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  • Summary: Prepare yourself for the adrenaline of the 2017 MotoGP. Enjoy all the bikes, teams and tracks of the official Championship. Try the new Managerial Career mode and put yourself in the shoes of a team manager, trying to make the right choices both on the track and off it.


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MotoGP 17 - European Launch Trailer
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  1. Jun 23, 2017
    In my eyes, MotoGP 17 is the best instalment of Milestone’s MotoGP efforts yet. The Managerial Career really adds a great deal to the package, and the racing itself keeps you on the edge of your seat due to its authenticity.
  2. Jun 20, 2017
    Milestone needs to change or improve its engine to achieve something not just better, but also different. The usual player maybe won't find enough new content to justify this new iteration, but if you dig deeper, the game teases some features that should improve in the near future.
  3. Jun 19, 2017
    At best, MotoGP 17 can be described as a stopgap. With only minor at best improvements, the game leaves a lot of areas lacking. The major feature is a new career mode which is engrossing as you work your team up through the ranks. Sadly, the game does have plenty of bugs and technical issues, as is the norm for Milestone games at release.
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  1. Jun 19, 2017
    I am not an aficionado when it comes to motorbike games having spent most of my racing game time in car games. I do however own this game,I am not an aficionado when it comes to motorbike games having spent most of my racing game time in car games. I do however own this game, MXGP3 and Ride2 and of the time spent in these games as of writhing this has me at 8 hours for MotoGP17, 5 hours for Ride2 and just 2 hours in MXGP3. So, in short, given I have only had MotoGP17 for less than a week I would say i'm enjoying this game a lot more than the other 2 which have been in my installed list for longer (Ride 2 since January). I know this game is getting slated by a lot of players who want a thoroughbred motorbike racing game and I feel for them, but for me the game is fine. That is not to say I don't have any gripes myself.........The AI seem somewhat 'off' and don't care what your racing line is and they would happily bump you off the track Road rage style which I don't see much of in the rea lworld MotoGP. At first I thought that it was because I was racing in the Management mode where other GP3 racers were noobs that weren't to clever. I tried GP1 and they were just as bad......Graphically I cannot knock it. On my now ageing GTX970 and i5 2500k I am happily on maximum settings in 2560x1440p with AA on x2 so my card doesn't get too hot. With these settings i'm getting constant 80-85fps which is a surprise. Without vsync on with the same settings I was getting 90-144fps until I figured out I needed to give the game control of vsync in the NVidia control panel.....Overall, I haven't seen anything to knock it, but I wonder why I see zero user reviews after this amount of time since release :( Expand