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  1. Apr 12, 2021
    Loop Hero is not a perfect game and its learning curve is very high, especially if you don't usually play Dungeons and Dragons. However, the most addictive feature is that in each game you get the idea that you could have done better, extending its replayability for weeks.
  2. Apr 20, 2021
    Loop Hero is a fresh indie success that’s more interested in your time than skills. Maybe you’ll be able to kill hours upon hours in its repetitive loops. And perhaps you’ll lose your patience halfway through.
  3. 70
    It fulfills a certain niche not just with being a roguelite, but a create your own adventure sort of way while doing so. Most games of the genre have this appeal somewhat by having things like weapon variety and perks; Loop Hero takes it to a whole other level of customization with not only just the classes and weapon types, but the entire terrain is your playground.
  4. Mar 11, 2021
    Loop Hero delivers an entertaining flow, has a certain esprit and the card placement is a neat idea. But the visuals are bland, there is too little tactical impact and the constant repetition gets tiring.
  5. Mar 30, 2021
    Loop Hero is exceptional at what it does. It's an addictive game that steals your free time with the same ease as only Minecraft can match. It's perfect for some, but for others it can be a dissatisfying experience as it never feels like you've achieved anything until it's actually over. No little win feels worth it. If you're into roguelikes then this is potentially a great game for you, but it's not for everyone.
  6. Edge Magazine
    Mar 25, 2021
    Once you let go (or are forced to), it all seems a little empty, like perhaps the only thing compelling you onward was the hypnotic effect of watching something go round and round. It doesn't take too many repeats before the theming rubs away, leaving only the exposed machine beneath. How much do we need to feel like we're on an adventure? A little more than this, it turns out. [Issue#357, p.120]
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  1. Mar 9, 2021
    Loop Hero is one of those surprises that the independent calendar reserves for us every year. An addictive title from start to finish, the combination of strategy with cards is tremendously rewarding both in terms of evolution and discovery of new classes of characters as well as buildings in our camp that add new layers of depth with each turn. Despite its simple appearance, behind Loop Hero is an original proposal that does not neglect its narrative section which is gaining in intensity and interest as we progress through the game. The only downside is that it takes a good number of hours to begin to appreciate all that it has to offer, however, the work of Four Quarters exudes great care and care in each and every one of its sections. A roguelite that you cannot miss. [Recommended]
  2. Mar 4, 2021
    For a so-called "automatic" game, Loop Hero sure presents enough questions and choices to get me invested in its missions, its accumulation of city structures, and its organic lessons about how to max out a particular loop. I haven't felt this surprised and engaged by a mix of new and familiar in a game since Slay the Spire. That description should terrify anybody who is not in need of another unique gaming obsession, because if my addiction is any indication, Loop Hero could very well burrow into your brain for the next few weeks. You've been warned. [Ars Technica Approved]
  3. Mar 9, 2021
    By placing the focus squarely on the need to craft a world and set of equipment that will give your autonomous hero the best chance of success, Loop Hero created one of my favorite metaphors for being a good parent. I want my hero to save the world, and I can’t do it for them, so I better figure out the best way to get them ready to handle it themselves when the time comes.
  4. Mar 12, 2021
    It’s all enjoyably compulsive in a way that makes me genuinely wonder why the game’s not getting a big mobile push, too.
  5. Mar 5, 2021
    One of the most appealing things about Loop Hero is in the way it allows you to discover its parts. The game is as complex as you want it to be, and can become extremely complicated indeed as you gain more and more cards. Some of the interactions between cards can only be discovered by placing them in certain combinations, sometimes transforming them into entirely new tiles.
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  1. Mar 11, 2021
    At a certain point, one has to accept that no matter how pretty the pixels are, there has to more to a game than brainlessly grinding intoAt a certain point, one has to accept that no matter how pretty the pixels are, there has to more to a game than brainlessly grinding into eternity. Loop Hero isn't even close to fun enough to justify its absurd grind. Full Review »
  2. Mar 9, 2021
    Beautiful, original, simple and extremely repetitive and grindy Skinner box. For those who love to kill time!
  3. Mar 30, 2021
    Максимально унылая игра с убогой атмосферой, музыкой и геймплеем. Вместо того чтоб доделать игру пол бюджета видимо потратили на стримеровМаксимально унылая игра с убогой атмосферой, музыкой и геймплеем. Вместо того чтоб доделать игру пол бюджета видимо потратили на стримеров которые пару дней пиарили это недоразумение. Не Качайте, не тратьте свое время.
    P.S Разрабы накручивают рейтинг черзе ботов ставя 1010 оценки. в принципе ожидаемо от расиян, украсть, обмануть они могут. Сделать хорошую игру не могут. Нет ни одной АА/ААА игры хорошего качества из рашки. Не дано им игры делать
    Full Review »