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  1. Dec 5, 2022
    The yearly release of Football Manager adds a few great features as well as overall improvements to its game engine and official UEFA licensing. Combined with an already complete and tight package, the result is the best Football Manager up to date. The full price may draw away players who bought the game in the last few years and they may skip this year's edition. As for new players, this is a must-buy.
  2. Nov 18, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 is a step in the right direction. It adds eye-catching new features such as UEFA licenses, as well as gameplay and match engine tweaks. You can still ask for a little more to a game that is already excellent, such as improvements to press conferences, or even women's football, but it is undoubtedly worth playing if you are a fan of the saga.
  3. Nov 16, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 works great. It’s a powerful second life, second job or simply your biggest passion simulation tool. If you are familiar with the previous installment, you’ll enjoy new things, and if you want to try the series out for the first time, the 2023 edition is a great place to start and learn.
  4. Nov 15, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 is the most complete football management simulator yet, offering players tons of depth, but also letting them decide how deep they want to go. Just like real football, Football Manager 2023 captures the highs and lows of match days while engrossing you in this virtual football world.
  5. Nov 9, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 might be a small improvement over its immediate predecessor, but it's still an incredibly accomplished management sim that you can easily sink hundreds of hours into.
  6. Nov 8, 2022
    If we talk about soccer simulators, Football Manager 2023 is simply perfect, the problem is that right now there is a ceiling that hasn't been knocked down for several years. For the franchise to really take a step forward, it is necessary to start improving other aspects of the game and continental licenses is a start, although somewhat insufficient. We'll keep waiting.
  7. 90
    Sports Interactive aims to bring Football Manager 2023 to all home consoles and brings a little change to the new chapter. Despite everything, FM23 is an excellent, precise and satisfying game, with the European licenses finally returning.
  8. 90
    The most realistic and engaging instalment of Football Manager yet, even if its improvements are extremely minor in themselves.
  9. Nov 24, 2022
    Keeping a winning formula is one thing, making it grow is another, and that's the undeniable strength of Sports Interactive with Football Manager. Yes indeed, this 2023 iteration does not reinvent the wheel, but in the other hand, it improves on certain aspects of the franchise, with an even greater immersion with the integration of the Champions League and other UEFA European Cups.
  10. Nov 14, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 is as solid from the mechanics' point of view as any of its predecessors. Working out tactical problems is as engaging as ever. Winning championships, or even avoiding relegation as the right team, is thrilling. I will probably play at least a few hundred hours before spring, trying to improve some of my favorite teams, and maybe pick up a Premier League title and the Champions League in the process. But, while the game is engaging and has depth, it might be time for the series to take a break. Sports Interactive could release databases or other tweaks for a small price next year. And, for 2024, they can work on bigger innovations. Football Manager 2023 is game enough to keep fans engaged until then.
  11. Nov 14, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 never disappoints, but your star player that leaves the nest just at the last day of transfer may. With the innovations in the squad planner, European Cups and the match engine, wonderful adventures await us where we will spend hundreds of hours and play matches all over the world.
  12. Nov 10, 2022
    Like the other episodes before it, Football Manager 2023 has the daunting task of convincing series regulars to checkout and attract newcomers. A successful bet, for a title that is still just as complete, precise and addictive once a game has started... Without bringing any major revolution in terms of playability, this new component, in addition to playing it safe with the same winning recipe, poses when even new solid bases, with the arrival of a strong and iconic license like the Champions League and an interesting management of the supporters, until then a little left on the side. This is enough to ensure an even deeper immersion... but not to the point of offering us a major revolution.
  13. Nov 7, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 offers plenty of depth for fans wanting to fully immerse themselves, but there aren't a ton of noticeable improvements. It's still an incredible game, but those wanting to see a huge step-up from last year's won't really find it here.
  14. Nov 3, 2022
    In all, Football Manager 23 represents another step forward for the franchise but it’s a title win without much competition. The changes to recruitment and squad planning are impressive and welcome, but the lack of an overhaul to the match engine may leave players wanting more.The addition of Champions League graphics – yes, you don’t have to download a third-party image pack anymore – helps improve the realism and overall story of your saves but it’s ultimately not a game-changer. It’s still a must-have for any football fan, of course, and you’ll find yourself in that classic routine of ‘just one more match’ before long.
  15. Nov 4, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 is the natural evolution of last year's edition, and brings with it some innovations aimed at making the gaming experience more comfortable and immediate. The section called the Squad Plan is that tool you don't realize you need until you have it available and when you become familiar with it it is hard to do without it. UEFA licenses add atmosphere to cup matches and market dynamics are increasingly realistic, although still perfectible. Once again, the smallest progress concerns the technical sector, which instead was - and unfortunately remains - the area with the widest room for improvement, but overall this does not undermine an overall judgment, because Football Manager is above all tactics and transfer market and from these points of view continues to be the number one managerial for all fans of the sport to which it is dedicated.
  16. Nov 3, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 is a solid iteration of one of the most beloved sim franchises on the market. It's addictive as usual, it adds some welcomed new features and an extra layer of strategy and official licenses. Now all that remains is to fix the abnormal injury rate and we're done.
  17. Nov 18, 2022
    A totally immersive management experience creaking under the pressure of annual release culture. It needs extra time.
  18. Nov 16, 2022
    Football Manager still offers an unrivaled depth of experience, but this edition is more about a minor evolution and doesn't bring any really big new features. So, if you still have the previous edition on your drive and you are not a hardcore fan of the series, you will be fine with it.
  19. Nov 3, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 is yet another Sports Interactive simulation that aims at pure perfection getting really close to it. New elements on the gameplay side are interesting, the introduction of the official UEFA license is a huge improvement, but still the game looks exactly the same as three years ago, and during the match Football Manager 2023 shows the same flaws of its predecessors.
  20. Nov 3, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 wanted us to gawk at the new licenses, but it forgets that the franchise has become immortalised by the authenticity of its gameplay and not the logos of teams or competitions. The Champions League and Europa League have a new look, but it is through the new Squad Planner and recruitment system that FM23 truly stands out from its predecessors, although some tactical systems still have a clear edge in the game.
  21. Nov 3, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 is another strong entry in the series. It's unlikely to convert anyone who isn't already passionate about what it has to offer, but it is brilliant for those who do. Would-be managers take note.
  22. Nov 3, 2022
    If you already own Football Manager 2022, then it likely isn’t worth upgrading to Football Manager 2023. The changes it boasts do make for a better experience, but it feels more like a slight quality-of-life update than a whole new game to replace what came before it. That said, this is undoubtedly still the best sports simulation game on the market. And if you’re looking to step into the world of Football Manager for the first time, or you’ve been away for several years, you won’t be disappointed.
  23. Nov 3, 2022
    It’s another iteration for the Football Manager franchise, but a worthwhile one. The new Champion’s League license brings in an extra bit of authenticity, but it’s the squad builder and dynamic manager timeline that will make a real difference over last year’s game.
  24. Nov 3, 2022
    Headline features that don’t have a lot going for them mean Football Manager 2023 is the smallest step forward in the series yet, but a step forward nonetheless, to make this the best FM game to date.
  25. Nov 15, 2022
    Although there is not much progress, Football Manager 2023 still has some new features worth trying. Many new actions have been added to the game. The stats, fan support, and new authorized content are interesting, but the lineup planner, scouting reports, and meetings are not very useful. Players who want to experience a hardcore football game should try it out.
  26. Nov 3, 2022
    An excellent football management sim, but it's lacking innovations of note.
  27. Dec 13, 2022
    Even though it only brings a few new features, making it very similar to the last game, Football Manager 2023 is still the best football management game that delivers the best experience.
  28. Dec 13, 2022
    Sports Interactive never ceases to amaze us with the amount of detail in the Football Manager series, but regardless of the continued quality of the game, some significant improvements are needed to justify the price because this way everything feels like some kind of DLC or Patch.
  29. Nov 7, 2022
    Next year’s addition to the series cannot afford to rest on its laurels. Small yearly improvements from its late 2010s instalments won’t cut it going forward. The hardcore will get frustrated, the casual will probably see no difference between yearly fixtures. You will still have plenty of fun – and lots of it – but Football Manager2023 has hit its peak in its current design. More should be expected going forward, and more should be demanded.
  30. Nov 3, 2022
    A few changes here and there improve Football Manager 2023 much more than I’d anticipated. It’s still the same deeply engrossing sim that you know and love, but with a few extra bells and whistles to keep the fans happy.
  31. Nov 28, 2022
    The new Football Manager is a good game, of course it is - nothing’s gotten worse, some things got better, it’s once again the best instalment in the series. The advances, however, are so minuscule as to be almost imperceptible. We really cannot pat the developers’ backs for this effort.
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  1. Nov 5, 2022
    Football Manager 2023 feels more as an update to the previous entry than a new game with exciting features to try. Even so, every little change and addition helps to create a more immersive, realistic and challenging experience even for longtime players.
  2. Nov 4, 2022
    Football Manager is still the best sim of its kind, but FM23's serious lack of major improvements shows an annual release schedule taking its toll.

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  1. Dec 31, 2022
    Can't say I was a fan. Played and found it too easy and quite boring. I really don't see the fuss about these games.
  2. Nov 14, 2022
    These games do actually get better year on year with meaningful improvements where many other yearly sports games don't evolve or even getThese games do actually get better year on year with meaningful improvements where many other yearly sports games don't evolve or even get worse.

    FM 23 is another great game!
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  3. Nov 11, 2022
    Tried the game on gamepass , but unnistall after 40min.
    Literally same copy paste /cash grab/ database update to day we getting in the last
    Tried the game on gamepass , but unnistall after 40min.
    Literally same copy paste /cash grab/ database update to day we getting in the last 6,7 years for the full price .
    Seems they literally abandoned this game in the last 5-7 years , and now only milking the fanbase, not even trying anymore.
    Ho played FM in the last 5,6 years already played this game to.
    So dont bother anymore , save urselft the few hundred hours u need to put in this game.
    Literally nothing new only some v small cosmetic U.I tweaks and minor changes that doesnt add anything good to the game .
    Btw . that 3D engine has worse graphics then FIFA 2005 and beside that player movement are so clunky and feel so unrealistic , that u getting the feeling u withness , train a robots AI team.
    Im done with this company they dont care at all about this game,
    they only milking they fanbase to expand theyr company in the last 5,7 years.
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