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  1. Sep 9, 2016
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This has got to be one of the worst video games of 1999. Extreme Paintbrawl, more like Abysmal Paintbrawl. I hate this game because criticism was directed toward its use of the obsolete Build engine, lack of game modes beyond a variation of capture the flag, maps that did not resemble actual paintball fields at all, an unfitting soundtrack, and a practice mode that only allowed players to roam through a map without any enemies or targets. The game was also plagued by bizarre AI behavior, including computer-controlled teammates getting caught near doors and walls or standing still in open areas of the map, but also being able to also exhibit perfect aim. This game also took the first-person shooter genre too far by trying to "wed a tired game engine with the paintball phenomenon." Its AI was criticized for being "perhaps one of the worst attempts at modeling a team sport" due to its inconsistent behavior, and the game was also criticized for making it too difficult to distinguish between enemies and allies. In conclusion, Extreme PaintBrawl was considered to be "perhaps one of the worst games I've seen in years, as much out of touch with reality as it is out of step with the gaming world at large." It is remarked that the soundtrack was the only aspect of the entire game that could constitute being described as "extreme". Do not play this game at all costs. Also, I'd rather play Superman 64 than this garbage. Expand

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