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  1. Feb 19, 2020
    There are dozens of Dragon Ball Z games and Kakarot represents only the latest attempt to fully retell the manga’s story in videogame form. However, the quality of the experience makes a strong argument for this entry being the last one since the cartoon graphics perfectly recreate Toriyama’s visuals and the story hits every beat far better than the anime managed to. By presenting a great story with such perfect fealty, it’s safe to say that (for now, at least) Kakarot is the definitive Dragon Ball Z videogame.
  2. Feb 6, 2020
    If you are a longtime fan, you mileage may very on the experience since it’s nothing new honestly. It’s still a good game but might be worth waiting on a sale.
  3. Mar 6, 2020
    I am currently sitting at about 40 hours into the game and have beaten the main story, I would highly recommend Dragon Ball Z Kakarot to any fan out there. If you are looking for a serious fighting game, this is not for you. I would point this player to something more like Dragon Ball Z Fighters. If you are looking for a game that brings out your inner dragon ball anime-loving child then this is perfect for you. My only suggestion would be to not over-analyze what is missing but enjoy the new content and soak up the overall experience.
  4. Jan 27, 2020
    This is the best DBZ game that I’ve ever played and like the anime it’s based on, it comes with flaws of its own. I floated in the middle when scoring this one, but rounded up because when this game hits the right notes, it hits them perfectly.
  5. Jan 24, 2020
    Wow, an Anime adaption so close to the original! Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot creates an unique feeling of nostalgia. Playing the full Z-Story with Goku, Gohan and all of their friends feels so light-hearted as it did watching the series as a child. Thanks, Cyber Connect 2.
  6. Jan 17, 2020
    This playable Anime is a must for every Fan of Dragon Ball Z. The game world would need to play a bigger part to make this a hit.
  7. Jan 21, 2020
    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is by no means perfect, but it’s a solid RPG that very efficiently covers the entire Dragon Ball Z saga. The game sometimes crumbles under the weight of its own systems, but Kakarot is still a fun way to revisit (or even experience for the first time) the Dragon Ball Z saga.
  8. Feb 4, 2020
    At the end of the day, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is without a doubt the most faithful retelling of the source material and an incredibly enjoyable way to relive the story. The weak RPG and open-world mechanics are a bit of a letdown, but they are carried easily on the shoulders of the solid combat and awesome cinematic moments. If you love Dragon Ball, the odds are that you will really enjoy the majority of what Kakarot has to offer.
  9. Jan 21, 2020
    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of the best Dragon Ball games out there, but leaving behind the Dragon Ball name, it's one of the most generic and uninspired titles out there and could have benefited greatly with a little more time in the oven.
  10. Jan 27, 2020
    This is an accurate Dragon Ball game for better or worse. It comes with the visual flair and iconic sound of the show alongside its over-the-top violence. It also comes with its fair share of meandering moments, outdated characters, and pointless minigames. If you wanted to get into DBZ but didn’t know where to start, this is a good introduction. But if you couldn’t care less about Dragon Ball or Eastern open world games, it won’t make you a believer.
  11. Jan 23, 2020
    Kakarot is mediocre as a game, but excellent as a Dragon Ball experience. The combat is just okay, the world is mostly empty, and the game has too much fluff, but as a longtime fan I enjoyed myself a lot.
  12. Jan 22, 2020
    In the end, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is still worth celebrating. For one it’s different from the usual "fight fight fight" setup of past DBZ games, with a focus on telling classic stories from the series. The ability to explore the world is especially wonderful for fans, and King Kai’s fantastic jokes make you yearn for a new Netflix stand-up special. Still, as a fan, I was left wishing there was more depth and activities to make the world feel more alive. Overall, it's a decent role-playing experience faithful to Dragon Ball Z that’s action-packed and entertaining. A game tailor made for DBZ fans. Nothing too groundbreaking, except for the attacks breaking the ground.
  13. Jan 21, 2020
    Poor RPG mechanics aside, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a great way to relive the DBZ's story, flaws and all.
  14. Jan 16, 2020
    For diehard fans of the series, Dragonball Z: Kakarot is a fanservice-littered romp, full of your favourite characters. It has the most well-realised Dragonball world there has ever been. Be warned however, as side content in this game is a pure afterthought, and there is often little payoff for doing so outside of nostalgia-related reasons.
  15. May 1, 2020
    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot pays homage to the classic manga and anime with its faithful representation of the source material. Unfortunately, its gameplay is too thin to satisfy anyone but serious devotees.
  16. Jan 23, 2020
    Dragon Ball Z: Karakot distills 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z down into a 40-hour action-RPG experience. While the pacing is a bit off, seeing the story of Goku and friends told in wide swaths mostly works. The combat also manages to capture the feel of the series in certain boss fights. Unfortunately, the RPG side of things is lacking, with muddy progression, systems that feel useless, and random enemy encounters that can grow tedious. It's a good start, but more training is needed to reach its final form.
  17. Jan 23, 2020
    What I enjoyed was minimal compared to the game’s content, so it does not come with a high recommendation. But if you’re a hardcore DBZ fan like I am, you’ll still manage to find some entertainment in the game. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is not the best love letter written to fans, but it’s still a love letter nonetheless.
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  1. Jan 16, 2020
    As it stands, around 12 hours in, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a fun game, but one that hasn’t quite lived up to its potential in any section. The fights can often feel unbalanced, the adventuring lacks the carrots and sticks needed to pull you through, and a lot of the activities feel like little more than a distraction. It does, however, look like the anime has come to life, and sound spectacular. It’s just a shame it’s not a little bit deeper, but hey, at least it’s flashy. [12 Hour Impressions]
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  1. Jan 19, 2020
    Just perfect. Love it. & cant stop playing! Got the ultimate edition and wouldve paid more for it too. Lol.
  2. Jan 31, 2020
    It felt like I was re watching the whole Anime again. It is Perhaps the most faithful adaptation of the Anime. Yes the game had its flaws butIt felt like I was re watching the whole Anime again. It is Perhaps the most faithful adaptation of the Anime. Yes the game had its flaws but the overall package was amazing. And damn those amazing custscenes made me remember my whole childhood when I spent my day in front of the TV waiting to watch the Anime. Full Review »
  3. Jan 18, 2020
    What can i say, if you are a fan of DBZ, this game is up there among the best in the series. Its an RPG with some fantastic elements and goodWhat can i say, if you are a fan of DBZ, this game is up there among the best in the series. Its an RPG with some fantastic elements and good fighting mechanics. one can only hope there will be DBSuper DLC.

    If your a hardcore DBZ fan, dont miss out on this. Expanded story from side quests and more focused from the Manga if you are used to the Anime sequences it may be a tad different :)
    Full Review »