Mixed or average reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 30
  2. Negative: 3 out of 30
  1. Feb 17, 2015
    It may lack the mods and extra content you can find in other editions, but we believe that's not the point at all. This is an HD edition of the best game in this franchise and by looking at it this way we love it today as we loved it when it initially came out.
  2. Jan 29, 2015
    The only thing I'm sad about is the lack of the other two expansions included in the Complete version.
  3. Jan 29, 2015
    The mix of hunting, gathering, counquering, improving and leveling is still compelling - but now it's in HD.
  4. Jan 29, 2015
    As with Avernum, HoMM3’s sheen has not been dulled by the vitiating properties of time; instead, its unique blend of roleplaying and strategy is just as alluring 15 years on.
  5. Feb 27, 2015
    Despite its lack of extra content, this version of Heroes III still manages to capture what made the original so great all those years ago.
  6. Oct 9, 2015
    The same old good game that we remember, but it could have been even better with the two expansions that were released and a better price or better graphics.
  7. Pelit (Finland)
    Mar 19, 2015
    This is mostly an unnecessary remake of the fantasy strategy classic. The improvements are minor in the graphics and nonexistent elsewhere, except for the multiplayer mode through Steam and the tablet versions, which might be the game's biggest selling point. The game itself is still gold - PC gamers should just consider if the old Ultimate Edition bundle, with expansion packages already included, is a better investment. [March 2015]
  8. Feb 6, 2015
    It might not be cheap, but it's still a good remaster of a legendary game.
  9. Jan 30, 2015
    Although the game still is great and they have done a great job upgrading it to current resolutions, the lack of the original expansions makes it feel incomplete.
  10. Jan 30, 2015
    This remake will satisfy players with its support for higher resolutions, but it fails in providing new content.
  11. Jan 29, 2015
    The solid gameplay withstands the test of time, and graphical enhancements help to give back a fresh and pleasant taste to this unforgettable masterpiece.
  12. Feb 4, 2015
    A great game, unimpressively updated. Get the bigger, cheaper version instead.
  13. Feb 4, 2015
    I can cheerfully recommend it to people who may never have encountered the game before. But if you’re a Heroes of Might and Magic fan, who never needed high-definition anything to enjoy these games, then the chances are that GOG already had you covered, and there’s not much for you here.
  14. 70
    If by some chance you missed this game before and enjoyed other tactics game, or you're just looking to take on real people to see how good your strategy really is, then it's easy to recommend nabbing the update.
  15. Jan 28, 2015
    A remake that could satisfy the seasoned player with support for higher resolutions, but that fails in providing new content. Now it's possible to play online thanks to Steamworks, but that’s the only novelty of a (still appealing) game that has 15 years on his back, and does nothing to hide it.
  16. Jan 29, 2015
    Remastered or not remastered? That is the question. This new edition of the best game in the HOMM saga adds a lot of new multiplayer features, but the gameplay is still the same, and the fact that all the expansions are missing is unacceptable.
  17. Feb 16, 2015
    Heroes of Might and Magic III HD brings back the epic game from 1999. You can spend hours playing this again but at the same time the HD-version is incomplete. For this price the expansion packs should've certainly been in there.
  18. Feb 17, 2015
    Making such a legendary game accessible to a modern audience is always a good thing, but Ubisoft just didn't do enough here to set this refurbished version apart from the original and its free high-definition mod.
  19. For a moderate increase in price, you end up getting a lot less in terms of content.
  20. Feb 9, 2015
    The HD Edition of Heroes of Might & Magic III introduces some graphical improvements but lacks the modernized user interface introduced to the original game through mods. It is still as enjoyable and time-consuming as ever but for those not opting for the Ios version the Complete Edition has the better content value.
  21. Feb 6, 2015
    Heroes of Might & Magic III, despite some old mistakes, is still the catcher like it used to be. However, if you are not a complete novice or a "want-them-all“ person, you’re good with the previous Complete Edition. Veterans might be even offended by this incomplete version.
  22. Feb 1, 2015
    This is the old masterpiece with less content and higher price.
  23. CD-Action
    Mar 17, 2015
    The game itself is wonderful, still one of the best PC titles, but the HD Edition is very disappointing. Redrawing the game in higher resolution is not enough, especially that expansions are not included and program’s stability leaves much to be desired. [03/2014, p.60]
  24. Feb 7, 2015
    Heroes of Might & Magic III might be the least improved re-release ever. Thankfully the original is epic, but that game is still available for half the price plus all extensions. So the HD version is not interesting for PC owners, but iPad users will probably like this re-release.
  25. 50
    If you played this game, and you liked it, 15 years ago when it first came out, you might get a bit of nostalgia from this version. But without the expansions bundled in and practically no changes, there exist better alternatives on the market for you to spend your money on.
  26. Feb 2, 2015
    Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition was supposed to be a way to celebrate 15th anniversary of the game and 20th anniversary of the series. Unfortunately Ubisoft failed. The freshened up version of HoMM III is not a product worth a relatively high price - especially it you find out how much the fans have improved the original. The biggest flaw of the HD Edition is an absurd price to quality ratio - this package simply doesn't contain all the things it needed to.
  27. Jan 29, 2015
    The most important problem with this reissue is that all we get is a core game, without changes compared to Heroes III sixteen years ago. Only for the most devoted fans.
  28. Jan 30, 2015
    I love turn-based tacts, I love classics and I like Fantasy. But while other games of that era aged well, HoMM feels outdated. If you really want to play it, get the original with mods.
  29. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Mar 10, 2015
    Heroes of Might & Magic III HD works as a cure for blinded fans of Ubisoft. The sole purpose of the game is to pull money from gamers. [Issue#250]
  30. Feb 11, 2015
    It is, in no uncertain terms, a waste of money.
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 168 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 56 out of 168
  2. Negative: 92 out of 168
  1. Jan 29, 2015
    Hahaha...HD? Nooo..this is just a some kind of cheap cosmetical remastered mod for 15$ Ubisoft-bravo! Dont buy this commercial useless trash.Hahaha...HD? Nooo..this is just a some kind of cheap cosmetical remastered mod for 15$ Ubisoft-bravo! Dont buy this commercial useless trash. If you love heroes- play old good Heroes 3 complete from GOG with all addons and RMG, and enjoy. Full Review »
  2. Jan 29, 2015
    Just a cash grab from Ubisoft. Basic Heroes III without expansions, without custom maps, without online matches. And its more expensive thenJust a cash grab from Ubisoft. Basic Heroes III without expansions, without custom maps, without online matches. And its more expensive then complete edition you can get in GoG or boxed in any game stores. I bet soon they will release expansion for another 15e each. Full Review »
  3. Jan 29, 2015
    Vanilla only and FPS dropes. Thx, Ubisoft, keep it up, so we can hate you more and more. There is nothing more to say, but my review must beVanilla only and FPS dropes. Thx, Ubisoft, keep it up, so we can hate you more and more. There is nothing more to say, but my review must be at least 150 characters long. Full Review »