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  • Summary: This brand-new business simulation starts in America at the dawn of the 20th century. Trade and economy range from the rise of industrial mass production to the age of information technologies. [JoWood]
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  1. Doesn't revolutionise the genre but makes it easily accessible and fun to play. The addition of multiplayer as well as the endless mode has put this game up there with the best of the tycoon games.
  2. The game will be interesting to beginners and experienced gamers alike, primarily because it gives you an infinite number of possible solutions, giving you in turn a chance to prove yourself as an economic strategist.
  3. A thoroughly comprehensive and enjoyable single player industry simulation, complimented by decent multiplayer support to satisfy the competitive spirit of LAN party goers looking for something a little more sophisticated.
  4. It can be an enjoyable game, especially when you are just starting out to build your corporate empire. However, some gameplay quirks and the need for too much micromanagement will cause some players to lose interest in it before too long.
  5. 72
    Most certainly better than the first one, but interface problems, pacing, and lack of personality still bring the game down.
  6. 68
    While it's clearly better than the original, there are still some kinks to work out both from a design and a technical standpoint.
  7. Ultimately a graphical front end for a clumsy and frustrating spreadsheet.

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