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  • Summary: In the aftermath of an unbearable sacrifice, the Guardians finally fracture. With her opposition in shambles, Hala renews her campaign of death and devastation, carving a path of indiscriminate destruction en route to Knowhere.
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  1. 90
    Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 5 "Don't Stop Believin'" solidifies this as another Telltale classic. The studio has always handled mixing drama and humor well, and this series proves that they've still got it in them.
  2. Nov 8, 2017
    Don’t Stop Believin’ feels stretched out, but ultimately plays out as an enjoyable finale filled with humor and heart. If this does end up being the final appearance of Telltale’s take on the Guardians of the Galaxy, it’ll be reassuring to know that the season ended on a high note (in more ways than one), while still leaving an open door for the dysfunctional space family to return in the future.
  3. Nov 28, 2017
    Not without its weaknesses, the conclusion to Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy series nonetheless takes things out on a high note. It's clear that Telltale's storytelling and gameplay are wearing out their welcome, so hopefully the teased follow-up season will do more to reinvigorate this shaky franchise. Despite this, if the earlier episodes had you wondering whether Guardians of the Galaxy would amount to anything, well, don't stop believin'.
  4. Nov 9, 2017
    The core of Episode 5: Don’t Stop Believin’ provides a thrilling and fulfilling resolution to the season arc with a couple interesting surprises in store. I just wish it hadn’t been immersed in this flimsy, fake crisis of the Guardians breaking up and getting back together that was never fully realized, and ended up dragging the whole season down.
  5. Nov 6, 2017
    While the finale itself nearly falls apart in the beginning, it does manage to save itself in the end, much like the team it stars. I would love to see Telltale continue with the Guardians, but the series highlights some deeper flaws, like pacing and the ability to make emotional moments matter. These are issues that have reared their heads in other games, but seem to stick out here given the nature of the story and its structure. Overall. Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun, if slightly shallow ride, and I don’t mind having spent the time I did with this team of misfits. Saving the galaxy is one thing, but keeping it safe and staying together at the same time is another.
  6. Nov 6, 2017
    I’m excited for the inevitable second series so I can go saving the galaxy with the Guardians once more. However, Telltale really needs to up its game in making these decisions feel more consequential if its experiences are going to keep with the times.
  7. Nov 6, 2017
    Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series' finale is more a whimper than a bang, but it's not disappointing enough to taint the good times I've had so far with this crew. I can only hope that the narrative seeds planted here turn into something substantial in the future, as this is a family I'd like to stick around with, if I can.

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