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  • Summary: Embr is a frantic firefighting game set in a hyper-capitalist reality where traditional emergency services are a thing of the past. Scale buildings, smash windows, fight fires and save lives either alone or with up to four players. Embr is the last stand in a world ablaze.
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  1. 80
    Muse Games have done an excellent job with Embr, and it certainly holds promise for when it finishes development. There’s good depth to its mechanics, co-op play is great with friends, and it’s visually quite appealing. It’s a cautious recommendation at this time due to its brevity, though Muse Games are currently promising a wide feature expansion in future updates. All being said, what we’ve seen so far has been great and it’s one to watch out for.
  2. May 20, 2020
    Embr is a great concept tied to deliberately off-the-wall and fun mechanics. Like Stretchers and Overcooked, it delights in turning something more serious into something silly.
  3. Mar 31, 2021
    Embr is, in a way, a lot like its namesake. It burns bright while it lasts, sure, and it is initially a lot of fun to run around putting out fires and dealing with the general chaos of the game. Unfortunately, it burns out quickly, and soon all that is left is the faint glow of the once bright fire. At this point, this just doesn't have any sort of staying power, and the novelty of the whole experience wears off very quickly. This isn't a bad title, and even with its shortcomings it is worth the time for a quick play-through. Perhaps it might even warrant a second one some time down the line, but this is the sort of game that could've been much better with a few more ideas, and maybe if improvements come in the future this could truly be a great experience. For now, it doesn't quite generate the heat it was hoping to.
  4. Oct 2, 2021
    Embr doesn’t want to set the world on fire, it just wants to start a flame in your heart. And then make sure that the flame is out. And that everyone is safe. And did you get your food on time? Yes? Could you please tip your delivery driver/firefighter so they can continue to give you a hot meal and cold home? Thanks! Okay so yes, Embr may attempt quite a few things in its own wacky way, but it’s literally never a dull moment. Whether you blaze it on your own or with an entourage, Embr is a great way to burn through a weekend.
  5. Sep 27, 2021
    Embr is fun when it focuses on fighting fires and rescuing people, but there are too many gimmicks and unnecessary additional ingredients thrown into this pot. There's enjoyment to be had, but it could have been a lot more compelling had it just gone the obvious route.
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  1. Jun 1, 2020
    Overall, Embr is a fantastic game that's a complete blast to play with friends. A few minor bugs that can be tweaked but nothing that breaks the game as it is in early access. There is so much more but the review would just drag on, some early gameplay can be seen online and the game is just ridiculously fun. Highly recommended if you just want to have some silly fun either on your own or with some friends. [Early Access Provisional Score = 80]
  2. Jun 9, 2020
    Embr demonstrates plenty of potential to be a very enjoyable game to play either alone or with friends when it finally comes out. The developers at Muse Games have warned as more content is added and the game approaches the end of Early Access the price may rise slightly, so you may want to get in on the fire-fighting action before the flames become too large. [Early Access Provisional Score = 75]
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  1. Aug 26, 2021
    Эм, ну что сказать, лучшая гриндилка всех времён!) Не, ну если серьёзно, то одна из лучших кооперативных игр, заслуживающая онлайн
    Эм, ну что сказать, лучшая гриндилка всех времён!) Не, ну если серьёзно, то одна из лучших кооперативных игр, заслуживающая онлайн наровне с каким-нибудь Payday 2. Я купил игру просто посмотреть с большим сомнением, мне не очень нравится тушить пожары, но поиграв в неё с друзьями и продвинувшись дальше 1-ого уровня я понял, что нашёл редкий алмаз. У каждого уровня есть 5 доп. режимов+есть доп задания, которые доступны во всех этих режимах, что создаёт у игры просто нереальную реиграбельность, за выполнение заданий вы получаете деньги, коины и алмазы, которые вы можете тратить на действительно интересное снаряжение, с первого раза изучить новый уровень не получится, вам придётся играть на одному уровне больше 6 раз и это очень круто, это вот тот тип гриндилок, где ты не против гринда, потому что разработчики говорят тебе гриндить, но взамен дают новый режим, Embr - пример просто идеальной гринд-игры, тут практически нету раздражающего гринда, когда надо проходить прям одно и тоже, игра даёт тебе кучу вариантов пройти одну локацию немножко по-другому, прям совсем гринд будет если вы захотите скупить весь магазин игры, чтобы сделать все достижения, но от этого мало смысла, поэтому тут уже будет ваш личный выбор+Ко всему игра мало весит, нетребовательная, по скидке не очень дорого стоит, её базовый геймплей не сложный, я купил 4 копии игры за около 1100 рублей и играл с кучей друзей, я получил кучу удовольствия и фана, причём в игре ещё есть и сюжет, локации всегда чем-то удивляют, их интересно изучать, куча запрятанных бонусов на уровнях, игра сделана прям с душой, несмотря на её примитивность. Есть конечно и небольшие минусы вроде слабого дизайна игры, которые не позволяют поставить ей 10/10, но игра сделана с душой, в ней куча всего интересного, я прошёл 2 района на 100% где-то около 35 часов и я хотел ещё, но третий район получился у разработчиков очень средним, они не смогли превзойти свой шедевриальный второй район, в итоге 2 финальных уровня на 6, 1 на 7.5 и 1 на 7, финал и концовка тоже на 6, что не позволяет мне поставить игре 9/10.
    One of the best co-op games. I don't really like extinguish fire but after playing it with friends and advancing beyond the 1st level, I realized that I had found a rare diamond. Each level has 5 additional game modes+there are additional tasks that are available in all these modes, which creates an incredible replayability for the game, for completing tasks you get money, coins and diamonds that you can spend on really interesting equipment. Embr is an example of just a perfect grind game. I bought 4 copies and played with a bunch of friends, I got a lot of fun, and there is also a plot in the game, the locations are always surprising with something, they are interesting to study, a lot of hidden bonuses at the levels, the game is made from the heart, despite its primitiveness. There are, of course, small drawbacks, such as the weak design of the game, which do not allow to rate 10/10, I complete 2 areas on 100% for about 35 hours and I wanted more, but 3 district became a disappointment for me, the authors could not do better than the second masterpiece district and 3rd turned out to be quite average, 2 levels with a rate of 6/10 for me, 1 level - 7.5 and 1 - 7, final mission and ending..also 6/10. Only the third district does not allow me to rate the game 9/10.

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