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  • Summary: A point-and-click adventure featuring Brent Halligan as a novice Scotland Yard detective assigned to solve a series of brutal murders. Together with scientist Dr. Melanie Turner, Halligan discovers that the mysterious Druids are performing rituals to harness supernatural powers.
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  1. An average adventure. It is inconsistent both in tone and quality, but it has lots of places to explore and lots of puzzles to solve, it provides a friendly playing environment, and it gives somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20 hours of gameplay.
  2. I liked the way you could play as both Brent and Melanie and, though Melanie could have had more things to do, it did remind me of Gabriel Knight and Grace or perhaps was closer to George and Nico in the Broken Sword games.
  3. The game’s strength lies in its plotting and dialogue.
  4. 50
    Simply doesn't have much to offer.
  5. Many of the puzzles are creative, and the graphical style is pleasing; but the frustrating ways that the dialog revelations and trivial sequencing of actions are implemented largely ruin the whole experience.
  6. You get only generic adventure-game puzzles that have little to do with detective work and everything to do with tricking people into helping you perform mundane tasks.
  7. Poorly designed, ugly, and rife with bugs.

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