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  1. Apr 6, 2021
    With an exciting new region, new mechanics, and themes adding a bevy of new strategies to the game, this new expansion looks to really shake up the meta in an exciting way.
  2. CD-Action
    Jun 25, 2020
    There’s a lot of pleasure to be had in watching your favorite champions do similar tricks to those from League of Legends. It’s a bold mix of themes known from Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone with stuff that’s absolutely unique. [07/2020, p.48]
  3. May 14, 2020
    Unique mechanics, dynamic gameplay and polished presentation make this the collectible card game to beat.
  4. May 11, 2020
    Whether you’re playing Expeditions, drafting a wild deck in traditional PvP, or picking apart a previously successful strategy, Legends of Runeterra finds a way to reward you for it by always having something for you to gain experience toward. Spending time in the game is investing in your future success, and the gains are often represented quite immediately in the form of new cards to toy with, bringing the most avid players back to the drawing board for more. While balance changes are undoubtedly on the horizon and the state of the game will evolve over time, Legends of Runeterra currently does a good job of introducing players to a colorful world popularised by League of Legends, and it’s a rollicking good time to boot.
  5. May 7, 2020
    Legends of Runeterra is a card-based game full of interesting and complex mechanics that feels unique thanks to its dynamic round system, strategy-defining champions and a generous system to get new cards.
  6. May 5, 2020
    Legends of Runeterra is a fantastic digital card game that is still struggling with some flaws in its mobile implementation. However, if you have a PC and a space for a new collectible card game in your life, then this is one of the best you can play.
  7. May 29, 2020
    Legends of Runeterra is one of the best card games on the market today thanks to the successful mix of accessibility and depth. There are some imperfections to fix, but the experience already is absolutely worth and addictive.
  8. May 19, 2020
    Riot Games enters the world of card games with Legends of Runeterra, a more than interesting title for lovers collectible card games. It's highly recommended, especially for newcomers who are not sure about getting into card games: Legends of Runeterra is going to be one of the best they will find.
  9. May 7, 2020
    Legends of Runeterra is a very ambitious product that denotes a well thought out long term strategy. Therefore, if you are a fan of card games, we strongly recommend you to try it.
  10. May 5, 2020
    Welcoming, dynamic and rarely frustrating, LoR systematically allows the player to respond to an attack if he has the cards in hand.
  11. May 5, 2020
    With new and fun mechanics, and a generous economic system, Riot Games proves that things can still be different in the card collectible games, and once said that, also better. The experience of 10 years of League of Legends must be useful to build a bright future for Legends of Runeterra.
  12. Jul 2, 2020
    The strategically and optically convincing TGC skillfully introduces new ideas into the genre. Very generous and fair Free2Play system!
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  1. Feb 11, 2020
    Legends of Runeterra has a lot to offer as it enters the digital card game ring. Exploring the League of Legends universe in card form is enjoyable and addictive, and slicing an opponent down with a Fiora flourish or a Thresh-hooked hero is a blast. [Beta review score = 83]
  2. Feb 4, 2020
    Clever innovations and a generous economy make Legends of Runeterra easy to love. [Open Beta review score = 85]
  3. Runeterra might not be packed with interesting decisions, but it is loaded with charm. It’s nice. It’s soothing. That’s enough.
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  1. May 13, 2020
    Really beautiful game, and really impressive universe! the game economy is very good, easy way to get cards.
  2. May 11, 2020
    Game is really beautiful and feels really good to play as expected from riot and i quite enjoyed the tutorial section which is really showingGame is really beautiful and feels really good to play as expected from riot and i quite enjoyed the tutorial section which is really showing you all the different mechanics of the game.

    However this game really needs to be more balanced, and not by just adding more cards to outperform the previously op ones.

    Then i'm also quite disappointed by the way you get cards, you can get a lot of cards early in the game just by following the tutorials but they're just basic cards. If you really want good cards you have to level up all the different factions, and doing so takes a long time and you will most likely end up against player you won't be able to counter because of the balance problem mixed with your lack of cards.

    I would also mention that i was expecting a better shop to get cards. Getting the rarity you want is a thing, but the cost is ridiculous for only one random card.

    TL;DR Game is beautiful, as of today i only came across one bug but i think it is only on it's way to becoming a cool card game but i hope Riot finds a way to fix it as a card game should be and not as League of Legends is fixed.
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  3. May 14, 2020
    Ftp friendly like no other, and way more fun than I ever expected. Definitely the best mobile ccg I've played.