inquisition, when or if it is finally completed will leave players with the overall sense that this game will replace a favorite movie and a beloved book as a source of contemplation for a long, long time.
  26. Dec 7, 2014
    Inquisition is an excellent return to form after the claustrophobic, rushed Dragon Age 2, an exciting and sprawling colossus of a game that rewards the player at every turn.
  27. Nov 12, 2014
    Dragon Age: Inquisition is still a brilliant if flawed gem from one of the best storytellers in the genre. The journey is long. The path is fraught with dangers and more than a few missteps, but it’s an epic adventure well worth the undertaking.
  28. Nov 11, 2014
    The first Dragon Age still is the best game of the franchise, but we've really enjoyed this one. Fans of the genre won't be disappointed.
  29. Nov 11, 2014
    Yes, Inquisition is an all around excellent game...A beautiful fantastic world, a great roleplaying game - but not as good as Dragon Age: Origins
  30. Nov 11, 2014
    The biggest criticism that can be leveled at the title is that it is a little too conservative in its approach to the role-playing and action genres and fails to introduce something entirely new...At the same time, the developers have managed to carefully polish the core tenets of Dragon Age and fans of the series will be happy to discover how easy it is to tailor Inquisition to their own play style.
  31. Dec 22, 2014
    Huge amount of content, many possible choices with distinct consequences, reappearance of beloved characters... Despite some obvious flaws and various shortcomings, Dragon Age: Inquisition certainly feels like a step in the right direction for the series.
  32. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Dec 24, 2014
    At the very least BioWare managed to present a workable concept of an RPG which is completely detached from the legacy of pen-and-paper RPG. [Jan 2015, p.52]
  33. Jan 14, 2015
    Despite numerous shortcomings, the new BioWare project is undoubtedly worth your attention. One of the best RPGs of 2014.
  34. Edge Magazine
    Jan 9, 2015
    The most ambitious game BioWare has ever made. [Jan 2014, p.104]
  35. CD-Action
    Jan 9, 2015
    RPG of the year and a must-have for everyone who values good story delivered in a cinematic fashion and supported by outstanding sound and graphics. [13/2014, p.58]
  36. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jan 5, 2015
    A game to spend the whole winter with. The breathtaking and complex story is set in a huge open world, and despite its partial mistakes the game works pretty well. [Issue#248]
  37. Dec 2, 2014
    Inquisition is a good game that suffers from a lack of editorial judgment and polish.
  38. Nov 18, 2014
    It’s a welcome return to form for a franchise that felt adrift after Dragon Age 2, and is easily recommendable to RPG fans who have a spare few weeks to dedicate to a single game.
  39. Nov 14, 2014
    Inquisition gets under your skull like red lyrium.
  40. Nov 11, 2014
    Its not-so-fatal flaw is that in offering so much, both in terms of player choice and in going for peak-BioWare in every aspect of the game, those individual moments, characters, activities and plot beats often don't benefit from the focus and importance needed to unlock their full potential. Still, that's hardly a crime, and one more than made up for by the many high points
  41. Dec 22, 2014
    Dragon Age: Inquisition is a weird amalgamation of two different games. One is almost like those classic RPGs from BioWare’s early years; it makes you sit on the edge of your chair, waiting for shocking twists, deliberate over moral dilemmas, laugh and cry. The other is a MMO with generic quests and soulless grinding, having slithered where it should not be. And, alas, there is no way to separate them.
  42. Nov 17, 2014
    I found it to be a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none. Because of this, you’re left having your attention continually and equally divided, forcing you to pour in tons of hours just to start feeling invested in the world.
  43. Dec 1, 2014
    Dragon Age: Inquisition is a frustrating game. I often found myself scratching and clawing through boring, MMO-like content for enough power points to progress to the next major plot event. However, the fact that I was willing to slog through it at all shows just how good this game can be when it hits its stride.
  44. Dec 8, 2014
    Rubbish controls, dull combat, and a general sense that it's not quite sure what it wants to be, let down an otherwise entertaining and regularly amusing world-saving romp.
  45. Nov 17, 2014
    More playground than living breathing world. BioWare opens a gigantic fantasy theme park. But unfortunately the only thing that is epic is the amount of content. Story, character behavior, quests and minigames are a mere shadow of the studio's former glory.
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  1. Nov 18, 2014
    In my opinion, this is the best RPG in the modern gaming world. Excellent work, Bioware. Under the glorious enlightenment and guidance fromIn my opinion, this is the best RPG in the modern gaming world. Excellent work, Bioware. Under the glorious enlightenment and guidance from EA, a game publisher with precise long-term vision in future game development, Bioware finally manages to make a RPG suitable for everyone, but not just a game accessible only to a minority of hardcore RPG players.

    DA: Origins is an old-school and medicore game only appealing to a tiny market niche. DA II breaks the medicority, and introduces the popular mass effect decision tree and button-mashing mechanics, which attracts tons of Call Of Duty (COD) and action gamers around the world, contributing to its great success. However, it still suffers from a linear and small game world, and repetitive dungeons.

    DA: Inquisition evolves from its predecessors by combining the best elements of 2 popular RPGs in modern era. It adopts the sandbox open world, lightweight RPG perspective and enormous fetch quest system from the highly praised Elder Scroll Skyrim, as well as the popular decision tree mechanism and the combat elements from another Bioware's master piece, Mass Effects 3.

    By having a cohesive reasonance of 2 best elements from 2 outstanding RPGs, and adding tons of creative elements, this game simply becomes one larger than the sum of all parts. You have a large world to explore, tons of item collection and FedEx quests to play with, and the best button mashing mechanics to finish off your opponents. Skyrim and this game is great because they both remove the annoying character stat building mechanism. Stat is now only granted from equipment, how amazing and creative, isn't it? In addition, this game adopts the perfect RPG gaming style of Skyrim, i.e. explore first, just forget the plot, which removes player's frustration to recall memory about the main quest and story line. This is just like a great and sincere invitation to all COD fans and action gamers, as well as any potential causal gamers. It caters for the taste of all gamers around the world via greatly enhancing its accessibility. It is a master of everything rather than a jerk of all trade. This is a game for everyone!

    You may worry about that the return of the old-school tactical view from the mediocre DA:Origins may ruin your fantastic game play experience. Don't worry about that, it is just implemented for those hardcore players for their happiness in pausing the game all the time, breaking the pace of combat. This game can be handled easily by controlling your own character only under an action game style. The tactics setting of companion is simplified to an user friendly level for further accessibility. In contrast to DA: Origins, you can’t set up some complicated tactics for your companions, but this is unnecessary anyway. Friendly fire is disabled by default, so just forget your companions, and let them either fight or fall. You can handle fights easily by charging upfront and having high reflex in right timing of attack, dodge and button mashing. You can enjoy a fluid flow of combat all the time!

    Overall, by removing the complexity and annoyance from old-school RPG, adding the best elements from 2 most famous modern RPGs, and introducing an exciting button mashing combat mechanics to the game, this game has reached the highest height of RPGs that none in the world could ever reach. This is a milestone of RPG development, and should be referred to in future development of RPGs. Today is an important day that marks the beginning of revolution in RPG history! A new era of RPG has come! From now on, we can step forwards and forget about all classic RPGs in the old-school days. Everyone, express your praise and gratitude towards our beloved developers, and join us to have fun in this master piece of art now!

    In case if there are expansions or sequels for this gift from god, which are highly probable considering how successful this game is, we really hope that first-person shooting mode, QTEs and the mechanism of climbing tower to reveal map can be implemented. This will further induces passion from every gamers, because these elements are universally regarded by every gamer as the best features that have ever existed in shooter and action games!

    By the way, I am looking forwards to see at least 1000 DLCs for this game, because its scope is so huge, and with so much potential to further expand on. Don't keep us waiting, our wallets are ready! We hope that our beloved developers will listen to our suggestion and request, and release the DLCs and expansions ASAP for us. ;)
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  2. Nov 18, 2014
    Never felt the urge to voice an opinion on a game but it is only because I loved Dragon Age Origins so much I felt I had urge Bioware toNever felt the urge to voice an opinion on a game but it is only because I loved Dragon Age Origins so much I felt I had urge Bioware to change...

    This game is not playable at this moment on the PC, the frame rates are very inconsistent and there are large amount of stuttering. I was running this game on GTX 780, I was getting 20-40 frames playing this game on medium setting which is just unacceptable, I was extremely impatient and went and bought a 980, frame rates are slightly better but cinematic locks the FPS at extremely low level (30) which a ton of stuttering occurs on both the 780 and the 980... I worked around the game to get the frames to 60 Frames during cut scenes but there is no work around for the stuttering and extremely unsatisfying framerates playing this game.

    The game is extremely clunky, the combat has took a giant step backwards. You have to mass click if you want to auto attack because on console that's normal for them, but they forced it on PC users which makes no sense and restrict what you can do in game. It hurts my wrist just playing this game. If you're playing a warrior and you knock someone back and you're holding down attack button because your hand hurt, too bad now they're out of range and you're waiting out a long period of pointless animations. If you're playing a range class, have fun spamming click button like you're playing minesweeper or something

    No longer can you click and move because that doesn't exist on consoles. If you click anywhere your character does their attack animation which is very long so you're sitting there wasting time. No longer can you click on loot to pick them up because that doesn't exist on consoles so you're forced to run up to them and click open button which is so daft as to why they decided this should be forced on PC players. (Btw if you miss click you're attacking and waiting out the animation again). Used to holding down mouse button to change your camera angle? Too bad watch this attack animation for couple seconds. Can't see the rift because it's bloody in the sky and you want to change your camera angle? Watch this cool attack animation.

    Oh, the AI is stupid, have fun issuing the same command for your party over and over and over again because they have some kind of short term memory problem and refuse to do what's ordered. Telling your ranged character to get out of melee range they will run back into melee range because of unknown reasons. Revive teammates? Haha I rather auto attack! Thanks computer.

    The menu is unsorted mess, have no clue what is going on there. It's DA:O style with fair amount of items, but unable to sort though as it uses a weird DA:2 menu.

    Extremely disappointed on how this turned out, it was a fear I always had when Dragon Age 2 came out. It was still good and improved on some parts but you can see it was departing from what made Dragon Age great. I thought I can patch everything with technology, bought new video card, bought a new mouse, bought a controller (Game doesn't recognize controllers on PC for some reason). Severity disappointed.
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  3. Nov 18, 2014
    I'm disappointed in this game so much. The hole DAI feels like it`s an single-player MMORPG with little to show for.

    So let`s start the
    I'm disappointed in this game so much. The hole DAI feels like it`s an single-player MMORPG with little to show for.

    So let`s start the review. Graphics look bad and every character looks like it`s covered in plastic. Story is lacking contekst and characters have vary little development + your choices have little impact on the world. Combat is fun at starts but it gets boring quickly and the animations look like they are from 2004 :/.

    After all my time spend with Dragon Age I. There is nothing new to show or experience. I`m giving this game a 4 for the amount of content that it has via side quest`s and more.
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