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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 53 out of 55
  2. Negative: 0 out of 55
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  1. 100
    The enormous, epic battles, the variety of classes, weapons, upgrades and the stacking mission objectives for each map will have you enjoying the game for quite a long while.
  2. No matter how many hours you may have logged playing QUAKE, Wolfenstein, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 2, or any of the other multiplayer shooters, nothing can prepare you for what you will experience when the Strogg invade Earth. Enemy Territory is the very definition of tactical warfare and its objective-base design and multiple classes will keep you playing longer than any other game in the genre.
  3. Offers some truly fantastic battlefield moments, balanced classes, and great missions. The one element that gives the game a great sense of longevity is the XP system, that will give you experience points for performing well on the battlefield adding to your weapon and class skills, and a nifty achievement system and persistent rankings that track your progress.
  4. 90
    A butter smooth online FPS experience with finely balanced gameplay.
  5. 90
    They've taken id's gorgeous Doom 3 engine and used it to create vast intricate playgrounds for fast and frantic battles between humans and cybernetic alien invaders. Quake Wars are on!
  6. Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is one of the most action-packed games of the year. If you’re looking for the next great team-based shooter, you can consider your search officially over. In a year with plenty of promising shooters, QUAKE Wars has cemented itself as a must-have.
  7. 90
    Even a middling game comes alive when you play with other people. But when a game is built as carefully as Quake Wars -- for play online and offline, for new players and veterans, for quick thrills and long learning curves, for hyper action and careful tactics -- this is as good as it gets.
  8. There's no denying that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a twitch shooter. The action is quick and deadly, and when it comes down to a one-on-one shootout, the player with the faster reflexes and better aim has the advantage.
  9. Pelit (Finland)
    Has the Battlefield-series jumped ship to Activision? Actually Quake Wars is even better, thanks to its mission-based gameplay. Now fighting really needs team effort, not only flag capturing guerrillas. [Oct 2007]
  10. PC Format
    A rewarding, exciting and technically proficient shooter that encourages imaginative and varied play. Recommended. [Dec 2007, p.52]
  11. It's a game with relentless pace, but where flanking, careful sniping, and support actions are all a part of a successful co-operative experience.
  12. Quake Wars takes team-based multiplayer shooters to the next level.
  13. A brilliant and immersive game...On the one hand you've got the sheer technical prowess and experience of id, and on the other you've got Splash Damage's intrinsic understanding of what makes a good online shooter. Together, you've got a game that could set a new benchmark for the genre. [Nov 2007, p.62]
  14. There’s no doubt that Quake Wars is a good deal of fun to play, and that counts for a lot, but in terms of winning and losing, it’s clear that the onus is primarily on the defending side to get and stay organised, as only then will the attackers need to do the same.
  15. It’s a far more nuanced game than you might expect, but it’s also very forgiving, allowing the player to find his own role in the fight. You could think of it as a multiplayer game that’s very friendly to the single-player mentality. Or you could think of it as a kick-ass online action game. Either way you’d be right.
  16. Unique objectives keep things fresh.
  17. One thing that the game does incredibly well is giving and updating objectives.
  18. 86
    Likely a platform for Splash Damage to build upon in the future, this will be one aspect of a future 'Enemy Territory 3' that they'll hopefully succeed in producing.
  19. Quake Wars' strong shooting model and focused objectives make it a lot of fun to play.
  20. Quake Wars punishes newbies with a steep learning curve as much as it rewards veterans with deep and nuanced gameplay.
  21. 85
    It may not be the prettiest game out there or feature the greatest sound effects, but the enjoyable core of gameplay helps keep things interesting as you blast through the twelve well-designed maps.
  22. 85
    It's a good game brought a hair's width short of being great due to a handful of oversights.
  23. An excellent team-based online FPS. There's always something to do while in the game so you're never really bored. Presentation, graphics and gameplay are all pluses.
  24. Play Magazine
    Great action and focus, excellent graphics, fun vehicles, satisfying classes...this one's a winner. [Nov 2007, p.114]
  25. The hardcore people will enjoy the huge maps, complex objectives and deep class systems, but more casual players looking for a simple shooter might get overwhelmed.
  26. A solid game, allowing for wildly varying tactics.
  27. PC Gamer
    This is a game perfectly suited for the tournament scene, where players are being tested for tactics and teamwork and care less about immersion. [Holiday 2007, p.76]
  28. For the casual player however, the original campaigns remain the most attractive, because of user-friendliness and server popularity.
  29. Regardless of its few faults, Quake Wars is fun, fast paced, and will offer a decent amount of variety to people who are in to this type of game. It probably won’t sway the minds of people who prefer Deathmatch style shooters over mission based team games, but does its job well by providing one of the best experiences of its kind.
  30. Quake Wars just has too much going on to fall into a rut, not counting a couple of choke points on certain maps. It has all the characteristics of an excellent hardcore game except the performance, and that’s a shame. Hopefully upcoming patches will address this and the voice comms issue.
  31. The game is pleasing to the eye, has a play style that encourages teamwork, and has a nice variety of characters.
  32. The work that has gone into balancing each class clearly shows when playing on each side. Graphically the game looks good enough for the fast-paced matches, though it might not justify the steep hardware requirements.
  33. Games Master UK
    If your strategic thinking can keep up with the pace of the gameplay, you'll love this. [Dec 2007, p.66]
  34. ETQW delivers plenty of fast-paced action, and nothing beats the feeling of finally breaking through firmly entrenched defenses. It's not the absolute best multiplayer game, but it's definitely worth playing.
  35. Edge Magazine
    No other combat game has maps this lavish, or ambitiously designed. [Nov 2007, p.88]
  36. Single-player fans need not apply - but for online players, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a title which stacks up surprisingly well with Valve's "Team Fortress 2." It can't quite match the polish, presentation and beautifully conceived design of Valve's latest, but Quake Wars sets out to provide a totally different experience, and does so very well - with a set of well-designed, expansive levels and great vehicles being the stand-out factors.
  37. With such an emphasis on tactical team play, the fact that additional inroads into the battlefields can't be achieved with - for instance - the strategic placement of an explosive charge on a wall leaves Quake Wars feel slightly dated around the edges.
  38. If you’re looking for a deep, interesting shooter, where the story goes a bit beyond the map description….then this game isn’t for you. If you’re looking for something a bit more in depth than the quick fixes Unreal Tourney provides, but not quite as sluggish as Battlefield, then feel free to open up your wallet, just don’t blow the budget on it.
  39. Over and above its impressive game engine, successful vehicle implementation and inventive map design, the way the game welcomes newcomers is almost unheard of in games of this type.
  40. Though Enemy Territory: Quake Wars certainly doesn’t reinvent the team-based multiplayer shooter, it borrows just enough from each figurehead and adds its own style and polish to produce a rock-solid online game.
  41. 80
    A great multiplayer game with a ton of depth: you could spend months learning all the ins and outs of all the maps, the classes on both sides, and all the weapons and vehicles.
  42. games(TM)
    One of the better multiplayer shooters to have been released in the last year or so. [Nov 2007, p.134]
  43. 80
    The moment-to-moment, deep tactical gameplay is just that good. While games like Team Fortress 2 or Halo 3 are fantastic jump-in-and-play multiplayer experiences, Quake Wars is now the new king of tactical online multiplayer (apologies to Battlefield 2).
  44. If you have played and enjoyed Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory then Quake Wars is a must buy title as it has everything Wolfenstein had and a whole bunch more.
  45. The game remains worth playing because for the most part, it avoids tinkering with successful formulas, while still incorporating distinctive aspects like its levels and complex objectives.
  46. 80
    It's not perfect, the unbalanced nature of the maps, the spawn camping and a fairly harsh learning curve for newcomers may put off a lot of people, but for those who put the effort in to get past that there's a deeply nuanced shooter to be found.
  47. 80
    A pleasant surprise. It has deep and varied gameplay, yet manages to keep things extremely focused. It’s too early to tell how well the gaming community will take to these new-fangled ideas, but we’re sure glad someone had the guts and smarts to put them in a game.
  48. AceGamez
    Beyond a couple of flaws and the fact that you'll probably be comparing it to Battlefield for the first few days, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is its own game with its own ideas that on occasions actually outshines others in its class.
  49. As it stands Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a great game that does what it set out to do, make an engrossing squad based FPS.
  50. I’d rate it similarly to Battlefield 2142, purely for the team-based interaction and gameplay, but it doesn’t have the “must play, need upgrades” system that Battlefield has nailed.
  51. 80
    While it's definitely polished, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars isn't as much of a feast for the eyes as more recent releases.
  52. Play (Poland)
    Nothing really ground-breaking here, just a great online shooter set at a pace adequate for folks with ADHD. Each of the five classes is important, and the teamwork is essential. Even the best body count doesn’t bring full satisfaction if your team fails to secure the mission objectives, because you screwed disarming the bomb or covering the hacker. [Dec 2007]
  53. The game blends the complexity of Battlefield 2 with the speed of Quake - but doesn't satisfy fans of either game, which is a shame because the class-specific missions are great.
  54. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a fun game. However, PC gamers looking to squeeze the most out of their gaming rig will be disappointed by the dated mechanics underneath the game.
  55. Quake Wars is that odd girl you find at the bar at eleven o'clock on a Saturday night. She may look like a repressed librarian, but when you've drunk enough to stop caring about how she looks, she'll take you along for the ride of your life.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 245 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 29 out of 245
  1. Jun 20, 2012
    Ok so its 5 years later and Quake Wars is still, in my opinion, one of the most original, solid team based shooters on the PC. Team work isOk so its 5 years later and Quake Wars is still, in my opinion, one of the most original, solid team based shooters on the PC. Team work is REQUIRED to complete objectives and teams that dont cooperate really stand out from the crowd. If I had to complain about something it would be that there are slight imbalances between strogg and GDF classes, but this is realistic as both sides are asymmetrical in how they play, which makes for an awesomely fresh experience and brings diversity and replayability to the experience. Servers are still going but arnt set ablaze anymore, I highly recommend picking up a copy if you enjoy squad based games such as the Battlefield series, only set within the Quake Universe with a dash of humor. Full marks Full Review »
  2. Sep 24, 2010
    splendid game plenty of weapons to chose from well balanced nice vehicles many classes varied maps a truly teamwork game unlike some newsplendid game plenty of weapons to chose from well balanced nice vehicles many classes varied maps a truly teamwork game unlike some new releases that try to capture what etqw does best i mean just look how much fun do you have using the cyclop Full Review »
  3. MathieuR
    Dec 25, 2009
    Very fun. I think it gives Battlefield 2 a run for it's money. You may have to switch classes a lot, but otherwise very fun. Requires a Very fun. I think it gives Battlefield 2 a run for it's money. You may have to switch classes a lot, but otherwise very fun. Requires a decent PC. Full Review »