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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 30
  2. Negative: 1 out of 30
  1. If you've enjoyed zombie games of the past and want to see a different take on what cooperative zombie horror games should be like, then I think you will enjoy Killing Floor too.
  2. Pelit (Finland)
    For the price, fun and challenging enough. Except for Patriarch. [July 2009]
  3. AceGamez
    Having spent many hours playing Killing Floor, I am delighted to report that it's really, really enjoyable - sometimes even more so than the amazing Left 4 Dead.
  4. Long-term value is one of the many deciding factors in purchasing this game. It’s already receiving more content, it’s cheap, and it’s really good about killing stuff. Buying Killing Floor is easily one of the best purchasing decisions you can make this year.
  5. Despite the rough edges, Killing Floor can be considered a resounding success.
  6. Killing Floor is a strong game in its own right. The core gameplay is rock solid and has lasting replayability. The variety and detail of weapons are outstanding.
  7. Total PC Gaming
    We were already armpit-deep in the dead, but we've still found room for more slaughter on the Killing Floor. [Issue#24, p.50]
  8. If you hate zombies and you want to kill them in an atmosphere of gloom, welcome on the Killing Floor – here you'll get enough of them to kill.
  9. PC Format
    An enjoyable kill-a-thon then, though sits unsteadily alongside the now-classic Valve title. [Oct 2009, p.98]
  10. PC Gamer
    Bloody playable. [Aug 2009, p.77]
  11. Tripwire Interactives Killing Floor is what you would expect of a polished mod, but doesn't exceed expectations as a retail game. It's good, but unfortunately far from perfect. A nice addition to the survival-horror genre though, and it has an attractively cheap price tag.
  12. 75
    While the single-player experience is pretty much non-existent and there are still a large number of bugs that have to be contended with, there's enough of a foundation here for players to enjoy. Hop online and kill monsters for Queen and Country.
  13. This former Unreal Tournament 2004 mod is more fun than it has any right to be.
  14. A decent little title, and a testament to just how far you can take your hobby if you but try.
  15. For those of you looking to train hard for the zombie apocalypse long predicted by Max Brooks, and not have to deal with any silly cinematic conventions doing so, Killing Floor might very well be the sort of thing you need to sharpen your training regimen.
  16. Once a mod now a game on its own, Killing Floor confronts the player with hordes of undead minions threatening his character’s life. While being independent enough of zombie-shooter-king Left 4 Dead with features like sealing doors, character perks and weapon stores, the game itself offers little variety and a flawed AI.
  17. PC Gamer UK
    Solid, workman-like zombie slaughter, with a strong hint of amateur mod-making love and enthusiasm. [Aug 2009, p.72]
  18. Killing Floor is a zombie game that lacks brain and own ideas. In the main part it's simply a Left 4 Dead clone with boring maps and graphics. But Killing Floor's emphasis on tactical gameplay, the solid coop mode and the cheap prize make the game worth a look.
  19. It isn't perfect. It's not the sort of game that future generations will gather to celebrate, linking hands and singing sad songs of fond remembrance. It is, however, clever, boisterous, faintly silly and relatively cheap.
  20. Ultimately though, the sort of plotless killing gets old, or at least it did for me. L4D felt like you were trying to go somewhere and do something. KF fails in that respect and instead feels like just a bunch of deathmatch games with the computer controlling one side.
  21. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Hectic coop multiplayer game offers no story but straight–forward nonstop mayhem in stylish locations. Rich and balanced equipment makes the multiplayer clashes all the fun. Chainsaw included! [July 2009]
  22. Killing Floor isn't the most polished first person shooter on the market. However, it does offer one of the better co-op experiences, with excellent shooter mechanics, intense action and a good community that will keep you coming back for more.
  23. If you can't get enough of killing Zombies and co-operative play, Killing Floor may be a cheaper alternative to Left 4 Dead. It doesn't come close though and it's obvious that Killing Floor once was a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004.
  24. PC Zone UK
    There are only a handful of official maps to play , although each one is substantial in size. [Aug 2009, p.77]
  25. Killing Floor is not perfect but its deficiencies are strictly connected to the graphics and details and it's not a problem considering the final result. If you are looking for an interesting and cheap game to put in your collection, Tripwire's last work could be a good choice.
  26. Edge Magazine
    A simple bloodsport, and only a rudimentary level-up system affords any sense of progression. [Aug 2009, p.106]
  27. Ironically enough, this might be one to keep your eye on as the modding community gets a hold of it. Despite the flaws, this game has enough potential to end up standing out.
  28. Killing Floor is mediocre on almost every level. The game may be cheap to buy but that doesn't take away the fact that game comes short almost every end. You can have some cooperative fun with this shooter, but this means you will have to ignore a lot of its shortcomings and for many gamers that will be too much of a pain.
  29. Even talented designers couldn’t have saved Killing Floor. The game is so low-budget that it evokes pity instead of nostalgia. The visuals aren’t bad for an Unreal Engine 2 game, but they are a far cry from modern shooters. Threepenny lighting and jerky animation are the worst horrors you’ll see here.
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  1. Oct 8, 2010
    A very underrated game.This is if not the best then one of the best zombie-shooter games i've ever played.To be more simple.Graphics:Well notA very underrated game.This is if not the best then one of the best zombie-shooter games i've ever played.To be more simple.Graphics:Well not anything to say just good graphics.Gameplay:The gameplay is awesome as well,the thing that many will notice first is that there is no crosshair in the game (which makes it more realistic in my opinion) but this is not anything to worry about,you 'll get used to it pretty fast.Another part that i really liked is that there are some huge maps in the game in which you can go ANYWHERE and i mean anywhere you want.There are no restrictions to that like "Kill those zombies then move on to that area and when you finish you gotta go there bla bla bla",you can just go anywhere in the map and take cover in buildings.Another thing i liked is that you don't have to nessecary be with your team 100% of the time you play in a map,you can go solo as well but only if you 're a "pro" (or however you want to say it).You also have money which you can buy a lot of different weapons (from an axe to a flamethrower) from shops which can be found after you finish killing a wave of zombies.These are some of the things i like about this game,and for those who are thinking about the multiplayer - i can say that it's 2 times more fun. Full Review »
  2. Dec 19, 2010
    You know what? I am laughing at the people that compared KF with L4D. I know, L4D has better graphics, but KF is a totally different game!You know what? I am laughing at the people that compared KF with L4D. I know, L4D has better graphics, but KF is a totally different game! There are no zombies, there are specimens, a lot more weapons in KF than in L4D,L4D is too linear,KF isn't linear at all! I had a lot more fun playing KF than playing L4D(although to some people it gets repetitive), and KF is much more cheaper! And it's one of the best games ever to play with friends!

    Overall:KF is a very fun game with fine graphics assuming that it's made using the unreal engine 2.5, a lot of weapons available, a great non-linear game, but sometimes repetitive, very cheap!

    8 word summary: A non-linear, underrated game, it's a true bargain.
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  3. DanS
    Nov 23, 2009
    Despite this game having the lowest metacritic score on my games list, it's undoubtedly my most played. The game is simple yet Despite this game having the lowest metacritic score on my games list, it's undoubtedly my most played. The game is simple yet addictive. Killing Floor doesn't hide behind shiny graphics or a carefully crafted backstory to get you "entertained", it throws you in a map with guns, friends, and a horde of mutants and says "enjoy". If you're more concerned with how well wet rocks reflect light than blasting that monster gnawing on your arm, then the game isn't for you. There's a ton of servers even after you put on plenty of filters, so there's never a worry about not finding a server to play on, the only downfall is that you never know what wave the server is on; joining matches where they're a round from the final boss or already killing it happens way too often. Overall, I give this game a 10/10 simply because the ratio of the hours I've played verses money I spent exceeds 10; in fact, it exceeds 20. eat that L4D. Full Review »