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  • Summary: Inspired by Chrono Trigger, I am Setsuna is an homage to the JRPG masterpieces of yesteryear. Journey with Setsuna as she prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice and save the people of her land.


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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Pelit (Finland)
    Oct 12, 2016
    Games like I am Setsuna are created very rarely these days. It’s not perfect, but it is a promising first game from Tokyo RPG Factory. [Sept 2016]
  2. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Aug 23, 2016
    Non-combat side of the game is not nearly as diverse. Our PCs don’t play cards, there’s no more than 10 side quests and not even a hint of romance in this cold air. Still, it’s hard to put I Am Setsuna away – not because the story or the combat are that good on their own, but because it really captures that old school JRPG atmosphere. [Issue#211, p.69]
  3. Aug 18, 2016
    I am Setsuna is a very solid RPG, with classic mechanics, really fun and nice retro like graphics, worst are controls on PC his plain history.
  4. Jul 19, 2016
    Setsuna is a good game and that’s really the problem, it’s just good. The games intention of being a love letter the to JRPG’s of yesteryear have kept the game void of any originality and spark. The game is stuck in the shadow of those games, playing it far too safe to rear a head of its own.
  5. Aug 8, 2016
    I Am Setsuna is a huge throwback onto 90’s classic jRPGs, and it’s clearly and loudly inspired by Chrono Trigger. The battle system is deep and satisfying, the soundtrack is great and the storyline is interesting even if a little bit predictable. There are some frustrations in the farming system and loot crates. Furthermore, budget limits are evident in the environments and enemy patterns.
  6. Jul 22, 2016
    If you're aching for a familiar and exciting JRPG, there's better to be found out there. While this is a serviceable option, there are plenty other more memorable ones out there.
  7. PC PowerPlay
    Aug 27, 2016
    I Am Setuna might fill a current market gap, but it doesn't do anything new or interesting. [Issue#254, p.53]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 11
  2. Negative: 1 out of 11
  1. Jan 23, 2017
    Five Word Review: Beautiful, nailed the retro feeling.
    Favorite Thing: There's a lot to like here. The abilities and combos are fun, the
    Five Word Review: Beautiful, nailed the retro feeling.
    Favorite Thing: There's a lot to like here. The abilities and combos are fun, the character designs are great and the entire game is oozing a wonderfully retro vibe.
    Least Favorite Thing: Most AoE spells affect in an area around the target but don't tell you how large the area is, visually show you the area or indicate the allies/enemies that will be affected.

    Playtime: ~ 40h (100% Completion)
    Enjoyment: 9/10
    Recommendation: Absolutely, you should play this.
  2. Jul 24, 2016
    Ich habe lange auf die Lokalisierung von "I am Setsuna" gewartet. Es hat sich größtenteils gelohnt.

    "I am Setsuna" soll eine Hommage an
    Ich habe lange auf die Lokalisierung von "I am Setsuna" gewartet. Es hat sich größtenteils gelohnt.

    "I am Setsuna" soll eine Hommage an die JRPG´s der 90er darstellen, allen voran "Chrono Trigger" was man deutlich am Kampfsystem merkt. Leider schafft es "I am Setsuna" nicht, alle Tugenden der klassischen JRPG´s umzusetzen, welche sich seither in den meisten Rollenspielen japanischer Herkunft (und auch westlichen RPG´s) finden lassen. Dies ist vermutlich dem kleinen Entwicklerteam zu schulden. Bedenkt man allerdings die ursprüngliche Idee (Hommage an JPRG´s der 90er) hinter diesem Spiel, so hätte man vielleicht etwas mehr Etnwicklungszeit investieren sollen um letztlich genau dies zu erreichen...

    Alles im allem ist I am Setsuna aber ein durchaus gutes Spiel.

    Es besitzt ein interessantes Kampfsystem mit sehr vielen Kombinationsmöglichkeiten. Nach finden der eigenen, evtl. Spielstilabhängigen "Standartkombo" sind die Kämpfe allerdings meistens re­pe­ti­tiv.

    Die Charakterentwicklung bzw. Skillsystem ist durchaus gut geworden. Man bekommt Fähigkeiten nicht durch Leveln sondern durch das Herstellen von "Spritnite´s". Die Materialien zum herstellen bekommt man (wer hätte das gedacht) durch das besiegen von Monstern. Je nachdem wie ein Monster erlegt wird, ob durch "Overkill" oder "Linkkill" usw., werden andere Drops erzeugt.
    Das System selbst ist einfach und doch umfangreich, denn neben aktiven Skills (Command Spritnite´s) kommen auch passive Spritnite´s zum Einsatz. So ist es möglich, durch herumprobieren, je nach eigenem Spielstil die Charaktere anzupassen. Was durchaus motivierend ist.

    Die Grafik wirkt mit ihren pastelähnlichen, fast handgezeichneten Wirken sehr mythisch und passt sehr gut zum Spielstil. Allerdings kann ich jetzt erstmal keinen Schnee mehr sehen.

    Der OST ist passend und es gibt einige Ohrwürmer. Die Musik wird bis auf eine Ausnahme (Vocal) nur vom Klavier eingespielt.

    Storytechnisch sollte man nicht allzu viel erwarten, wobei gerade zum Ende das Spiel nochmal fahrt aufnimmt. Mich haben die letzten Szenen doch relativ nachdenklich gemacht.

    Was mich eher enttäuscht hat, war der recht Maue Inhalt des Spiels. I am Setsuna bietet außerhalb der Haupthandlung kaum Nebenbeschäftigungen. Eine handvoll (und das meine ich wörtlich) Sidequests, ein paar optionale Bosse und Monster, dass wars! Somit ist bzw. wird dadurch das Spiel auch recht kurz (ca. 20-40 Stunden Spielzeit).
    Und hier ist der von mir oben erwähnte Kritikpunkt an die Entwickler. Sidequests sind im RPG Genre eine fast schon "unverrückbare Tatsache". Gerade weil sie betonen, I am Setsuna ist der geistige Nachfahre einiger Klassiker, so sollte dies doch auch im Inhalt niederschlagen.

    Sieht man von diesem Patzer ab, ist I am Setsuna aber ein gutes Spiel geworden.

  3. May 5, 2020
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The combat in this game is similar to Chrono Trigger, making it pretty fun. It's a short game with some alright end game content. I think the biggest gripe people have with this game is the ending which left many players feeling let-down by an otherwise engaging story. Expand
  4. Jul 24, 2016
    Game is not bad, but definitely not good either. It takes a lot of ideas from old games and mix them into one. There is even an area withGame is not bad, but definitely not good either. It takes a lot of ideas from old games and mix them into one. There is even an area with "developers".

    The story is about Sacrifice. A girl is chosen to be the sacrifice until the next one. Didn't really hook me into the story, nor encouraged me to continue to see what will happen next. It is slow, and the dialog doesn't help either.

    The characters are flat and boring. The character development and interaction between characters isn't there. Characters are shallow. Thou, each character has their own abilities.

    Combat is okay, but then it becomes repetitive. Using the same tactics, and strategy as you mow through the enemies, except few. Bosses are somewhat okay. But with such combat, the bosses are limited in how you fight them. Some bosses are easier fought using some character due to their ability (For example to dispel). There are times that you will see some monsters that are supposed to be dealt with later on, or using some strategy. Killing monsters in certain ways makes them drop different materials.

    Leveling is not hard, but it isn't a game changer. It will boost your stats somewhat but the other stats comes from weapons. All characters will get the experience even if you are not using them (unless they are not with you). Weapons have attack stats and defense stats. Sometimes they have some hidden ability which you will have to figure out what it does from the description. Talismans gives you slots as well as fluxes stuff. They have hidden abilities into the description as well some boosts (for example ribbon).
    You craft your abilities (mostly) which you put inside your slots. Slots comes from leveling or talismans. You have supportive, combat slots, and slots that all fits. Crafting your abilities comes from selling material items. It also gives you money which you will need to buy your weapons and improving them. Most materials comes from monsters. There is a dungeon with the bosses but it comes later on in game.
    Some materials you pick up from the ground. They are the shiny things on the ground. They are used mostly for cooking. To learn recipes, you need to collect enough materials and talk to the NPCs around. Some of them will teach you the recipes. Food, gives you experience boosts or drops boost and so on.
    There are chests that you will run into frequently but you cannot open until later on the game. Thou, traveling fast around will be easy and fast.

    Music is good in some and flat out boring in others. All of them composed on piano. Characters voice are good. Would have been nice if some had voice over dialog.

    The game isn't cheap (around 40$ at steam currently) but you can get 10+ hours easily. The game seems to fits well for handheld or even mobile gaming. The story isn't something you haven't seen before, nor are the characters. If it is a game to add to your list of games, or another JRPG. There are better old JRPG games, that you will probably find much cheaper by now.
  5. Jul 27, 2016
    I am Setsuna said to be the spiritual successor to Chrono Blade delivers amazingly on the combat, inventory/itemization, and environment; butI am Setsuna said to be the spiritual successor to Chrono Blade delivers amazingly on the combat, inventory/itemization, and environment; but it lacks luster when it comes to generic story fault lines, typical archetype characters, and repetition.

    Pros: Not to elaborate greatly here (save that for cons) but I am Setsuna has a refined enough combat system (although their is one combo that can clear literally any minion wave and can be received fairly early) that leaves a lot of opportunity to create special combos that look awesome when executed and deal a fair amount of damage, the combat system also adds 3 resource bars that need to be managed making it slightly more in depth than other RPGs out their. As for the environment, although it is stark white and rarely changes it fits the grim tone the game tries to achieve, otherwise it would be a downside. And as for the itemization and such, although characters are locked into a class and the weapon line is linear their is a lot of customization available through a 'spritnite' mechanic in the game allowing for interesting mixing in character menus.

    Cons: This game story suffers greatly from a classic case of 'the protagonist (Setsuna) says this will happen so we have to ensure it happens!' sorta case, it gets tot he point where Setsuna just wants to save people and go way too far out of the way to even be bothered to achieve her only goal... not to mention she kinda does not care when she dies its as if she does not even want to complete her quest. Besides that, the plot twists are half-hearted or way to extreme, and with the band of characters you assemble its just leaves you like 'really what were the chances that would happen! ;)'. Also, talk about repetition, this game has some nice monsters and areas but good lordy I would say there are maybe 10 actual monsters (hyperbole) and the other 50 or so are literally (not joking) just reskins with a different color scheme and name, its sad for a 40$ title, although the bosses are quite the sight and definitely look boss-esque.

    But the fact still remains, even with its multiple crappy plot lines, when I finished I am Setsuna there was a void that still wanted more (mostly due to the huge confusion left by the ending) and that is why all in all i would have to recommend I am Setsuna.

  6. Mar 7, 2022
    The story is not interesting

    The combat system is monotonous

    Overall very bland
  7. Sep 27, 2017
    The dialogue is lacking in many ways. The quality in general is poor and it often leaves a lot left to be desired. This isn't poorThe dialogue is lacking in many ways. The quality in general is poor and it often leaves a lot left to be desired. This isn't poor translation, responses to your dialogue choices are often disappointing, there really is no point to the choices. Honestly I was getting immersed in the menus, reading about the locations and such, only to be pulled out of it very quickly. It's quite mind-boggling that such effort went to add all this information about places, items and enemies when the dialogue and its options are so poor. I couldn't help but feel they could of used a lot of this text in the game-world, rather than leaving all of it in the menus.

    It took me a few seconds to realize a flashback was happening at the shrine at the beginning of the game. This was because characters on screen were talking, and they were in almost the same positions in the flashback. Poor execution and Setsuna go together.

    What can I say? Some materials are green when I can sell stuff to the magic consortium (the nightrite npc), yet I don't know why. Food hadn't been explained to me yet. I guessed they were used for something else. Materials to upgrade my weapons? No... They're for cooking. So I read the names. The other issue is... What the hell is this system? Selling items so an npc can sell you abilities? Because money is involved and this is labelled as buying and selling, so it is confusing, how much are you buying nightrite for? Are these materials used for other things? Oh, and the first time I used this system, I was selling items separately when I could just go and make them... But the nightrite are grayed out in the menu and as it's the first thing you see, you simply ignore it.

    Combat... Where do I start? I play turn-based games so I don't have to time things with animations or dodge attacks. I find turn-based games... Relaxing. The Momentum system is anti-thetical to the turn-based experienced. You see, many things are based around the Momentum system. You feel like you need to use it. A lot. You hit a key when a character attacks an enemy once you've got a charge... But you gain charges by waiting when a characters turn is ready. When you do use Momentum, the animations are so short that it's not hard to miss it. You see... If the animation were longer, I wouldn't have as much of an issue but... This is a turn-based game. It's like when you feel you need to use summons in FF8 and you feel the need to use the square button to get the most out of the system. Instead of enchancing the game, these features degrade it. Not only that, but the Momentum system detracts from the actual combat in general. And the moment it gets hectic, I just don't care. I don't really give a ♥♥♥♥. That's my honest opinion. When I discovered Momentum carries over through battles, I found myself sitting at my PC doing literally nothing.
    Just waiting. Then I got bored. And that's a terrible thing.

    The save points... For ♥♥♥♥s sake, my favourite podcast is on. I like to take my time going through a game without feeling rushed. I like to explore and make sure that I don't miss anything. So I keep moving forward, then I'm flooded with 20 accessories to look at and decide what to buy and how to equip my character .... Oh boy, how much fun. ♥♥♥♥ off and give me my save point already. Also, learn how to make a ♥♥♥♥ing game you plebs.

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