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  1. Just Cause 2 sets a new standard in the sandbox genre, and will be difficult to top due to its incredible graphics, expansive world, and extremely fun gameplay.
  2. Just Cause 2 isn’t a perfect game, many of the story missions are blah and the player isn’t really let into the joke of the game until late into it, but even with its very minor faults it still manages to be one of the best games I have played this year.
  3. Just Cause 2 combines over the top action, a cheesy plot and voice acting, and an open sandbox world in all the right ways.
  4. The decision whether to buy it or not is fairly easy to make: Just Cause 2 is a dynamic sandbox game, very gritty and not big on demands, losing some points in the atmosphere and storyline departments, but totally making up for those by aesthetic variation, fiery car chases and grappling hook gymnastics.
  5. One of the most enjoyable sandboxes for players to experiment in this side of Grand Theft Auto. [Issue#204, p.86]
  6. The original Just Cause was a little rough around the edges but the sequel is highly polished and looks great. I could easily see myself logging a hundred hours or more in to the game, it’s probably the most comprehensive sandbox game I’ve played.
  7. Just Cause 2 is an amazingly fun game, and while it's not the most well-rounded package, it delivers massive amounts of entertainment in ways that no one's really quite done before.
  8. All versions of Just Cause 2 are great - but the PC version just has enough to nudge it up to the next score threshold. Kudos to Avalanche for not fobbing off PC gamers with a poor console port.
  9. Just Cause 2 is a good, but not perfect mixture of GTA and Boiling Point. It offers a huge playground for every action gamer - supported by beautiful graphics.
  10. PC Format
    I can't think of any game recently that's got me so hooked on insane combat. Step aside GTA, you're about to be overtaken. [May 2010, p.91]
  11. 88
    I haven't had this much fun with an open-world game in years. Just Cause 2 is over-the-top and insanely fun. There are some issues in the game's presentation and the checkpoint system is far from perfect, but Just Cause 2 is otherwise a must-play for adrenaline junkies.
  12. PC Gamer
    A vast and incredible playground for destructive experiments and improbable stunts. [Jun 2010, p.64]
  13. It might get repetitive and a bit boring over time, but in general its simply a blast to drive, run and grapple'n'parachute across Panau, simply in order to cause mayhem and chaos.
  14. For all its slight foibles, Just Cause 2 is hugely entertaining, and despite the creeping feeling of repetition beginning to set in as you destroy your 500th fuel tank or collect your 1000th item, there's more than enough freedom to pull off ludicrous stunts and experiment with your weapons, vehicles, parachute and grappling hook to make you want to extend your stay in Panau's sandbox paradise indefinitely.
  15. Crazy stunts, a huge and gorgeous gameworld, and a playful attitude make Just Cause 2 a lot of fun.
  16. Just Cause 2 doesn't have better shooting than Far Cry 2, better destruction than Red Faction, a better story than Grand Theft Auto, or better graphics than inFamous. What it does have, however, is fun, and what Just Cause 2 does, it does well.
  17. 85
    Just Cause 2 reminds us why we play games in the first place: to have an utterly ridiculous amount of fun, and to surf jets because it's possible.
  18. Just Cause 2 does what so many other open-world games try to and usually end up missing the target. Its huge world, insane gameplay, and amazing visuals will keep you blowing stuff up into the wee hours of the morning and not even blinking an eye.
  19. PC Zone UK
    At the end of the day though, this game is just pure fun. [May 2010, p.64]
  20. Just Cause 2 is brainless action at its best. A crazy game with astonishing situations all along that doesn’t take itself too serious.
  21. Just Cause 2 is a very good, humorous sequel with a vast open world and a wonderful destruction system. The downsides though are a miserable AI and a lack of variety concerning the mission design.
  22. Just Cause 2 is a sequel that outdoes the original with gripping gameplay, exquisite visuals and a variety of missions that will keep you playing longer than you might expect. If you're an action fan, you need this.
  23. Just Cause 2 is a gorgeous, fun, rollercoaster of a game. It's far from perfect, but its best qualities shine through, leaving the lacklustre gunplay as more of a mildly unpleasant aftertaste than a meal ruining disaster.
  24. A huge improvement over its predecessor, Just Cause 2 is a blast to play, offering a vast island to explore and great ways to do it... Unfortunately, the repetitive mission design and lousy script keep this from being a truly classic experience.
  25. Chocked full of insane action and plenty of creative opportunities, and knows that ultimately it's all about having fun. It's a brash, no-brainer experience that gives everything you want from a sandbox game, but lets make sure the combat ramps up a notch in the next title.
  26. The island of Panau is like an amazing vacation filled with explosions and action. Just like a real holiday, you want to go home sometime but for as long as it takes Just Cause 2 is about as crazy and fun as an open world game can be.
  27. GameStar
    Hundreds of vehicles, hundreds of square kilometers – Avalanche has created the largest level for an action game so far. Some of the open world gameplay just seems to be there to add playtime, but the missions make up for that.
  28. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Vast open world, visually stunning environments, adrenaline-packed action and tens of hours of entertainment helps you to forget this GTA-clone is just an extremely improved copy of the first installment. [Issue#190]
  29. PC PowerPlay
    With insane stunts and explosions in a huge game world, this is pure adrenaline-fuelled action to the point of repetition. [June 2010, p.60]
  30. If it weren’t for the bloated playtime and weak set of characters, JC2 would have reached its full potential and become a true franchise title.
  31. If there was one word I had to use to describe Just Cause 2, it would be 'ridiculous'. The game never takes itself seriously, which, for the most part, is a good thing. However, sometimes this lackadaisical approach extends into areas where it shouldn't, resulting in an often unpolished, even amateurish experience.
  32. Just Cause 2 can hardly be called an average game. It's a good one undermined by a selection of mediocre elements, and it's all the more frustrating this time around because Avalanche shows us glimpses of just how much fun two weeks on holiday with Rico should be. [Apr 2010, p.96]
  33. Excellent helicopter controls and highly polished code are, unfortunately, the only things that put Just Cause 2 above the other GTA clones. If you’re in the mood for silly fun, the game’s simple “jump-shoot-explode” routine will be more than enough, but it could have been much more than that.
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  1. Dec 28, 2012
    The problem and why I think this game has such mixed reviews is that people are focusing on one aspect of the game in their review and gettingThe problem and why I think this game has such mixed reviews is that people are focusing on one aspect of the game in their review and getting bogged down in it. The fun to Just Cause 2 is how open it is and what all it provides for you to do. Yes, if you focus solely on collecting the stupid collectables, you will get bored (it does get pretty boring) but you don't have to do that, nor do you have to focus solely on the missions. The main point to Just Cause 2 is to "cause chaos," a seemingly cliche way to tell the player to do whatever the heck they want to blow stuff up and have fun to progress to further missions. I've played over 150 hours and still found new, fun things to mess around with, the most recent being grappling a truck to a helicopter and swinging it around to the speed that it starts swinging my helicopter around. Basically, it comes down to this: If you're into games that push you (the player) to make decisions about how you want to play the game and to make the game fun and unique to you (whether you fast travel everywhere, drive and take in the gorgeous sights, or hijack helicopters and fly everywhere), you will enjoy this game. If you enjoy open world exploration and the freedom to try crazy ridiculous stuff, you'll enjoy this game.
    However, if you're looking for a strict, linear, engaging story telling experience, you probably won't enjoy this game. If you're looking for a realistic portrayal of physics and gunplay, you probably won't enjoy this game.
    Personally, I find the game's story to be absurd and insane -- which I feel is the point. I think they wanted to focus more on the content and free-roaming nature and I feel they did a very good job of that and it got me on board with the crazy storyline. The voice acting adds to this ridiculousness, it's almost that they don't want you to take the story seriously, and so that's how I approached it. My personal opinion is the negative reviews this game is receiving are because players are expecting the game to tell them or show them explicitly new and fun things to do, where Just Cause 2 pushes for creativity. Yeah, you could simply walk up to that radio tower and shoot it and be done, but what if you hijacked the helicopter over there, grappled a car to it and used the car as a wrecking ball to smash the tower? Then when your plan falls apart and you accidentally crash the helicopter into the tower instead, you can hop in the car and drive off. You, as the player, have to have some vision in order to see all the potential and fun there is in the game. There's things to collect and upgrade, there's things to destroy, there's semblance of progress, and there is an immense amount of fun all in Just Cause 2, you just have to be open to playing around and trying ridiculous things.
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  2. May 16, 2012
    This game gets boring after a few minutes. If this game defines anything, it's repetition. Most cutscenes are repeated, the dialogues areThis game gets boring after a few minutes. If this game defines anything, it's repetition. Most cutscenes are repeated, the dialogues are generic and voiced badly, the story can't be named a story. The grapling hook is an interesting feature, but it stays the only interesting thing about this game. The driving physics are bad, the vehicles are slow, the map is enormous but with so few details, that you just take a jet, and fly up to 5 minutes in a straight line with afterburner on, just to get to a point 6 km away. Technically the game looks fine, but not great at all. Repetition is the main motive, trees, rocks, streets, landscapes get repeated so often, that the large map is of no use. Anyone can blow up a map using ctrl+v. Blood looks strange, explosions lack a real bang but the lighting of sunsets is quite nice. But gta4 looked better.
    Driving by car is annoying, all 30 sec the police starts shooting. They are not very difficult to fight back, but still it gets repetitive a lot. Just like Just Cause 1, the game is a nice feature, but fails to fulfill the rest of qualities a good game needs. The upgrade system does not make a big difference, there are very few different guns and all the good stuff is available from the beginning so you have seen all the game has to offer in the first hour of gameplay. After that, nothing new happens. Really, nothing. Some parts are ridiculously difficult, but just because 3 helicopters and a lot of soldiers fire directly at you after reloading. The controls are ok, the helicopter controls are really good, the only thing I'd like to see in another game. Countless counters track you during the game, but nothing interesting happens when accumulate 500 or 600 headshots, more than 100 stunt points and so on. And it is so easy to progress these stats, that you start to ignore them. In hindsight I wonder why i played this thing for over 15 hrs. I think I wanted to know if the end is as lame as the rest of the game, maybe I had some hope that the game surprises me with a good ending. But no. Not at all. So buy this game only if you have alzheimers and don't realize when things get repeated every 2 minutes or if you really want to waste time.
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  3. Sep 5, 2010
    I've seen too many people jump too conclusions with this game. Many people focus solely on the open-end aspect, saying "Wow, the land you canI've seen too many people jump too conclusions with this game. Many people focus solely on the open-end aspect, saying "Wow, the land you can explore is amazingly huge". When you broaden your sights on the major aspects which make a great game you see Just Cause 2 misses a few crucial aspects. First off is variety: After you've completed 30% of the game you realise you've been doing the same thing over and over. Blowing up fuel tanks, knocking over transmission towers and going through the tedious hi-jack animation. It all becomes a bit tiresome.

    The voice acting is some parts is terrible. Sometimes the voice stops but the lip-sync animation still runs for seconds after. And in other parts it sounds like the developers are patronising people who actually have accents of those portrayed in the game. The story, no doubt a crucial part of any game is lacking with the ending being unbearably corny. There a plethora of bugs yet to be fixed. Such as the faulty Heat-system (think of the 6 stars in GTA). Many timer I find myself with no enemies around yet my heat refuses to decrease. Also if you are stand right up to a wall and fire you grapple the animation of you hand puts the grapple through the wall, and he doesn't grapple on anything. Apart from all that, the game does have some interesting features. Grappling two objects (or people) never seems to get old. And you do get some pretty hilarious moments. But overall, this game could have a lot improved.
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