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  • Summary: In spite of its shortcomings, Odyssey remains an enjoyable game, because the story and characters are engaging enough to hold your attention until the conclusion.
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  1. Though its problems might be frustrating at first, once you settle into the game, you'll be in for a suitably rewarding adventure.
  2. A good mythological storyline goes a long way towards making a sometimes-frustrating game a whole lot of fun.
  3. The game looks and sounds excellent, but is let down badly by simplistic puzzles, fussy location routes, and it's essentially linear nature.
  4. 51
    By the time I had spent a few days wandering around the world of Odyssey, I was sure I never wanted to return.
  5. It’s not revolutionary, nor is it total garbage, but it is hard.
  6. My first impressions were not good. Having worked my way through a confusing set of options screens, I was confronted by the game interface. Fifteen minutes later I was ready to quit.
  7. An awkward interface, combined with a limited plot, makes for an unfulfilling rote adventure.
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  1. Jan 5, 2019
    A game first played while I was 10 years old and never came to an end. The game's power was enough to drive me to play it again after twoA game first played while I was 10 years old and never came to an end. The game's power was enough to drive me to play it again after two decades and help Heritius fulfill its task. Find Ulysses and recover its name, after the gods playing strange games with him. While this game could be huge and write history, for some reason developers choose to let it be, something more close to a regular adventure game. The concept of Heritius it's prototype, all the characters, allies and enemies well-desinged, with epic dialogues and very good acting that captures your attention(i fall in love with the scenario). But there are some disantvantages. The whole game doesnt take too long to beat. If you skip dialogues, you can beat it even in less than an hour. In fact, dialogues are these which give some more duration. Next, is the fact that you have to be in the exact position in irder to move ,or to grab something. Moreover, if you dont press the right button, you'll see yourself making cycles and wandering...like Ulysses. Besides that, I have to point that the game is full of glitches which in some cases may be fun,but in some others you 'll see yourself stick in a vacuum without getting killed , but without being able to escape from, which puts you in a position to be very careful with your saves (which clearly is a huge boost for the game, as it lets you save whenever and wherever you want,by giving you 30 slots too). The challenges you meet are interesting and the puzzles really addictive, but could clearly be more. No Sirens, no Scylla and Charybdis, no island of Faiakes, no battles in the palace with your long-lost friend and Tylemachus against suitors, no encounters with gods (besides Poseidon). Stuff that would really change the game. Overall, I'd give it a 6 or 7 out of 10, not because it is a mediocre game, but because it could be something much better, but the developers didnt even try make to be. In many cases, it is clear that the team didnt really put the effort they should. They just made the most essential parts of the game,but they didn't fixed several issues. They didn't put additional stuff like this I mentioned before. In conclusion, the concept of the game was good enough, the prerenderd graphics are fabulus and give a necessary and sweet sense of nostalgia, characters intergrated, cursed, each one with his own story, interesting and challenging puzzles, wonderul environments accompanied by an excellent music, created from turkish instruments and a very good sense of the Homerus story, adapted in a video game. You should definetely try it. Expand