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  • Summary: Expand is a single player video game in which players explore a circular labyrinth constructed in a monochromatic geometric landscape. Players must avoid getting squashed as the labyrinth twists, stretches and reveals itself in response to the player's movements.
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  1. Oct 1, 2015
    This unique experience is well-paced, polished, and brimming with ideas, and backed by one of the best scores I’ve heard in years.
  2. Oct 17, 2015
    For a somewhat monochromic looking game that only has you moving a pink geometric shape through a series of concentric mazes, Expand is highly addictive.
  3. Oct 30, 2015
    I thoroughly enjoyed Expand. I feel like my life is a little better having gotten to play it. I do encourage everyone to play it because it’s short and the learning curve is very low so it can be enjoyed by gamers of all types and levels of experience. But I can’t justify telling people to pay £4.75 for less than three total hours of play.
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  1. Aug 27, 2016
    Expand is about pure and simple gameplay.

    In Expand, you are a pink cube which is navigating through a circular environment. The game is
    Expand is about pure and simple gameplay.

    In Expand, you are a pink cube which is navigating through a circular environment. The game is entirely centered around this mechanic; the world is circular and you are constantly going in circles, going in and out towards and away from a ring in the center. It is akin to top-down gameplay, navigating through rooms, but is very stylized, and the rooms are all circular. The rooms change around you, and you are frequently being pushed or pulled through the environment, dodging things as they go, or else trying to navigate your way through a maze ahead of a wall of death, or narrowly avoiding death from things moving in and out of the walls.

    Very little of the game involves much in the way of thought; it is much more about reflexes and execution, though there are a few simple puzzles here and there.

    It is a very simple game, but it is somehow satisfying; the simplicity allows for some very pure gameplay, and the visuals (and audio) all work together to make for a solid experience.

    That being said, this game is very short; I beat the whole thing in 94 minutes. There are no achievements, no secrets, no nothing – just you and making your way through the levels. There are four major areas, plus a fifth one at the end after you beat those four.

    I can’t say I didn’t have fun. But at the same time, this is not a particularly deep experience; it is just pure gameplay. And – I’ll say it again – it is quite short.

    All in all, I wouldn’t recommend paying much for this game, but if you can get it for cheap, it can be a brief but positive experience.