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Critic score distribution:
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  1. Mar 1, 2021
    Even a year’s worth of updates and DLC failed to turn Phoenix Point into “the definitive version of the acclaimed strategy game”, as its Steam description suggests. This game has a plethora of features and systems, but they drown in an endless sea of monotony.
  2. Jan 12, 2021
    Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is what the game should have been when it was first launched more than one year ago. The development team at Snapshot has listened to the community, delivered a whole lot of free patches, and has managed to create a great strategic experience and a solid tactical one. It’s a shame that many people will not play this new package because of the problems that the title originally had. Phoenix Point is a deeper experience than the new XCOM and a drier one. It rewards careful strategic planning, strictly by the rules tactical executions, and a lack of attachment to individual units. The best way to enjoy the game is in short sessions, maybe two missions at a time, to allow for time to mentally explore possibilities and forget some of the frustrations.
  3. Dec 14, 2020
    When the dust settles, a year has been extraordinarily helpful to Snapshot Games. The AI is sharper, the animations are better, the fight feels more fair, and the game takes risks that make it feel fresh. While there are still some bugs to iron out, and the UI can be confusing at times, there’s a lot to enjoy in Phoenix Point: Year One Edition.